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Event Log 1302: | Type: Discussion | Date: 12/27/2016

This event log contains the following conversation between Overseers A, B and C, also known as, "Stretch", "Kat" and "Andrew". They discuss the strange nature of Level 289 and "how it makes no sense", which was how Overseer-A put it. With this comes the planning of future Level 289 expeditions.

Begin Log:

Andrew: Alright, why'd you call us over?

Kat: I'm sure he has his reasons.

Stretch: Uhh, well… you guys know about Level 289, right?

Andrew: Yeeeeaaah…?

Kat: Well, we just updated it. Of course we know about it.

Stretch: Okay, I get it, but something doesn't add up…

Kat: What doesn't add up?

Stretch: Level 289… nothing makes sense.

Andrew: What do you mean by that?

Stretch: I know this sounds strange since everything in The Backrooms is random, but Level 289 is just… too random.

Andrew: About that 'reasoning' Kat?

Kat: Shush.

Stretch: Yeah yeah, I know I sound dumb right now, but think about it…

Andrew: I'm thinking the Almond Water has gotten to your head.

Stretch: Mmm, very funny…

Kat: Bro, I'm sorry. I can't think of anything that relates to what you're talking about.

Stretch: Okay listen for a sec. Every single Level we’ve found in these past few months has always been coherent. Level 0 is a set of yellow rooms, 1 is a white parking lot storage facility hybrid thing, 2 is a pipe tunnel, 3 is a prison-esque electrical station, you get the idea. They’ve always followed a certain “theme,” if you will. But this is different. 289 doesn’t have that coherence; it’s all over the place. It’s like three or four different places in one level. Something about that just seems… weird. Which brings me to my point, what's the theme of Level 289?

Andrew: …I guess you have a point.

Stretch: Exaaaaaactly! I have seen various M.E.G. Operatives just flat out say it makes no sense.

Kat: So… what's the point you're trying to get to?

Stretch: Right… this!… These were notes found by The Misfits back on 289.

the flow of the waves engulfed me

it loves me

or does it?

the water hates me

it did not bring me home


It untangles me. Why must it exist?


Water is time.

It's the flow of space itself.
Air is what we breathe.
Time flows through air.

How is the water different to our heir?

The enticing screams, places back errors to what was previously seen.

All captive in a creaky palace left unfinished…
To the echoless halls of bright left unfurnished…

Down in the depths of memories reduced to nothing… It fell…
Left to rot in its ticking cell…
All to create a maze of dreams made from leaves of purple mist of fantasy…
That does not exist.

All plays a purpose, to feed the service of our tangled web.

The Shavic keeps its way.


Time flows with the water…

May our Grandfather keep us safe.

Stretch: Sadly, the rest of the notes obtained are in bad condition and are either unreadable or gibberish. I pulled out the ones I thought were the most interesting. Specifically, for the water bits, and the name given to us called "The Shavic".

Andrew: We already know the water can become sentient.

Stretch: Well yeah, but this mention of… the flow of time and space is just very ominous in a way.

Kat: Most of it sounds like nonsense.

Andrew: Seems like he's attempting to make sense of something that doesn't.

Stretch: And that is exactly what I am doing. Thank you.

Kat: What about this Shavic guy?

Andrew: Could just be a lost Wanderer that went crazy with the notes or something.

Stretch: Whatever these are, we should keep these. They could be very important later on.

Kat: Yes, I firmly agree.

Andrew: Eh… I suppose so.

Stretch: Now, I'm gonna have to ask you guys something… we need to cancel any more expeditions to Level 289.

Andrew: Wh—

Kat: Umm, I don't know if we could do that. It's very important to discover its irregular properties to protect the people.

Stretch: Yes, I know that… but I feel like we know that Level 289 is too dangerous to just send our operatives and especially our best teams into there. The Misfits were almost stuck in 289! They almost died! I worry for all of our Operati—

Andrew: You mean worrying for Megan… Hmm…?


Kat: Enough. No need to stir the pot any further. Stretch is right, we need to protect our Operatives as well.

Stretch: I'd say wait a year or two, and we can return to Level 289. We still don't know much about The Backrooms, and anything could happen.

Andrew: Fine… seems like I'm outnumbered anyways.

Kat: It's settled then. We'll wait a year to continue research on Level 289.

End Log:


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