Level M 3

Greetings. May your truth be unmasked.

In spite of the articles already provided for knowledge of Level 294, I see that many of you, especially new Maidens, find themselves confused in the makings of our main station. How do we not burn in the flames? How long will this be until we do? Why do the others burn? These are all questions that I myself had a hard time answering. But, as I know that it is only right that you all know exactly how Level 294 works, I will give my all in explaining just that. As I assume that most of you have read the two previous documents on the case of Level 294, the contents below will abandon the usual description of a level and will describe its effects in a more thorough fashion, co-written by myself and the Pantalone Sub-Sector Leader, Amanda Wright— in the case of the Masked Maidens—and how it affects us all. I hope this information will assist you all. And remember Maidens: To mask is to reveal.

Yours truly,
Evangeline Holmes.



Mask Station

  • Safe and Secure
  • Entity Encounter Level - Very Low
  • Maskless Encounter Level - Low

Level 294 is the 295th level found within the Backrooms. It is the main base where Masked Maidens meet and reassess, as well as the home of all Leading Maidens.

Before the Base:

Before the Ultimate Displacement occurred, Level 294 (commonly referred to as "Liminary Theatre") was an opera theatre not withheld by the bounds of euclidean geometry. Level 294 used to be in a constant state of day and lacked the flames that spread throughout the level now. Though the conditions of the level were unstable, entities were rare and so it was still considered relatively safe. Since the Second Resistance, Level 294 went through an extraordinary shift that will shape the way the future Masked Maidens were to be formed. There are 5 main areas within the Liminary Theatre: the Main Hall, the Meeting Rooms, the Stage, the Dressing Rooms, and the L.M. Chambers.


The Main Hall:

The Main Hall is the first area that wanderers enter and one of the few entrances Maidens have to enter the theatre. A few Maidens discreetly station themselves around the Main Hall to keep an eye on any maskless individuals that may enter the vicinity. Such places to spot them are from behind the many old, ripped paintings—using the rips in the canvas to keep watch; the openings from the vents up at the ceiling; and behind the debris that lay scattered around the room.

The Meeting Rooms:

The Meeting Rooms are found past the Main Hall and inside of the main theatre. The Meeting Rooms consist of the chairs and beams found inside of the auditoriums, all of which were moved and set up to form rooms. This area extends to all 3 floors of the auditorium, creating about 600 rooms with 200 on each floor. Maidens use this space to reassess after missions, plan, and even simply lounge in.

The Stage:

The Stage is where the Leading Maidens make any announcements to all Maidens within the theatre. Simultaneously, the Stage is used as a training area, where all Maidens will spar and practice their abilities. The backstage also holds all of the masks and weapons that Maidens have managed to collect across the different levels.

The Dressing Rooms and Leading Maiden Chambers:

The L.M. Chambers consist of multiple Dressing Rooms that the Leading Maidens claimed. These rooms all reportedly match the personality and style of each Leading Maiden and supposedly provide their attire. These rooms are not to be taken or entered under any circumstances, though some of the other Dressing Rooms are available for claim.

The Ultimate Displacement:

Without wearing a mask, the flames are corporeal, able to harm one if they are too close. This was so during the end of the Second Resistance when Madam Evangeline brought all of the future Maidens to safety. As mentioned in the previous articles of Level 294, Liminary Theatre went through the phenomenon known as "Emotional Displacement", where the emotions of ones' emotions affect its physical properties. This has always been the case, even now.

Filled with a wave of insurmountable anger, pain, and despair for the events that had just occurred before the Second Resistance could come to an end, the intense emotions of Madam Evangeline burst the theatre into flames, dragging the sun down the throne of the heavens and allowing the moon to rise in its place. The earth beneath us shook, crushing the conditions of Level 294 even more. It wasn't until the others had taken her mask to put it back on her face—and her seeing theirs—did the flames finally come to an end. At least, for those who were masked. The maskless continue to see and feel the flames and the despair beneath it. For all of us, the night continues to embrace the level; one could still feel the tremors of the earth every now and then; our Madam's pain still seeping through the mask. That is the reason for the so-called "level shift" that the M.E.G. claims the level has gone through.

That being said, fire still claims the vision of the maskless, providing us Maidens more places to hide and watch them, to ensure they never go deeper into the theatre than necessary. Our Madam's emotional control over the level keeps the flames alight and turns her pain into an advantage.

Other Entities:

Occasionally, Clumps can be found far out into the level, unaffected by Level 294's temperatures. There is no need to fear them, as they will not attack Maidens due to Oni Sub-Sector Leader, Ethan Nelson's orders.

Entrances And Exits:

Extra Entrances:

  • Entering through a mirror in Level 939 will lead to either the outside of Level 294 (through means still being researched) or back into a Dressing Room.

Extra Exits:

  • Entering the painting of a dark figure peeking through the trees of a grand jungle will lead to Level 204, though no one is to enter without express permission from a Leading Maiden.
  • Going through mirrors found in the Dressing Rooms that are not cracked will lead to the Reflection.
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