The Hub 1

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Event Log: 1782 | Type: Level | Discovery: 07/27/2019

The following log details the exploration of the newly discovered area of The Hub by regiment Compass Point, "The Misfits".

Begin Log:

Ale: 'Right, Compass Point 2-4 here. Ready to go when you are, Harry! Over.

Harry: Got the others ready? Over.

Ale: Mhm! We sure do! Over.

(Ale turns the camera towards the rest of the team. Megan is jogging around in a circle as she waits for the signal to go.)

Megan: Who's ready to kick some ass?

Gabby: Someone's enthusiastic today.

Megan: I've been bored all day waiting for this mission! Andy can tell ya'!

(The camera pans to Andy, who is sitting down on the roadside.)

Andy: Megan, I was sleeping.

Megan: See? Bored to death! Now we can finally stretch our legs and do some daring adventure stuff!

Mark: As long as you guys are safe. That's all I care about.

Andy: Mark, when am I not safe?

Mark: Never.

Ale: He's got a point, Andy!

Andy: Nah! You guys will see! Just watch me!

Megan: Don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Ale: How would he be getting ahead of himself if he's gonna be running in the opposite direction, huh?

Gabby: Ha! Maybe he'll stick around this time.

Megan: He'll stick with it.

Andy: You sure got it, cap!

Harry: Are there any other wanderers around y'all? Over.

Ale: Gotta look both ways before crossing the street, amirite?

(Ale turns the camera both ways to scout the area for any wanderers.)

Megan: Nope! Nobody's here!

Ale: No one else in sight pal. Over.

Harry: Well as long as no underdog follows you in, you're good to go Misfits! Over.

Megan: Alright! let's open this door!

(Megan kicks the door wide open as the camera pans upwards to reveal a large towering structure, with a set of very tall spiral staircases.)

Mark: Wasn't your exact words 'open'?

Megan: I kicked the door open.

Mark: Fair point.

Andy: Sis, remember how you said we're gonna kick some ass?

Megan: Yeah?

Andy: I think the staircase alone is gonna kick our asses. This shit looks infinite!

Megan: There has to be a top, right guys?

Gabby: I'm not so sure Megan, this is The Backrooms after all.

(Gabyy is seen writing down this discovery.)

Megan: Welp, I'm up for the challenge!

Andy: Sigh… of course you are.

(The Team prepare and start to climb the staircase. However, Mark notices something.)

Mark: Hey, you guys might wanna look at this.

(The camera pans to reveal a large statue depicting a humanoid figure in the middle of the tower's base.)

Ale: Huh…

Andy: Woah!

Harry: Everything alright over there, Misfits? Over.

Ale: Yeah yeah, we're good. Just found this big ass statue is all. Over.

Megan: It doesn't have a head either.

Harry: Hmm, a defaced statue. You better be writing all of this down, Gabby. Over.

Megan: That's not ominous at all…

Andy: Heh, totally…

(The team starts to climb the long staircase, and it seems that it will be a long journey. A crashing sound can be heard outside of the tower.)

Ale: Was that thunder?

Megan: I mean… I kinda hear rain.

Andy: So it thunders and rains outside the tower?

Megan: I- I guess? I don't know.

(The camera pan towards the brick walls of the tower, soaked with rainwater.)

Ale: That enough proof?

Megan: Guess we have our answer.

Gabby: Hmm, I'll write that down.

(The team continues climbing the stairs, now halfway through.)

Andy: My legs… they're fucking killing me.

Megan: Wasn't expecting this much of a climb, to be honest.

Andy: After this, I'm gonna lay in my bed, and never get up.

Megan: Actually, we should take a break for a tiny bit.

Andy: Thank you!

(The Misfits decide to rest halfway through the tower. The Team is seen sitting on the staircase until they are ready for another round.)

Ale: Hmm, now what do we have here…?

(Ale is seen digging in his backpack for an energy bar.)

Andy: Hey Ale.

Ale: Sigh. What, Andy?

Andy: Could I have two of those bars?

Ale: T- Two? Really?

Andy: Dude, I am fucking starving.

Ale: But- Wh- Okay… fine.

(Ale throws the two bars towards Andy. He fails to catch them.)

Andy: Wow, really?

Ale: You can't catch them?

Andy: No, I just didn't expect that.

Ale: Right…

Andy: Hey Mark! You want some?

Mark: I'm fine.

Andy: Huh, more for me!

Megan: Maybe you could share som-

(Everyone in the team simultaneously looks up, as a voice from above makes its presence known)

UNIDENTIFIED: Ah, how lovely — yet more nuisances have come to intrude upon my domain.

Megan: Wh- who the fuck was that!?

Gabby: Hey! Show yourself!

(The only noise heard throughout the tower is the stormy winds outside.)

Andy: Haha! Yeah! A loud voice coming from above isn't scary at all!…

Megan: We gotta get to the top and find out who that was.

Andy: Sis, I know I called you crazy in the past, but this is crazy!

Gabby: I agree.

Andy: Thank you!

Gabby: We need to find out who that was.

Andy: No thank you!

Ale: I second that, let's find that son of a bitch. You hear that Harry?

Harry: Sure did! Go get 'em, Misfits! Over.

Andy: Oh no! Not you too Ale!?

Mark: You know what Andy? I do agree.

Andy: Really?

Mark: We are crazy. Catch you on the flip side!

Andy: Fuck…

(The Team continues their journey upwards, however the camera turns back around to see Andy still sitting on the stairway below.)

Ale: Hey! Ya' coming slow poke?

Andy: Nope! I am sitting right here! Not moving an inch!

Ale: Are you sure 'bout that pal?

Andy: Yeeeup!

Ale: Alright! I guess we'll be at the top, and you'll be aaaaall alone in a dark scary tower!

Andy: Mhm! I can handle myself just fine! I'm not scared of a-

(A large lightning strike can be heard outside, slightly shaking the tower. Andy can be seen jumping from his spot running up the rest of the stairway, stuffing his mouth with the rest of the energy bar.)

Andy: Okay fuck, fuck fuck!

Ale: Last one to the top is a rotten egg!

(Andy shouts with his mouth full.)

Andy: Fuck you!

Ale: Haha! Love you too buddy!

(The Misfits continue to climb the tower, Andy can be seen catching up with the rest of the group.)

Andy: (Intense breathing) Okay… I love you guys, but also… fuck you.

Gabby: Keep it up, and I'll show you what tough love feels like.

Andy: Okay! Okay, sorry!

Megan: Well, this'll be my workout done for the day after this is over.

Andy: This is my entire day done with after this is over.

Gabby: I am so curious to find who that voice was.

Mark: If it is anything at all.

Andy: Yeah! Who says this isn't some disembodied voice like those Levels with the ominous piano jingles and shit?

Ale: C'mon, bud! Put some optimism in your mood!

Andy: I am optimistic… that this'll be a loooong day…

Mark: At least you are alive, correct? That is what matters to me.

Andy: I guess, yeah.

Harry: C'mon guys, get a move on! Over.

Ale: Copy that Harry. Over.

(Another large lightning strike emerged from the unknown outside the tower. The camera pans back to see Mark stopping in his tracks and looking behind himself.)

Gabby: You okay Mark?

Mark: Just wanna make sure we're safe. If anything happens, I need to protect the Team, and you.

Gabby: Aww, that's so sweet!

Megan: He is our combatant after all.

Gabby: I know! Just…something sincere about that one.

Mark: Heh.

Ale: You guys gonna catch up?

Gabby: Right! Coming!

(The Misfits continue, until reaching the top of the tower)

Andy: Wh- Yes! Yes! The top! It's real! Right there!

Megan: Told ya' we'd make it!

(Andy starts to sprint up the stairway a faster than the rest of the Team.)

Gabby: Ha! Look at him go!

Ale: That got 'im runnin'! Hahaha!

Megan: Hey! Wait for me!

Andy: Race you there!

Megan: Oh no you don't!

(The Misfits finally make it to the entrance of the top of the dark tower.)

Andy: Ha! I win!

Megan: looks like all that running away gave you something after all!

Andy: I couldn't tell if that was a compliment or an insult.

Megan: Heh, neutral.

Andy: Uh-huh, riiight…

(Megan and Andy open the entrance to reveal a series of ancient stone corridors.)

Andy: There is no way this huge-ass room can fit on the top of a tower.

Megan: That's The Backrooms for ya'!

(The rest of the team catch up close behind them and enter the sanctum.)

Ale: This is wicked!

Gabby: Oooh! Pretty! Writing this down!

Ale: Harry, this tower appears like some sort of ancient temple, archways and all. Over.

Harry: Copy that Ale, make sure the surroundings are safe before continuing. Over.

(Suddenly from above and behind the group, Entity X slowly descends to the ground, quietly touching down with a faint jingling of his key ring as he approaches the group)

Ale: Right, will do! Over.

Megan: I wonder what all of this means.

Andy: I wonder if it means anything at all.

Gabby: Some Backrooms levels have meaning behind them in a way, even if it is almost unnoticeable.

Andy: Yeah, some…

(Entity X stands behind the group, looming tall above them)

Megan: Why would there be a large-ass tower to begin with?

Ale: I mean, could just be Backrooms-generated.

Gabby: I'm not so sure Ale, it looks built by someone or something…

Andy: How could you even tell? Like can I just look at the dirt on the floor and say that this is man-made? I don't know how you do it Gabby. You really nee-

(They turn around, besides Andy, coming face-to-face with Entity X)

Entity X: Boo.

(Andy jumps and runs in a panic.)

Andy: Gah! What the fuck!?

(Mark quickly pulls a blade from his hip in defense.)

Gabby: Woah woah woah! Mark wait a minute, please…

(Mark slowly places the knife back in his holster.)

Entity X: Believe me, that would be useless against me anyways…but worry not, I have no intention of harming you.

Mark: What makes you say that? Hm?

Gabby: Mark, please calm down…

Megan: Wait! Aren't you The Keymaster!?

Entity X: I am indeed - “guide to travelers, “jailor of the wicked”, etcetera - though I take disdain towards such titles.

(Andy is seen running back towards the team from behind.)

Andy: Wait, The Keymaster!?

Entity X: Yes - now tell me what you want. Patience is a precious rarity to me.

Megan: Oh! Well, we're here to document this crazy crib you got goin' on!

Gabby: Yeah! I like the details! Very… uhh, unkept?

Megan: Something like that.

(Entity X notices the recording equipment, scoffing)

Entity X: Ah, I see what your intentions are…

Harry: Misfits? Please report what in the hell is going on? Can you read me?

Ale: Ahh, yeah Harry, we catch you! We just found the fuckin' Keymaster out of all people. Over.

Harry: That guy that helps Wanderers with traveling between Levels? Over.

Entity X: Yes, I do believe that is quite well-established by now. With all due respect, I'd prefer you to do whatever it is that you need and then leave.

Gabby: Hmm, why don't you give us a tour?

Mark: You sure this is safe?

Gabby: I'm sure, Mark. Trust me.

Megan: Yeah that sounds like a good idea!

Andy: Oooh! Yeah! I hope there's no more stairs… there's no more stairs right?

Entity X: sighs heavily Not if you don't think there are… I suppose I can show you around, if it will get rid of you lot more quickly. Now follow me this way - there is really only one space worth showing.

(Entity X spins on his heel and sharply turns around, his cloak swooping with him as he quickly strides down the corridor, lined with ornate level doors)

Megan: Let's see where this goes…

Andy: I hope it goes to somewhere I can relax my ass.

Entity X: That depends on how particular you are with your type of seat…

(He leads them into a large chamber, filled with a circular arrangement of ornate doors.)

Ale: These doors…they're alluring, but foreboding.

Entity X: That is for good reason. These thresholds are forbidden to wanderers.

Andy: Oh wow! How many are there? One, two, three, five… eight!… eight? Wait is it… nine? Twelve! Wait what the fuck? Now it's… wh—

Entity X: That is a common occurrence.

Megan: What even is this place?

Entity X: Is it not obvious? This is my home. The only one I have ever known. I have always been here, in this damned labyrinth, since my earliest memory. I simply know it as my home.

(Entity X gazes around, seemingly dazed for a brief moment.)

Megan: Honestly… I know I'll never feel the way you feel, but I can sort of relate in a way. I've seen some of the stuff this hellhole has to offer, and I'll always go back to my team and faction. No matter what has happened, I feel at home with them. Because not only is it tied to me, but we are all connected, and that's all we have! And I'll always go back that that glimmer of hope to someday find an exit. Maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel for you!

Ale: Y'know? I agree with that.

Gabby: I feel the same.

Mark: Anything for my friends… my family.

Andy: Yeah!… Damnit I'm blushing.

(Entity X is silent, staring at The Misfits. He seems briefly lucid, and the look in his eyes - or perhaps something behind them - shows that at least on a certain level, he connects with a message. Just as quickly however, he snaps back into his default state)

Entity X: Now, I do believe that has been enough sight-seeing for you children. Come, I shall escort you back from whence you came.

(Entity X proceeds to walk away from the team, and the rest follow. They walk through a hall with many objects lined on pedestals along the walls. Items both of the known, and unknown)

Megan: Is this like, a collection?

Entity X: One may call it that. Many are mementos I have accumulated in my travels. Others have already been here since my earliest memory…

Andy: Oooh! There's a Scaraback!… and uhh, whatever the fucking squid thing is…

(Andy walks up to a small Squid-like creature in a jar.)

Entity X: I would not touch that if I were you.

(Andy proceeds to back away from the squid.)

Megan: Some of this stuff we don't even know about!

(Entity X leads them all back down the winding staircase, to the ground, bringing them towards the door leading back into the main area of The Hub.)

Entity X: Upon crossing this threshold, re-entry shall no longer be possible. Knowing this, are you ready to depart?

Megan: I'm ready!

Ale: Catch all that Harry? Over.

Harry: Yup! All info is not only recorded, but we have written down notes! I'm sure Gabby has some too. Over.

Gabby: Sure do!

Andy: Finally! Time to get back to base and just do nothing for the rest of the day!

(The camera pans to show Megan turning towards Entity X.)

Megan: So, I guess this is goodbye then?

Entity X: Indeed.

Megan: I appreciate you saving all those poor Wanderers. It… helped inspire us to do what we do now y'know? So just, thank you.

Entity X: Yes yes, indeed, goodbye!

(Without a second thought, Entity X hastily shoves everyone through the door, before slamming it shut. The team get up from their impact.)

Gabby: Well that was rude.

Megan: Hopefully he knows I meant what I said…

Wanderer-1 Holy shit are you guys okay?

Wanderer-2 You guys just flew right out of that door that appeared outta nowhere man!

Andy: Yeah we're good, just hit the damn concrete was all… wait, do I know you?

Ale: (Groans) Ahh god… This is Compass Point 2-4 reporting back to homebase, we were kicked out of the tower and ended up back in the public Hub Route. Over

Harry: Copy that.

Megan: Hey! We're right next to the Level 11 entrance!

Harry: Good to hear you guys can make it home. Come on over to Base Beta, we'll discuss further from there. Over.

Ale: Yes sir!

Megan: Alright, let's head home!

Andy: What a fucking day…

End Log:


The Misfits were tasked with entering a mysterious door found within The Hub after the discovery that there was more to the level than previously believed. With the information collected from this expedition, we have created a page for the newly discovered sub-layer — 'The Tower'.

Attached File(s): The Tower

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