Room of Fate
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Exit: 2/5
Somewhat Difficult to Exit

Environment: 0/5
No Environmental Risks

Entities: 1/5
Minimal Hostile Presence


The Room of Fates is an enigmatic Level that exists outside of the Backrooms and is also the place where all of the fates, or Ka of all things, are born according to the legend of The Lost. The Level takes on many different shapes depending on the traveler. As of the time this article was written, only two forms have been recorded:

First Form:

The level is an endless land with limestone pedestals, each containing a statue for every person and entity in the Backrooms. These stone statues not only represent the shape of an entity but what they carry on their body. All statues have golden threads tied securely to specific parts of the body, seemingly representing the dominion of destiny over an individual. These ropes lead up to the level's dark, cloudy sky.

The strings seem to control the actions of the stone statues like puppets, and when this happens, the people or entities the statues took the form of seem to follow suit. Nothing in the level appears to be physically affected by any known means, and it is plausible that the entire level exists on a still unknown metaphysical level1.

When the individual whose form the statue takes on dies, the statue will begin to collapse, but it has been reported that if the subject is somehow brought back to life, the statue will be restored.

Second Form:

The Level takes the form of an endless gray land, with various holographic projections of every person and entity in the Backrooms.

These projections seem to operate on their own without any constraints, indicating they are controlled by fate. The projections are usually orange, similar to the level's first-form statues, in that physics cannot affect these projections. When individuals or entities die, the projections that take their form disappear, but if the subject can be resurrected, the projections will reappear.

The second form of the level is the most recorded form in The Lost's texts, and strangely, the first form was never known or recorded by The Lost.

According to The Lost, the level exists as a place that gives birth to the soul or Ka2 of wanderers or entities. As theories suggest, the statues and projections are the Ka, with these souls helping control the physical body to do what fate weaves for each Ka, and also vice versa, according to The Lost. It is each person’s Ka that determines fate and actions, not because fate programs each Ka to do so, but because the Sisters are tasked with protecting and keeping the level operating according to that nature. They do not create or decide fate. The creatures themselves decide the fate of everything.


The Sisters are a group of three native entities that protect the Level. They include: Pist, Prisent and Fiture. The Sisters often survey the Level to check and monitor to see if everything is working as usual.

The Sisters each have a different appearance and age. Pist takes the form of a young woman with golden hair and a long dress. Prisent has the appearance of a middle-aged woman wearing a gray dress. Fiture takes the form of an old woman with white hair and wearing a gray dress. Although the shapes of all three can change, they always keep their age characteristics, such as Pist being young, Prisent being middle-aged, and Fiture being old.

The Sisters usually will not arbitrarily interact with any wanderer entering the level, but even so, they will still be willing to answer some of the wanderer questions, although they are often extremely vague and confusing. If any threat to the level's operation is detected, one of the sisters will banish or erase whatever caused it from the level3. Once gone, it will not be able to re-enter the level by any means4.


The level was known to The Lost millennia ago, who called the level the “World of Tha'um5", where all souls were born and had the right to decide their destiny. Leo Castellos, a member of The Lost also, acknowledged this level as "World of Tha'um".

Entrances and Exits


Falling asleep in the Exact Concept zone of “Fate” will cause one to wake up in The Room of Fates.


To exit the level, travelers must ask one of the Sisters to teleport them to another level or no-clip.

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