Phenomenon 14 2


why do you keep acting like I'm reading too much into this?
Because that's the only reason why you'd think this was worthwhile data
any data can be worthwhile, I don't know if this is or isn't
Fine, like ooooo maybe a spooky blob monster is taking people mid-noclip and stuffing them in murder hiding spots
But how is anyone supposed to even figure out what's happening when all you've got is a sample size of like, twenty people and a cat
This a waste of time because there isn't even enough data to analyze
what do you mean what do I mean, I mean it's a waste of time, I said it right there
how is anything a waste of time
is my time limited?
is yours?

Phenomenon data form

Colloquial name(s): stashed (used passively, ex: "he got stashed when he noclipped")
Description: Noclipping from one level into another leads to the person falling unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, the person finds themselves within a container or concealed from view in some manner.
Frequency: Infrequent No reports of people being affected more than once. Currently difficult to calculate accurate frequency due to lack of data regarding ratio of affected to unaffected noclipping.
Danger: Low Affected people are unharmed and are able to easily escape. Most injuries are minor, usually sustained due to panic response to entrapment. No reported deaths or major injuries. Containers typically impossible to open from the inside are in poor, degraded condition leading to easy escape with little force necessary.
Comments: No reports of unusual events before or after noclipping while affected by phenomenon. Reported locations/containers: cold storage (ex: refrigerators, freezers, climate-controlled storage), holes in the ground (covered or uncovered), large shipping/moving containers (ex: cardboard boxes, wooden crates, barrels), within heavy brush or other thick plant growth, suitcases, duffel bags, rolling trash cans, plastic trash bags, sedan trunks.
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