The Missing Link 1

"Mum, wait up! Come on, you know that I'm always slow…" You laughed and ran as quickly as you could after your mother. You had been running through the white void she led you through for quite a bit, yet you felt no fatigue. An almost delirious sense of excitement flowed through your veins. Finally, a bright blue sky had come into your view, paired with fluffy white clouds, and the sun shining through the evergreens of Provence.


You didn't think you'd ever get back - especially after what everyone in that hell hole told you - and yet here you were.

Of course, there were a few differences from before you no-clipped. The sun didn't feel as simmering hot as it did before, even when you could tell it was summer; the wind was far stronger and more humid than it used to, but the trees seemed deathly still. It didn't matter though. You smiled, watching as your mother finally slowed her pace and sat on a bench… next to your father…

You couldn't believe it.

"He has about a year to live," You remembered the doctor saying 3 years ago. "I'm sorry. Really, I am. But there's nothing more I can do."

You sobbed then; a second time when he seemed to be on his deathbed; and once more when you no-clipped in that god-forsaken place, thinking you'd never get to see him in his last moments. Yet here he was, full of energy and youth, like your mother beside him.

"Ma… Papa…" That was all you managed to utter as tears filled your eyes. They smiled and said nothing, only opening their arms wide for you to collapse in. You sobbed quietly as you fell into their arms and embraced them tightly. One of them ran their hand through your short, auburn hair.

"You need to leave." A broad, yet quiet feminine voice spoke. You opened your eyes and rubbed them. Your parents were no longer smiling… slowly, the sky turned a dark crimson. "You need to leave." The voice came from your mother, yet it wasn't hers. You stood up, confused and frightened as the sky went darker and the wind kicked up. Still, they sat, unmoving as if they were a part of the bench. No… they were melting into the bench. You screamed, turning away and running. You didn't want to look anymore. The world around you seemed to listen, as you came to a stop and your vision faded into nothingness.

The sounds seemed to cease, too.

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