Level -2
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An image of Level 289.

Level 289 is the 290th Level of the Backrooms. This Level takes the appearance of an infinite basement, which is completely submerged in water, for the most part, and has many hallways that are in poor structural condition — some even being partially or entirely collapsed.


Level 289 is a generally dangerous place which houses several undocumented, hostile Entities. The Level possesses an inexplicable effect that draws Wanderers into it, luring them into it via a strange and unexplainable desire to enter it. This effect occurs only when Wanderers are close to an entrance near Level 289. Wanderers are advised to ignore this feeling at all costs.

Level 289 is a large, unfinished basement which is flooded with Almond Water. Wooden scaffolding can be found throughout the level, along with pipes, vents, and bright orange lightbulbs, all of which can be found on an unfinished ceiling. Uncovered wires can be found hanging out of numerous parts in the Level, so Wanderers are advised to exert caution when travelling through Level 289 to prevent unwanted electrocution.

Whilst Almond Water is usually safe for consumption, the water in Level 289 is unsafe to drink due to the high concentration of iron, dirt, and harmful bacteria that it contains which cause the water to become murky and cloudy. The halls of what has been observed of Level 289 always form right angles and have never been seen to make rounded turns. They are also very narrow, which may cause distress to explorers with claustrophobia. The depth of Level 289's pool can vary from shallow to extremely deep due to irregularities in the floor, so Wanderers are heavily advised to exercise caution when travelling in corridors where the depth is uncertain.

For the most part, Level 289 is currently unexplored. M.E.G. operatives are currently attempting to map out the Level as much as possible and research its mysterious properties in order to further the availability of information about it.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

As Level 289 is largely unexplored; it is currently unknown if there are any groups permanently residing in it.

Entrances And Exits:

  • To enter, No-Clipping in any Level has a miniscule chance of taking you to Level 289.
  • Entering one of the doors in Level 287 has a chance of sending you to Level 289.


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