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Profile: Senior Archivist Gani STATUS: ACTIVE


[NAME]: Senior Archivist Isagani or "Gani"

Possible Location(s): Kalag Backrooms Div.; Senior Archivist's Office, Level 11
Known affiliations: The Kalag Institute

Isagani Mercado, also known as "Gani", is the senior archivist of the Backrooms division of The Kalag Institute. They are from a larger kedatuan1 of early 16th century Masbate, Bicol. They manage other archivists and members of The Kalag Institute along with handling operations involving the institute and outside parties.

I would like to say "they claim" is a very strange way to word how I talk about the ins and outs of my job, but then again, if I babble on about the institute, you'll probably get nothing but static and corrupted files. Apologies for the lack of photo, I don't really like having my photo taken.2 Also, I've taken the opportunity to write the description portion of the article myself, mostly because there is much that needs to be updated from the last time your group interviewed me.

- Senior Archivist Gani


The summary on my page does the job of introducing me well, but I do not mind sharing more about myself. Yes, I came from a larger kedatuan in what you now call Masbate. The datu there was my uncle, moved there when I was a teenager and bit the dust a decade later after the war ship I was on capsized. The Kalag Institute is made up of people from the past you see, technically I'm what, 500 years old? I can't really remember at this point.

I was sent here to the Backrooms after I was promoted by my boss. Apparently, a new place was being inhabited by a lot more humans as the days passed, so here we are. I no-clipped here in 2017 and had to handle the responsibilities of an entire team on my own, but I'm glad the institute is more populated now; I quite enjoy the company.

I had travelled through some levels in the Backrooms, which led to the discovery of a previously unexplored level. After that, I had decided to work with the M.E.G. and made our logs, documents and notes on the Backrooms available to outside groups and individuals. At first, I was quite hesitant due to the nature of my job, but if its for the betterment of others' lives, then I wouldn't mind sharing a bit.

That's about as much as I can tell you.

- Senior Archivist Gani

Their appearance has been described by multiple people to be lean and athletic, and they are said to be of average height. They have been described to have brown skin and black hair with grey undertones. They also appear to be in their mid-to-late 20's, despite their actual age. One wanderer described them as "looking like they came from an old painting", adding that Gani always wears a cone shaped hat3


Gani, while friendly enough to share quite a bit about the institute, is very secretive about what they do. They do seem to be in a relationship with someone affiliated with The Lost, and friends with Blanche. Asking about in Level 11 did not help much with gathering information about them, as even people who live in the level describe them as being socially withdrawn.

Though according to multiple vendors we've asked, they do frequently spot them out and about with the other archivists of the Institute trading goods with vendors. Apparently, they're really into alcohol and flowers.

The M.E.G. has been trying to know more about The Kalag Institute through Gani and the other members that they manage to communicate with, but they seem to be as withdrawn and as secretive as them. From past accounts involving Gani, it seems like they cannot die permanently. This can also be assumed to be true for the other members of The Kalag Institute.

Additional Interview:


Operative Reed: This is for the rewrite of your file by the way…

Gani: I see… Apologies for how I acted a moment before… and how I acted in our last interview

Operative Reed: It's fine. Anyways, I was sent here to ask more questions about Kalag…

Gani: Oh? What are your Overseers curious about this time? They seem to care too much.

Operative Reed: Our operatives in Base Beta have been asking around Level 11, apparently, you're very private about the Institute.

Gani: Part of my job and end of my deal, that's all there is to it.

Operative Reed: Deal? What kind of deal.

Gani: Reed, I'm afraid I can't really say much on that, it's going to be censored anyway. Plus, I don't think the methods of how Kalag hires its archivists is of much concern; mostly because it doesn't really concern any of you.

Operative Reed: Right— Okay, so can you at least tell me how you got sent here?

Gani: Not really sure… but I think it's [ AUDIO CORRUPTION ]

Operative Reed: What? I didn't hear— What did you say?

Gani: [ They laugh ] Well, I guess that's all you will get from me!

Operative Reed: Wait—

Gani: I think a lot of your teams are in Level 4 right? Best to go back there, hm? Level 11, for all its lack of danger still can't keep you safe from the random no-clip that happens from time to time, so you best be heading back now! Hope you get back safely.

Operative Reed: I have a question—

Gani: Ah ah ah- It's a long way back from Level 4. Don't concern yourself with the ins and outs of the institute alright? Now I'll show you the way out.


They've gotten more shifty from the last time they were interviewed. I can't even remember how they led me to their office. It's quite disturbing honestly.

- Operative Reed

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