Tha'um amd Room of fate

A long time ago after everything began to exist, everything had its own destiny from birth, no one had the right to decide anything, but was invisibly governed by Tha'um - an Embodiment of fate and rules. Everything at that time only knew how to operate according to a Life-Hunting-Death process performed over and over again by those primitive humans. Tha'um then looked down at the world and felt this, he felt the boredom and meaninglessness of this repetition, but he had no imagination to think of what mortal creatures can do besides hunting.

Tha'um then thought of an idea, which was to create a place that could help those creatures have free will and think. He entered the Collective Unconscious of Humans, a place that was still very primitive and empty because no human ideas existed to fill it. He created a place from which he could help each creature decide its own life and actions without his influence.

The hammering sound like thunder continued forever, DOOM.




And then a world was created. Then from that world, Ka began to appear. Eventually, every creature possessed Ka, and through those Ka, the world began to stimulate the intelligence and thinking of all people, species, and creatures. They became more aware of their surroundings and began to act in their own direction without the guidance of fate.

The world created by Tha'um not only gives birth to but also contains and protects those Ka, because out there, Tha'um knows that there are many different aggressive entities wishing to devour these souls. He also created a trio of sisters so that they could guard and keep everything in the Other World in line.

Seeing that his creation was successful, Tha'um left and returned to his domain and no longer had any influence on the world, but only observed.

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