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the thing

Personnel (it's actually public) file: Saria.S

Age: More than 7
Last known location: at some bar. drinking milk (they can't drink alcohol yet) NEVERMIND THAT I CAN DRINK NOW YEAAHHHH BITCH AMERICAAAAAAAA

Incomprehensible to the naked eye, joined the M.E.G. a while ago. Saria.S is best described as a writhing mass of the occult, including emotions such as happiness and sad, 17 hamlets from Belarus, 1 hamlet from Shakespeare, 1m3 of water, and a cup of McDonalds sprite. All for the small price of 4 and a half moneys!!!

Researchers, wanderers, and chickens pheasants (there's a difference dipshit) who have been in their presence are sparse, but they all report enlightenment, newfound appreciation for life, and a profound reconnection with God. Radiation poisoning has also been reported, but the issue is not pressing.

Currently head of telling people their documents suck at M.E.G. base whatever Greek letter we're on right now. Is in a platonic relationship with Bob. Nobody knows what the S in Saria.S stands for.1

Things I have done

You've been here before

CLOLLABS with boifromnowhere does not match any existing user name


in french


in toki pona????

that is all. goodbye.

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my guy i love him

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