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  • Safe
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The Hub is an Enigmatic Level of The Backrooms, and is a safe place for any Wanderer looking to pass by and/or live in. The first part of The Hub seems to be a tunnel, with both locked and unlocked doors on either side. The second is a large Temple, where The Keymaster resides.


The Hub is made of two sections: the vast network of tunnels containing entrances to every level — known as The Crossroads — and the mysterious structure at its center — known as The Temple.

The doors in The Crossroads are large immovable slabs of concrete which have a strange symbol right above them. Included with these large doors is a strange lock device that morphs its shape on the inside to keep others from lockpicking and braking the lock. These locks seem to correspond with the various symbols above the doors, the origins of which remain unknown. The doors in The Temple are very similar. The only thing noticeably different is that these doors are more ornate in design and less blocky. Still, these doors remain with the same locking mechanism.

All doors are unlocked with an object known as a Level Key, which can be found all over The Backrooms. If you enter The Hub while in possession of a Level Key, you can follow its resonance towards the respective level door and unlock it yourself. However, all doors to have previously been manually unlocked always become locked once again for any subsequent entrants into The Hub.

The Hub has an outside, while not visible in most areas, a balcony in The Temple reveals a dark void filled with wind, rain and lightning storms, which deep bellow, you can see the entirety of The Crossroads' tunnel systems, which places The Temple in the center of The Hub itself.

The Crossroads:


The first photo of The Crossroads.

The Crossroads is considered to be the large systems of concrete underground tunnels that The Hub is mostly made from, and the first discovered area of The Hub. The Crossroads are made up of concrete walls that includes a seam for every new slab of concrete placed. The road is a dark dry asphalt with three sections of yellow dotted lines flowing across the entirety of The Crossroads. This area is devoid of sound on its own, besides the various Wanderers living within, almost making The Crossroads a bit eerie in unpopulated areas. The Crossroads twists in just about any direction, and splits into multiple intersections. And with the lighting being fairly dim, it could make the whole layout look very strange.

Along the walls of The Crossroads, the aforementioned levels doors are lined up on either side. The doors themselves are not numbered or otherwise labeled with anything else, and the order of the doors does not correspond to the order of Levels in any existing Database. Most of the doors are locked, and cannot be opened without its respective Level Key. The doors leading to Levels 1, 11, and 178 are the only ones that are unlocked, and permanently remain so. The door to Level 1 is in the 7th tunnel, the door to Level 11 is in the 10th tunnel, and the door to Level 178 is in the 5th tunnel.

The Temple:


Photo of The Temple.

The Temple is a tall tower-like structure which resides at the center of The Crossroads, accessed from any one of 10 entrances dotted throughout the crossroads. These come in the form of ornate doors at the ends of certain tunnels. Entering the door will bring you into a tall cylindrical tower. The architecture is distinctly Greco-Roman and lacks windows, with dusk-shaded light provided by an untraceable source. A broken marble statue without a face is in the center of the complex on the ground, inscribed with the words "Φύλακας των Πυλών" (translating to "Keeper of the Gates" in English).


Broken statue found in the center of The Temple.

A spiral staircase of varying length extends around The Temple's interior, granting access to higher rows of the tower which are lined with various doors and artifacts, some of which are identified while others are not. Upon exiting The Temple, re-entry is impossible.


The Keymaster:

The Keymaster is known to reside in The Hub, primarily within The Temple. Due to the seemingly intertwined nature between this entity and The Hub, there is reason to believe that The Keymaster may be a fundamental aspect of The Backrooms itself. An encounter is unlikely, unless one is in possession of a Level Key, or if one finds their way into The Temple. Regardless, he does not take kindly to the presence of others in The Temple, behaving as if The Hub "belongs" to him and that his boundaries are being violated whenever someone enters The Temple. You may request him to guide you to the corresponding level door of whatever level key you have, which he will be eager to do in order for you to leave.

Other entities have been documented in The Hub, but they are only benign ones. All hostile entities that have been seen attempting to enter The Hub are not found within the level, as if having disappeared. It is speculated that the level may be able to detect the intent of all who enter, including even wanderers, thus ensuring the permanent safety of The Hub.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

The Hub's Crossroads serves as a hotspot for various Wanderers and travelers alike. Many different Outposts have been made in The Crossroads for various activities such as makeshift homes or trading routes. However, The Temple is off-limits for those looking to seek refuge. You may find many different places to visit before walking into your next Level.

M.E.G. Outpost Doorstep Carpet:

  • This serves as The M.E.G,'s Hub Outpost.
  • Various different Level Keys are stored here before they disappear.
  • Any Wanderer can ask if a Level Key is available to use within The Hub.
  • This is mainly where Regiment Lock Breakers deposit the keys they have collected.

Camp Amber Hub Outpost:

  • This is the fourth base from Camp Amber which originally resided on Level 1.
  • This Group usually helps newcomers and teach them about The Backrooms.
  • This specific Outpost will provide limited supplies for any Wanderer that comes their way if needed.
  • This Outpost will also teach people what Level they are about to walk into.
  • This group doesn't really have a fixed point, as they wander around to help others.
  • This Group is aided by the local M.E.G. to further help the Wanderers.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a consistent way of accessing The Hub. From the entrance of Level 1, head straight down the corridor, go through the door, then continue until the end of that corridor. Then, double back to the entrance of the level. There will then be a diverging path. Take the left path, through which you will find another divergence. Take the right path, then at the next one, take a left, and at the next one, take a right. You will see two doors, labeled A and B. Take the B door. Upon crossing that door, you will find yourself in an identical room to the previous one. Now, take the A door. You will find yourself in The Hub. If you get any of these steps wrong, you will end up somewhere completely random. Strangely, this method seems to relate to the Frontrooms videogame easter egg "The Konami Code". It is unknown as to how or why this is the case.

The above method is the only tried and true way of purposefully accessing The Hub. However, given its connection to every level, there may be rarer and less reliable methods of entry in other levels. This typically occurs if someone accidentally no-clips, or a rare phenomena in which a door to The Hub temporarily manifests in a random level.


Unlocking and entering any level door in The Hub will bring you to its respective level. It should be noted that the level doors are one-way and you cannot return to The Hub from the other side, as the doorway from within the entered level will disappear after being crossed.

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