The Pantheon: Offset 2

“…Where did all the gods go?”

Overseer-A drew a heavy sigh as he reviewed the lengthy file filled with the compiled findings from the M.E.G.’s investigation of Level 51. It spoke of a pantheon of great deities capable of fantastical feats, responsible for much of early human civilization in The Backrooms. Although several nature deities were previously known to have been worshipped by certain sects of The Lost, this was different. The pantheon's prominence and importance to The Lost as a whole was self-apparent, judging by what information had been deciphered so far.

It had been proven many times already that the beings spoken of by The Lost were more than mere fiction. Entities like Smilers were established in their culture, so it stood to reason that these gods were more than mere fantasy. In fact, the names and details of some pantheon members even correlated with those of certain entities already documented in the database. However, even for their impressive stature, those entities were not quite godly in their power.

There was a disconnect in the narrative, and quite an interesting one at that. Why was this? What had happened between then and now to alter the very nature of these beings?

There did exist evidence, although scarce, to suggest that a downfall of the gods had indeed occurred long ago, and that it supposedly significantly altered the course of history in The Backrooms. Beyond that, most specific details of the event were lost to time. That is, except for one: iron. Throughout the little remaining documentations of the event, this material was consistently mentioned as a suggested catalyst for the gods' downfall. Overseer A hadn't a clue how a lump of metal could bring gods to their knees, and was unable to formulate any logical theory. But then again, that would be unfitting for such a place of such uncertainty as The Backrooms.

Regardless of how true it was, or what really happened, Overseer-A knew that he would eventually have to investigate this matter further. Deep down, he held a belief in his heart that there were real gods. And if they had indeed gone, they would soon need to return together someday, and reform their pantheon… for they were most direly needed in these times.

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