Hanc Insitus
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Profile: Hanc Insitus STATUS: ACTIVE

[NAME]: Hanc Insitus

Possible Location(s): Anywhere.

Known affiliations: None

Hanc Insitus is a 25 year old wanderer that entered the Backrooms 3 years ago. He quickly adapted to this new environment, and used the Wi-Fi of the Backrooms to transmit a goodbye message to his family upon reaching level 1.
He spends his time doing tasks for the different outposts of the lower levels, usually delivering resources or escorting other wanderers across the levels. He's neutral and will help any group that's in need of manpower.


Hanc Insistus is a 25 years old caucasian man that lived in France before his arrival in the Backrooms the 14 August 2019. He's running jobs around the levels, most of them being deliveries or escorting other wanderers, but he has specialized himself in gathering valuable resources from dangerous levels. Known to work only on levels he has explored by himself, he won't go deeper than level 401.

Several reports indicate that he wants to collect Level Keys, their value and his perseverance make him someone to keep an eye on. If a member of the M.E.G. learns that he's in possession of any level keys, that member is advised to inform their overseer, or try to trade for it with Insitus.

He has been spotted inside of outposts belonging to the M.E.G. and B.N.T.G. He has also been seen talking to members of the Eyes of Argos near their Headquarters, but his relationship with that group is currently unknown. Any new connections that he might have made with other groups are to be noted, as his work with some groups that are hostile might be detrimental to us.2

Arrival in the Backrooms:

Hi. I'm Hanc and the M.E.G. team in charge of this page asked me if I was ok with writting down my first days in the Backrooms, which I gladly accepted !
Since I'm the one writing these, keep in mind that some information might be inaccurate, but I'm sure that the M.E.G. will correct anything that's too far-fetched.

I was a student when I no-clipped for the first time, and ended up without any equipment, other than my phone, in level 0. I nearly died of dehydration but was saved when I found the stuff left by the M.E.G. in the Manila Room. Using the documents left there, I learned about the Backrooms, got the address to this database and recharged my phone to access the Wi-Fi. I handled no-clipping fairly quickly and got to level 1 after taking a standard survival kit.

Level 1 was a totally new experience, having to deal with these monstrous entities was hard, keeping my nerves and trying not to burst out in tears as I was becoming more and more aware of just how difficult was my situation.

I met my first entity there, while thinking of my family, a lone adult faceling that was just standing there, immobile. I walked by it, knowing how to behave as I had read about it in the database. I was way too focused on that, and got caught off guard by a loud growl coming from behind me. My flight or fight response kicked in as I started to rush forward. That day, I learned that you can't outrun a Hound.

It grabbed my bag, making me tumble while it jumped in front of me, growling. I could hear its loud, feral breath. Instead of looking into its eyes to intimidate it, I freed myself from the bag, grabbing the long survival knife that was on the side of the survival kit with my left hand. As I was turning around to use it against the Hound, a sharp pain invaded my right forearm.

That thing had driven its teeth deep into my flesh, I felt like time had slowed down. An adrenaline rush heated my whole body, and our eyes crossed. We both froze. Blood was pouring out of my arm and onto my leg, my left hand seemingly moved by itself, driving the blade into it's jowls and carving it in as far as I could as the pain just started to flood my brain. I'm guessing that I hit the brain, since the entity fell, lifeless, on me.

From there, everything is a blur, I don't remember exactly what happened.
I have the mental image of myself removing the jaw of the creature and holding my arm, screaming and panicking. Members of the M.E.G. that were patrolling the level saved my life. They had heard my screaming from afar and rushed to find where it was coming from. By the time they found me, I was lying against the wall near the entity, passed out.

They took me to Base Alpha, where I stayed a whole month, I wanted to give time to my body and mind to recover from that event before going deeper into the Levels. I'm not going to explain each and every of my adventures, but I wanted to write here the one that marked me the most since I entered the Backrooms.

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