Phenomenon 15 - "Inversion"
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[Jack]: …I'm really starting to doubt if continuing is even worth it at this point.

Traversing an infinite yet familiar yellow maze was a man in his twenties. Time was mercilessly cornering him with every step he made trying to find any sort of escape, but what he was completely unaware of was that he had just arrived in a brand new world from which he wouldn’t be leaving any time soon.


[Jack]: These fluorescent lights… Why can’t they just shut up for one. Damned. Minute! It’s been roughly three days and I haven’t even been able to sleep. This sucks…

He was talking to himself, but in these trying times, one has to do what needs to be done to entertain oneself.

Otherwise, he’d give in. And that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

[Jack]: Come on, just― keep going. Ending it all here would be miserable as shit. I have to go out in a more impressive way than this; cast into a yellow void just to starve to death is no way to go, that's something I know for sure. I just have to find a different colour than this… fucking yellow.

He kept trying to motivate himself, but the truth was that negative feelings just kept trying to invade his mind. From severe impatience to wariness of what was to come, nothing was going to change anytime soon.

Even fear was slowly getting a hold of him. The eeriness of it all kept hinting at the belief that he may not be alone inside this mysterious complex.

[Jack]: Ugh… surely behind that corner is my oh-so-cherished exit, right…

It was truly an unfortunate situation. He couldn’t help but think about his life up until he tripped on that damned stick on his way home. His parents, friends, everything was now so… distant…

[Jack]: Sob… sob…

It was so, so unfair… but.

He didn’t know what was about to happen.

[Jack]: H- huh?! Blue! The lights too, wh-

The colour of the surroundings had suddenly, albeit leisurely, completely inverted, the significance of which was completely alien to him.

[Jack]: (Suddenly anxious…) H-Hey… this ain't funny, come on… Oh wait, what is… H-Holy shit, so loud!

An unnatural, high-pitched sound drilled into his ears. Yet he still couldn’t grasp where it came from. It was almost like it was being deployed straight into his brain; not even blocking his ears with both hands would save him from that unending, pressure-like turmoil.

[Jack]: G-GAAgh! What the hell is going on…? So-something is real bad with this crap- ogh, my eye! What now― water?

A minuscule droplet of water had just hit his right eye, rendering him, once again, perplexed.

[Jack]: Ugh, is there a leak in the ceiling or something? There isn’t, w-what― God, the noise!!

Right when the disturbance was about to become deafening, it suddenly came to an end.

And even so, the situation remained utterly incomprehensible. He had just gotten his pupil water-soaked, yet there didn’t seem to be any source of liquid anywhere to be seen.

Except, of course, the familiar moist carpet he’d been walking on for several days.

[Jack]: (…)

[Jack]: Wait… in the distance, was that a drop of water floating towards the ceiling…?

He was trying to process it all as best as he could, but the truth was that he wouldn’t be allowed to do so for much longer.

Since, in the next moment―

[ʞɔɐſ]: Wh- What, so much water towards th- AAAAAGH! ――Ough! …What the fuck was that?! ―Where am I… Ooof, I swear to god I’m FED UP with this bullshit.

His world made a complete turn, and now he was standing on the maze’s ceiling. To be honest, he wasn’t sold on it, since he deemed the moist carpet much more comfortable to walk through than that, but―

[ʞɔɐſ]: W- Wait, what’s going on…

Unexpectedly, the “floor” surrounding the buzzing lights became highly unstable. Everything began to crack, and eventually, the whole place seemed engulfed in a cruel earthquake in the middle of which was an insignificant, trembling rat.

[ʞɔɐſ]: AAAGH! S-Stop it, PLEASE! Aah, AAH!!

A horrifying minute took place and, after that, everything seemed to calm down.

Even if the colour and gravity were still in that abnormal condition.

[ʞɔɐſ]: A-Ah, ――…is it over?

An awkard silence suggested the answer "yes". Yet he could feel it: something was still clearly off.

And then-


The floor, or better said, the ceiling, gave in to all those prominent cracks and rifts and mercilessly shattered in its entirety. In its place, an endless void towards infinity remained.

[ʞɔɐſ]: I- I DON’T WANT TO DIE, sob, I DON’T― WANT sob TO――― WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Unstoppable. What was unfolding before his eyes was an unstoppable “fall” from which he would never be able to escape.

It was absurd. There were questions, so many questions. How nonsensical could something ever get to be? All the laws of physics he once was familiar with had been already obliterated into mere dust.

Whatever the case, there was one clear judge that would let him know what the final verdict, his utmost destiny, would at long last be.

A giant, hypnotising star deep within an unending abyss.

[ʞɔɐſ]: B- Black…

Indeed, it was black; blacker than coal itself. The colour composed of anything and everything, and a colour that kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

Until it was the only colour that enveloped what remained of his petty world.

However, something was, once more, off.

What should have been an infinite void of nothingness was now the manifestation of that which composed everything; precisely, what was before him was the very culmination of all that's ever happened, is happening, and will happen.

[ʞɔɐſ]: (…)

And as such, his mind was entirely flooded beyond compare.

To the point that it achieved the saturation that caused his consciousness to become null.


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