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Oneiroscape is an unnumbered level of the Backrooms, whose only knoweldge we have come from writings made by barzil igi-bala1 around the genesis of this group. Paradoxically, the level appears to be town in the style of the 1960s, even if it seemed to have existed since the antiquity, being probably even older than that.

Oneiroscape's main feature is its plane of existence. Indeed, the entire level exists only in the form of the dream of an incomprehensible entity known as "Ra'ev". Although it was once, according to the writings, a physical level of the Backrooms, it has been converted into the dream of the creature, becoming unreal. The only inhabitant of the former level, named Morpheus, was also absorbed into the dream, becoming the central figure of it.

Oneiric Form
The Oneiric Form corresponds to the dream in which Morpheus has evolved since time immemorial. The level appears reminiscent of a town from the last century, surrounded by possibly endless green hills. The sky is blue every day, never giving way to bad weather. The Oneiric Form is not reachable by any means, because it is now an immaterial place, existing outside of reality itself. As the inhabitants of this city are extensions of Ra'ev's will, they possess no will of their own and act more link mindless onlookers, similar to individuals in a human dream. All of them show an everlasting joy, always being kind and happy, with no ounce of anger or sadness existing within them. The only truly living, conscious being is Morpheus, who has inhabited the dream version of the level for an unknown period of time, but which may well be centuries old. Indeed, time doesn't move as slow as in the rest of the Backrooms. Morpheus reported in found documents that he perceived human evolution as extremely slow, compared to the time he spent into the dream.


For centuries, Morpheus evolved in the dream without any memory of his past life, believing the level to be real. Although many red flags could exist, just as in a classic dream, he apparently took no notice of them. It was only after what is supposed to be several centuries of living and interacting with the same people that, as Morpheus became more prominent in the city through his voluntary work, the "central figure" began to realize that something was wrong. Over the course of several months, a series of symptoms developed, including :

  • Hallucinations of gray and destroyed parts of the city
  • Impressions of movement without any material presence
  • Headaches
  • Paradoxical thoughts and a general sense of unease
  • Perpetual questioning of the city's illogicality

These symptoms persisted and even intensified until Morpheus "snapped". During this event, it seemed that his awareness of his former life and present condition elevated him to a being of godly proportion. Whether Ra'ev did this consciously, or whether his incomprehensible mind unconsciously elevated him during the divine entity's sleep, is unclear. Indeed, Ra'ev appears to be a relatively unknown and difficult-to-understand entity, more akin to an eldritch being than a simple powerful creature, existing outside of our reality like how Oneiroscape now exists outside of The Backrooms.

Even when Morpheus became conscious, the dream continued uninterrupted. The notable difference was the almost total omnipotence he could exert over the dream. Nevertheless, even as powerful as he was, Morpheus was never able to interrupt the dream on his own. A particularly remarkable side-effect of this realization, however, was the appearance of possible connections between mortal dreams and the ones Morpheus could realize in Ra'ev's dream. These links are apparently extremely unstable, as the dreams naturally have to intersect, which is extremely arduous as the level possesses a much faster temporality than reality. Morpheus has reported that a month in a physical Backrooms level can sometimes correspond to years in Oneiroscape, years during which connections with the real world are particularly difficult. Nevertheless, Morpheus managed to make contact with individuals from The Lost on several occasions, making himself known as the Avatar of Dreams, as a mythology around him began to make itself known, altough far more cryptic than the others. He effectively became a member of The Pantheon, honored by the primitive people of the many levels.

Former Form


Little is known about the Former Form of Oneiroscape. It is certain, however, that the level took the form of a desolate land, harboring almost no life and perpetually in a polluted state, with clouds of dust almost permanently obscuring natural light. The town of the dream is also there, but in a destroyed form, with most building being demolished. The only structure with any semblance of life was a small house bordered by a tiny garden, in which Morpheus lived with his cat.

The Former Form, though harsh and desolate, was Morpheus' "true home", leading him to feel nothing but bitterness towards Oneiroscape's Oneiric Form. Initially enthusiastic about his new powers, Morpheus soon sought to leave the dream by multiple means, seeking the company of a real living being, no longer able to stand the simulation.

In the final paragraphs of the recovered documents, it seems that Morpheus manifested himself in barzil igi-bala's dreams, asking for help in waking up Ra'ev and thus stopping the dream. The choice of the former Iron Fists leader remains unknown even to this day, as ancient sources were extremely scarce, let alone on this subject.

Morpheus is a rather enigmatic human being, both in his history and powers. It is confirmed that he inhbabited the Former Form centuries ago, struggling to survive in such a desolate landscape. However, when the level got transformed into the utopian dream of Ra'ev, centuries passed, as Morpheus lived his live without aging, in a seemingly perfect world. It is only after the realisation of his condition and the apparition of his powers towards the dreams of mortals that he started becoming worshipped by the early populations. Even as a member of the pantheon, it is clear that he stole and abused powers in order to make himself more powerful in the physical world. Because of his condition as a false god, he is therefore an enemy of the Iron Fist.

Current Situation

Oneiroscape's current situation is extremely ambiguous. Indeed, barzil igi-bala's writings make no mention of what happened after the initial contact between the two individuals. It's possible that other members of the group interacted with him, but nothing is certain. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Morpheus has ceased to appear in the Wanderers' dreams since an unknown date, which means he may have managed to escape from the entity's dream, serenely fading away. Nevertheless, it's not impossible that the former members of the Iron Fists managed to eliminate him before he did, given the risks involved with awakening such an eldritch force.

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