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Look what we have here.

It seems that you were curious enough to discover this Entry and my… well… shenanigans.

I assume you may need an introduction…

Well… maybe you have heard of me before. Even in the future… which is about five or so seconds from now.

Whatever this case is… you may call me The Gearmaker.

I see that you are looking for answers about this mysterious Level.

Since I am here, I may as well tell you its secrets. I do indeed love telling stories.

The various thoughts in your head are shouting to you from the dark: "What even is Level 289?", "Why are there so many areas?", "How is it all connected?" and especially the various notes of seemingly gibberish nonsense you had read in the fifth file.

Yes, I have been keeping an eye on you. You had gotten past my encryption system after all, finding all those poor old articles about the ominous Level 289.

Now I feel as if you must know what Level 289 really is…

Well… it isn't anything at all. It is pure randomness… pure chaos. Nothing makes sense because it just doesn't. The reasoning behind all of this is that this very Level is a rope all untangled and destroyed. All of these areas but one are previous snapshots of the Level… The Hall of Dull Flames and The Abyss, preferably.

The Pool is what it is supposed to be. Minus the waters engulfing the ever so brittle scaffolding. The concept may be hard to grasp as much as the Level itself. The Level is simply broken… with its various stages from the harmless child to the moody teenager.

A time paradox if you will, and I am here to patch it up. Sewn with the clockworks of my domain.

So, what is The Kafkaesque Maze? The Shavic created it in place of another previous form that no longer exists. He must oversee the operation after all. The Conductor if you will. Conveying the instruments of the flow of space. The maze even has an unreachable mansion in the distance where he resides.

Now don't get any ideas. It is completely unreachable. Only we may enter.

Making these mazes is a common and crucial step for us to eventually repair this sad well of a mess. Grandfather would be very aggravated without it. It is basically there to be a replacement if all else fails so that the Level will not collapse.

Multiple of these maze Levels were indeed made in the past and I guarantee you that will not stop in the future. You will most likely never see one after this.

I was surprised that a Level this far down was even broken to begin with.

Ahh, and The Abyss? It wasn't always a depressing dark void filled with nothing. Relics of the past still remain mostly untouched. Yes, I am indeed mentioning the utterly useless kitchen utensils.

It was originally an infinite kitchen with rotten food scattered about. Now it is a void formed by our arsenal of tools. You actually may know them as Screamers.

Yes, they are indeed ours. They use their large mouths to let out a sound vibration that rewinds the state of objects and living beings. They cleanse the area from time paradoxes.

And may I add, do not ever drink the waters of The Pool; for one, it's indeed alive, and two it originates from the stomachs of the Screamers as they regurgitate it all out of their bowel systems.

The waters of The Pool are formed to keep time flowing safely while we destroy its various remaining forms.

It annoys me as these are the most difficult paradoxes to deal with as it needs very crucial steps to finish the repairs, and I never have time for this nonsense, but here I am.

And not to mention the constant appearance of those remodeling fellows. They always try to fix things, but I assure you this is a place they cannot fix with the paradox in the way.

Luckily, the Screamers escort them to their merry way. Same with any pesky humans that find themselves where they are not supposed to be.

But everyone here… is where they are not supposed to be. I see that is your nature.

No matter. Once our operation is complete, the only surviving land will be The Pool. How it should be.

I hope all of your questions were answered as you wished for. I must go back to my time fiddling.

May we meet again… another time….


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