Phenomenon 19 - "R.W.P."

The third incident was heard across several levels such as Level 13, Level 401, and Level 4002.

"There never was a war in all history easier to prevent by timely action than the one…*static*… that…*static*…destroyed the Backrooms. It could…*static*…have been…*static*…stopped; but no one…*static* listened and one by one we were all sucked in…*static*. We surely must not let that happen again…*static*…to others."

After analyzing the words, the author found that the speech was part of Winston Churchill's "The Sinews of Peace"3, even though some of the words have been changed. It was noted by several wanderers that coders stopped whatever they were doing on level 400 and appeared to listen to what the speaker had to say. Once the broadcast stopped, the entities resumed what they were doing at a faster pace than before.
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