Meet The Staff

The following are administrators on the wiki.


Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team, Technical Team
Resident role speedrunner. Stereotypical writer obsessed with horror, coffee, and my two cats.

  • discord.png DevlinRoss

Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team
An observer to some, a propagator to others.

  • discord.png c_graph
PoliacciPoliacciAssistant Head Administrator

Community Outreach Team, Disciplinary Team, Maintenance Team
Also known as MaksuS. Just a dude, basically :D

  • discord.png poliacci

Community Outreach Team, Maintainance Team
Being french somehow became my personality here but don't worry I swear I'm more than just that.

  • discord.png praetooor
scutoid studiosscutoid studios

Maintenance Team, Technical Team (Captain)
so you you ever uh you you the the when the yeah? me every day of my life fr.

  • discord.png scutoid.
VivamusLudioVivamusLudioHead Administrator

Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team (Captain), Technical Team
read my articles

  • discord.png vivamusludio

The following are moderators on the wiki.


Community Outreach Team
Just a big nerd.

  • discord.png DivineAtlas
jan Jejasajan Jejasa

Maintenance Team, Technical Team
Bury me with my humor.

  • discord.png junkshipp

hi 2.0

  • discord.png myrandfox
r a t i fr a t i f

Community Outreach Team, Disclipinary Team, Maintenance Team, Technical Team
I'm different.

  • discord.png ratif

Community Outreach Team, Disciplinary Team
Resident weeb and oxygen addict, If you need me you can reach me through my discord. See ya around! ^-^

  • discord.png spectre48
Univ - Wise ExplorerUniv - Wise Explorer

Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team
Swedish creative writer obsessed with dreamcore and the backrooms (duh)! Just your regular staff, talk to me about anything : )

  • discord.png univ_wise_explorer
Junior Staff

The following are the current junior staff on the wiki.


Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team
I go by Deer on basically everything but can no longer change my wikidot username :(

  • discord.png deerazure

Community Outreach Team, Maintenance Team
beep boop

  • discord.png inspyration

Disclipinary Team

  • discord.png YourWeirdPlant

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