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M.E.G. Database:

Event Log: 1237 | Type: Level | Discovery: 03/24/2015

This event log details the exploration of the recently discovered Level 289, which was carried out by regiment Compass Point "The Misfits". They had brought a recording device with them as is standard exploration procedure. The events that unfolded are transcribed below:

Begin Log:

Ale: Alright, this is Compass Point 2-4 reporting back to Harry. Over.

Harry: Copy that. You are good to go, Misfits.

Andy: Right on.

Gabby: Pay attention everyone. This Level is probably a deathtrap; let’s not get too comfortable.

Mark: Good tip.

Megan: Ready guys?

Andy: Ready as I'll ever be, sis…

Megan: Remember not to be a chicken this time. Heh.

Andy: Ahh, that's my specialty…

(Andy pauses for a moment.)

Andy: Now I want chicken…

(The Misfits successfully enter Level 289. They find themselves in what appears to be a flooded basement. Ale falls face first into the murky water.)

Ale: Ack! Shhhit!

Megan: Oh god; are you okay, Ale?!

Ale: Yeeeup. Just took a bath is all.

Andy: Yeah. That thing looks like it's full of piss, man…

Gabby: I concur; this place smells like shit.

Megan: Yeaaah. Come on guys, let's get a move on.

Andy: Never agreed with you more!

(The Misfits make their way through the flooded basement to continue their exploration.)

Ale: Alright Harry, so it looks like some kind of basement. We’re, ugh, waist-high in this… nutty smelling — is this Almond Water? Yuck. Um, what else… There’s, like, scaffolding everywhere. This place was not built very well or something. You getting all this, Harry?

Harry: Heard ya' loud and clear, bud. Sounds pretty cool. Just stay safe, you guys. Over.

Andy: How do you know it's Almond Water, Ale?

Ale: Not sure, Andy; may or may not have taken a swan dive into the water myself.

Andy: Ack, right, I forgot.

Mark: Chuckles Nice one.

(The Misfits continue making their way down Level 289 until they come across an undocumented entity.)

Mark: How much longer do we have left here?

Gabby: Around two more hours or so.

Megan: Yeah, seems like we're gonna be he-

Ale: Wait… hold up guys, I see something up ahead… What is that thing?

(An unknown Entity appears out of nowhere and moves up to Ale at an incredibly high velocity. It stops right in front of him, halting its movements without carrying over any momentum. The visual description of the Entity was too difficult to tell due to the high amount of speed of the being and general dark surroundings of the Level.)


Andy: Ale! I'm coming!


(Andy jumps into Ale, pushing him back into the water.)

Andy: If you want my friend, you gotta get through—

(Andy keels over, screaming in pain as he covers his ears.)

Andy: OH GOD, IT'S SCREAMING AT ME! IT FUCKING BURNS- (The rest became unintelligible)

Megan: Screams?! Andy! Back away from it!

Andy: I CAN'T, I—

(Seemingly out of nowhere, Andy moves backwards from the team at speeds comparable to the entity they had seen, as if time had rewound itself only for him.)

Megan: NO!

(Ale emerges from the water and gasps for breath.)

Ale: Ugh, what's going on?

Megan: We have to find him!

Ale: Andy's gone?

Gabby: I… y— yeah.

(Mark sits down in the water, sinking up to his chest. He takes a few deep breaths to relieve stress.)

Mark: Where is that thing? He said it screamed at him, but I didn't hear anything.

Gabby: It just… disappeared after it took Andy away. I don't know what the screaming thing was, but it sure took its toll on him.

(A voice can be heard in the waters near Ale.)

Harry: I repeat! Misfits, are you there?!

Ale: Oh shit, uh, yeah, we're uh… we might have a man down. Over.

Harry: Fucking hell… sigh. Copy. We will be sending a backup team to your position. Over.

Ale: Right, we have our location marked on the app.


Gabby: Megan? I… I'm sorry.

Megan: We need to find him.

Harry: Lucky for you, that just happened. Over.

Ale: Wait, what did you say?

Harry: Team Quick Match was sent to find you guys, and when they reached Level 287, they found Andy sitting on the floor with his back turned towards the wall. He was just eerily humming to himself. Over.

Megan: Exhales Thank god, he's fine…

Gabby: Sigh… Crisis averted.

Harry: Alright, Andy will be brought back to Base Alpha. Do you guys need any backup? Over.

Ale: Yeah, we're gonna need as much backup as we can possibly get if there are more of those things here. Please be as quick as possible. Over.

Megan: It's best if we just pack things up now; it'll speed the process up faster when they get here. Can't wait to get outta here…

Gabby: Sounds good.

End Log:

The Misfits created a temporary hideout, in which they hid until backup arrived. When backup arrived, Team Misfits were escorted throughout the level safely, with no sign of the mysterious Entity(ies). Extensive exploration revealed that the only exit to Level 289 leads to Level 14444444-£÷¥π÷ππ^÷¢|}≠{=/~ which in itself leads back to Level 289. As of the time of writing, Team Misfits has been stuck in Level 289 for a week. They are currently being watched over by operatives at Base Alpha, and their safety has been prioritized by the M.E.G.


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