Tournesol 1



Hey! Tournesol! Wait up! You're so unfair!

Oops, sorry. Force of habit… too used to running around in beast mode.

Aaaaand we're here!


Look at the sky… and the stars! This is amazing!

Heh, I thought you'd like somewhere quiet. 'Specially after rushing around as a hero all day.

This reminds me of nighttime back in the countryside. The sky was always full of stars… just like this…

Thank you, my sweet snowball! Thank you so much for spending so much time to find this place, just for me… I really mean it!

You know I'd do anything for you! I love you, and I always will! I love you more than the whole world!


Hey… Rose?


Do you ever think about the future?

Hmm… Yeah! What about it?

I've been thinking. We should start a little garden on the level of our dreams. With tomatoes, and apple trees, and all sorts of flowers and oh! Our own Blub Cat!

Awww, I love that idea! And what do you think our house will look like?

Hmm… you know what? I don't think I'd want it to look the same all the time. I think I'd want it to be… specially tailored! If you know what I mean? Maybe if you walk in, the walls will change into that bright pink color you love. And if I walk in, it'll turn all blue and winter-themed. You know? Something that'll resonate with both of us…

Oh! And all our guests will see what they like too! That sounds awesome Sunny! You're a genius!

Ahh, you'll make me blush… It was just a thought. I just want our home to be a safe place… our own little hideout.

You know I like to make you blush! When I do, your horns poke out of your hair!

Hmph… you make fun of me all the time. How mean!


Hah, I'm just messin' with you! You know I love it when you tease me!

But yeah… I want a place to call home. A place we love dearly, where we can just… run away from all our worries and everything.

Where you and I can just be… us.


We'll work hard, and make it come true! I promise — for you, and for me, and for both of us! Pinky promise?

Jeez, still making pinky promises? You never grow up, huh?

Aw, c'mon… I'm being serious!

Of course, my silly snowball. Hey, come here…

I love you so much.

I love you too… Rose…


Oh! It's getting late… We should get going soon.

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