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Robert Goerman

As an investigative scholar and analyst of unknown and unexplained phenomena, I have been fortunate enough to have my writings featured in national magazines and serve as source material for many books and popular television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, The Unexplained, History's Mysteries, Animal X, MonsterQuest, and Dark Matters: Twisted But True. Founded in June of 2012, my Nonhuman Research Agency explores encounters with mysterious strangers, beings, and creatures and studies interspecific relationships.

My friends call me "Goerman." Currently, my fiction writings are consumed by the Backrooms Wiki. It is an honor and my pleasure to contribute to this amazing writing project:

Level 365 - "Your Worst Enemy"
This is a hall of mirrors from Hell.
Posted June 13, 2022

PRLog - "Robert Goerman Discovers the Backrooms"
One author investigates the Internet's favorite non-reality.
Posted June 14, 2022

Entity 365 - "Sightless Seers"
These demons haunt Level 365.
Posted July 07, 2022

Level 710 - "Ring and Ruins"
Who or what controls the Ring above Level 710?
Posted July 12, 2022

(Broogli featured Level 710 on his Backrooms YouTube videos.)

Tale - "Anne's Lament" (1 of 3)
A "Man in Black" arrives in the Backrooms.
Posted July 27, 2022

Tale - "Anne's Escape" (2 of 3)
Anne and Any flee from their deadly pursuer.
Posted August 16, 2022

Level 345 - "Liminal Forest"
This is a theme park in the Backrooms.
Posted August 26, 2022

Object 365 - "Seer Tea" (Objectcon2022 winner)
A vitamin beverage for the psychic in all of us.
Posted October 31, 2022

Tale - "Anne's Farewell" (3 of 3)
Some things must end.
Posted November 1, 2022

Level 234 - "Detention Dimension"
An inter-dimensional penal colony has crashed into the Backrooms.
Posted January 3, 2023

Entity 123 - "Your Name Here"
Your name can be a death sentence.
Posted January 14, 2023

PRLog - "Septuagenarian Brings Horror to the Backrooms"
Robert Goerman is one of the oldest authors contributing his imagination to this trending, user-generated creepypasta.
Posted January 26, 2023

(Broogli featured Level 234 on his Backrooms YouTube videos.)

Phenomenon 3 - "Happy Dance"
Happy Dance, also known as Exploding Wanderer Syndrome, proves fatal within 72 hours.
Posted February 23, 2023

Phenomenon 5 - "No-clipping"
We all do it here, but how?
Posted March 11, 2023

Person Of Interest - "Partygoer Zero"
This is where the Partygoers began.
Posted April 9, 2023

Phenomenon 7 - "Liminal Echo" (Phenomecon2023 winner)
Liminal Echo grows day by day, watered by our tears and fertilized by our fears.
Posted May 8, 2023

Level 246 - "Dinosaur Alley"
Where are the humans of tomorrow?
Posted October 20, 2023

Entity 67 - "Partygoers =)" (Collaboration with MC_Crafter_24_7MC_Crafter_24_7)
We're back! =)
Posted February 15, 2024

(Broogli featured Entity 67 on his Backrooms YouTube videos.)

Level 26 - "The SS Fun =)" (Collaboration with MC_Crafter_24_7MC_Crafter_24_7)
Philadelphia Experiment Sails the Backrooms
Posted May 25, 2024

PRLog - "Philadelphia Experiment Sails into Backrooms"
The crossover of the year happened! One of the wildest conspiracy theories of all time has sailed into the Internet's favorite non-reality.
Posted May 24, 2024

Phenomenon 33 - "Autocorrect"
Now there is balance in the Backrooms.
Posted June 4, 2024

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