He Cried In Beet-Red

His heart lay on the floor once more,
Beating to the pulse of each tear hitting the ground.
He'd been butchered, beaten, and battered many a time,
But his pain only grew with each twist of the blade.
He finally screamed out after all he endured, bawling in beet-red.

"I can't take any more! Please, please help me! I never wanted it to happen like this! I need you to hold me in your arms just one more time! Or at least just end me here; don't make me go through this anymore."

His heart crawled back into his chest, and his tears ceased to drop. He picked up his blade and stabbed the man in the throat, the blood congealing with his dried tears. He ripped the steel cuffs off of his wrists and ankles, mangling his feet and hands. He hit the ground and crawled towards the exit, his bloody tears solidifying as he hardened his resolve.

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