The World

“I have need of angels.

Enough hell has swallowed me for too many years.

But finally understand this,

I have burned up one hundred thousand human lives already,

from the strength of my pain.”

― Antonin Artaud

I awoke with an animalistic fear that took over my body.

I looked around, no immediate threat was present, but something was off.

[SPLIT(‽)HEAD] and [SPLIT(?)HEAD] were nowhere to be found.

The cooler was on its side, spilling its contents onto the floor.

The door, located on the south side of the room, was wide open.

The posters which previously had been on the walls were now scattered over the floor in an oddly coordinated pattern——the shape of a star.

The room was baked in an unnaturally bright light; it was coming from outside.

I tumble off the bench and onto the floor.

Then exhaustion washed over me.

I feel weak. Drained of energy.

I start to crawl towards the open door.

Past the doorway, I see [SPLIT(?)HEAD]'s body sustained in the air.

Her head split open, revealing a strange light from it.

[SPLIT(‽)HEAD] was below her.

His head was split as well, though, it lacked a light.

I crawled over to them in a panicked frenzy.

Despite my fatigue, I forced myself to get up and stand on my legs.

I slowly moved my hands over [SPLIT(?)HEAD]'s face.


Just as I had feared.

I considered crying.

Curling up on the floor.

Losing hope.

But I knew that would accomplish nothing.

I didn't even dare to check on [SPLIT(‽)HEAD].

I feared of what I may find out.

Instead, I peered into the crack on [SPLIT(?)HEAD]'s head.

Maybe to gain insight on what was happening.

Maybe out of sheer curiosity.

What I saw back was fear.

Pure, raw, primal fear.

Not something that took a solid form.

Instead, it spread throughout my mind like an infection.

Choosing what parts of my mind to ruin in a cold methodical fashion.

All in a second.

I reeled back due to this.

Stumbled backwards, almost falling.

And as I do, I make contact with something solid.

I jump away from its touch and turn back to face it.

It was huge.

A bulbous mess of flesh and a seemingly random assortment of teeth.

It contorted and shifted its shape violently.

It was the blight.

It was the abomination.

The liar.

The light.

Until it coalesced into a solid form.

A mass of light centered onto one point.

Gleaming tentacles extending out from it.

"What are you…?" was all I could manage out.

It responded with a brutally cold voice…

The Absurd.

The sound of it stilled me.

I couldn't find the will to move.

Its tendrils found their way across my body.

Holding me with a thoughtful grasp.

As it did, a small wisp made its way out of its body and slowly moved towards my head.

And as it made contact with my forehead, I felt…

The splitting.

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