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A photo was accidentally added to the transmission. It is extremely unfocused.

Transmission from: Jake Ambers, MEG Base Omega

Uh… is anybody getting this? I’m, uh, agent Jake from base omega. You guys need to bring some supplies here, I-

S-so I was on Level 4, and I used another of those berries, those BNTG ones. It was my fifth one, and something’s… happening.

I’m on Level 10, and it’s crowded. So many people, they’re all screaming, I can barely hear myself. We can’t get out.

I think it has to do with when people eat too many of those things, we’ve got too much of it in us – I… we’ve tried every exit and we just get pulled back.

We need food and materials to survive and to make huts. We’re gonna have to make a new base here or something, there are a few other agents here… Aiden, Clodagh, Sarah, Finley, we're all stranded here and we—

I’m sorry. I need to calm down.

There’s a kid here. He’s only 10 years old, and his parents aren’t with him. He’s really worried, but Clodagh and Sarah are trying to calm him down. Finley and Aiden are trying to control the crowd, but they’re not listening. They’re worried. I am too.

I’m up on the roof of the BNTG’s little visitor centre thing. From here, I can see all these people talking and shouting and none of them know what’s going on – they’ve probably been using these things for a while now. Some of them say they’ve been stuck for a day or two already… which is making me think the worst…

If you guys can hear this, please send some supplies. Some people are moving away and we’re not going to stop them (we couldn’t if we tried, anyway) but we’re advising people to stay put.

But we can’t survive on wheat forever.

Off camera: “Hey, Dominique just came in, she can’t leave either!”

Oh shit I’ve gotta go now. You guys should send out a message for people to stop using these.

Uhm, Jake signing off.

2 days later, the B.N.T.G. pulled the product from their store page.

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