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Time is omnipotent — it is a fixed, inevitable countdown to complete annihilation. Each tick represents a second closer to the end of something. Some finales accompany new beginnings, while others present a permanent conclusion. Such a powerful force remains uncontrollable, so one would be extremely unwise to underestimate it.

OBJECT 95 — "Temporal Apotheosis"
Base Beta
Keeping Time



Object 95 viewed from the front.

Object 95, though visually indistinguishable from an 1800s European pocket watch if observed from the front, inconspicuously hides a digital time display — referred to as Object 95.1 — inside the battery compartment in the back. This peculiar feature was initially thought to be used to check the time, but this was disproven when researchers discovered that the display ticked down, not up. Supposedly possessing some inexplicable, psychedelic aura, Object 95.1 is known to manifest a temporary feeling of intense dread, nihilism, and apocalypticism through visual hallucinations in those who gaze upon it; the duration and strength of the sensations increases as the display approaches 00:00:00:00, but the effects will quickly cease when wanderers avert their eyes.

The front of the pocket watch functions exactly like a clock, creating a faint ticking noise with every second passed. However, it has been observed that in some locations, Object 95 physically experiences time dilation, ticking faster or slower than an average clock would when velocity or gravity are altered. This phenomenon is most prevalent on Level 456, where the frequency of the ticking is seldom constant, ranging from occurring every half-second to every 2 seconds as a result of the perpetual gravity shifts. Following this observation, researchers envisioned utilizing Object 95 to enhance their understanding of how gravity functions differently in the Backrooms, but unfortunately, Object 95.1's doomsday visions have rendered this proposal impractical due to them being common distractions.


Object 95.1's countdown to the end of times.

Object 95.1's countdown is still poorly understood, though it has been speculated that the pocket watch possesses the power to alter the fabric of the universe — usually in a random manner — when a countdown finishes. Wanderers in close proximity to Object 95 when a countdown finishes will allegedly be implanted with false memories; these can range from minor inconsistencies, such as the M.E.G. logo's appearance, to major discrepancies, such as the entries presented in the Backrooms database. Though the false memory is vastly stronger for those around Object 95, it has been reported that many wanderers throughout the Backrooms share the same false memory, though to a vaguer extent. As a result, researchers have hypothesized that the pocket watch is responsible for the presence of multiple examples of these incidents throughout the Backrooms, a phenomenon designated as the Mandela Effect.

Examples of the Mandela Effect Seemingly Caused By Object 95

Date Incident Report
December 2020 According to some confused diner patrons, Tom's Diner was formerly in Level 0, but documentation shows that the diner was always located in Level 1.
January 2021 The appearance of Level 14 allegedly changed; according to reports, it used to resemble an abandoned military hospital.
July 2021

Reports of the existence of a certain "Church of the Veiled" started appearing, likely caused by remembering the "Church of the Broken Truce" incorrectly.

EDIT: Apparently, no such "Church of the Broken Truce" exists or has ever existed.

February 2022 The documentation of entity-52 was, for a couple of days, owned by The Eternal Repository. Both the author of the page and the group deny this claim.
May 2022 According to witnesses, there used to be a "Crimson Forest" where Level 9.1's impact crater is now. No evidence for the forest's existence has been found.

Object 95.1 will never display 00:00:00:00; the end of one countdown always marks the beginning of another arbitrarily long countdown that ranges from several minutes to several weeks. Though current predictions feel unnecessarily alarmist and exaggerated, some researchers have suggested that this continuous cycle of false memory implantation might eventually affect everyone in the Backrooms to some extent, resulting in a complete loss of the original universe as time passes. Unfortunately, change remains inevitable, so the primary goal of the M.E.G. is to slow down the corruption of memories as much as possible — therefore, Object 95 is heavily secured in a remote area of Base Beta and is presently inaccessible to the public.


Due to Object 95's unusual ability to implant false memories in people, multiple accounts that elaborate on how the M.E.G. came into possession of it exist, though most of these statements contradict each other. Some chronicles detail scenarios where Object 95 was stolen from The Gearmaker1, while others allege that the watch was found in Level 512. The most common, accepted account of Object 95's discovery involves a wanderer, Ella Parker, creating a paradox with her supposed future self on Level 87, resulting in The Gearmaker intervening and giving her the object. When the countdown finished, she was transported to Level 906 with no memory of ever entering Level 87, encountering Blanche, who seemed to differ in appearance from how Parker remembered her. The circumstances involving Parker's memory wipe and the lack of documentation mean that there is technically no proof that the scenario even occurred, giving truth to the theory that this "official" account is actually another false memory perpetuated by Object 95.

Additional Document — Access Restricted


The information presented in the following addendum is confidential, as knowledge of the contents poses a massive risk to wanderers' safety. This decision was not made lightly, but after weeks of debate, the M.E.G. administration has affirmed that this information cannot be revealed to the public. Though it is possible for this restriction to be lifted in the future if the situation improves, Administration Security Override Credentials are currently required to view the rest of the document.

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