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The entrance of the theater, covered in fire and smoke.


Level 294 is the 294th level within the Backrooms, discovered by a wanderer named Genova Charleston on April 9th, 2020. This level takes the appearance of an old opera theatre that is constantly ablaze with inextinguishable fire. Prior to the level shift that occurred within Level 294, it was an otherwise "normal" opera theatre, in which its condition slowly degrades the deeper one goes into the level. It is not known when exactly the shift occurred, though it is speculated that it happened around 6 months after the level was initially discovered. Said level shift caused a major change in Level 294's physical properties, all of which will be explained below.

Most wanderers that come to this level will find themselves outside of the burning theater, the environment outside appearing to be a large town, judging by the multiple roads that can be seen as well as the outlines of what used to be buildings. The sky above is in a perpetual state of night with no apparent moon, rendering it difficult to see even when one is near the fire due to the near overbearing amount of smoke.

The building itself is in horrendous condition and appears to be built outside of the concept of euclidean geometry. Many pillars stick out of the building in various, impossible angles, some phasing into the theatre itself. While the walls of the Theatre appear to contain the flames, said walls are a burnt black, covered in ash that has been reported to be burning to the touch. Quiet ballroom music can be heard beneath the crackle of the fire, giving wanderers the inexplicable urge to go inside. Near the entrance is a flight of stairs that lead to nowhere, where most of the steps have been crushed and cracked to disrepair. A broken-down sign can be found near the front doors, with the name of the building on it. The first part of it is burnt, leaving with only the phrase "The Liminary Opera Theatre - Desire for Glory." As such, it has been dubbed by wanderers as "Liminary Theatre".

It's to be noted that being even 10 feet close to the building will make one feel extreme heat (around 140° F), which can lead to a heat stroke without the necessary gear. However, if one is to be unfortunate enough to enter the Level, one mustn't travel too far, as when 12 feet away from the building, temperatures drop to -1°C (or 30°F), which may cause hypothermia. That being said, there is only one recorded entrance to the building, that being a window close to the front doors.

Once inside, one will find themselves within the Main Hall. Though the Main Hall is very large as it consists of a tall, glass dome roof, a grand staircase, plus what used to be a check-in desk and two seating areas, there will consistently be a feeling of claustrophobia. This may be partly due to the fire and the debris that runs alongside the walls of the theater, with large frames of what used to hold paintings of various stage sets hanging unsteadily on the walls. There is also a large, immovable beam block at the top of the staircase, as well as any doors within the Main Hall. As such, it is impossible to go further into the theatre as of now. With the lack of anything useful in the level as well as the dangers that come with going inside, there is not much point to.

Emotional Displacement:

Prior to the level shift, Level 294 went through a phenomenon known as "Emotional Displacement", where the feelings of one or a group of wanderers affect its physical properties. However, since the shift, the level no longer appears to be affected by ones' emotions and is now stuck in its permanent state of burning.


There have been no reports of any of the previous entities found before the shift, though there are instances of Entity 108 being reported flying around Level 294.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Due to how rare entering the Level is, its structure, and the lack of useful materials, there are no known bases, outposts, or communities that have been created at this time.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Only one entrance has been reported to work to enter Level 294, which is by entering a painting of an opera theatre in Level 57.


Performing a no-clip into the walls of Level 294 will lead one to either Level 1, Level 4, or Level 11.

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