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A photo of the theatre, taken by Genova Charleston.


Level 294, the 295th level of the Backrooms, is an opera theatre thematically styled to be reminiscent of one of those which were built in the 60s. It was discovered by a wanderer named Genova Charleston on April 9th, 2020. Explorers who end up in the level will almost always emerge at an area close to the building's entrance within what appears to be a city that is devoid of any structure. Etchings in the concrete mark areas where buildings should be, and shadows are present where signs and cars would normally be. The city appears to extend infinitely and possesses no organic flora and fauna, which has made it so that the M.E.G. discourages wanderers from attempting any explorations to its far reaches.

The theatre itself is in pristine condition and is reminiscent of the Metropolitan Opera House in size. The structure is seemingly based on common architectural techniques of the 60s, and the outside geometry appears to be euclidean in nature. Many tinted windows and tall pillars line the walls of the theatre, with a few of the latter poking out at random angles; near the entrance is a large set of stairs that lead nowhere. The back of the theatre seems to have multiple back doors at first glance. However, when one opens them, one will realize that each doorway merely leads to an impenetrable and unbreakable wall. The main entrance is the only means by which one can enter the building. Above it, a sign that reads "The Liminary Opera Theatre - Desire for Glory" can be found, which is how it has attained its nickname: "The Liminary Theatre". Faint, somber jazz and chatter can be heard on the inside, but these sounds give way to complete silence when the theatre is entered. There are three main areas of the Liminary Theatre: the Main Hall, the Theatre, and the Dressing Rooms.

The Main Hall:

The Hallway—unlike the rest of the building—appears to be scaled-up, which is oftentimes described as eliciting feelings of minimality from wanderers. In regards to the hallway's design itself, wanderers who visit the level are always impressed by the splendor exhibited by its decorations. A staircase at the center of the room is adorned with velvety red carpets and intricately-designed golden railings is immediately made evident upon walking into the room. On its left, a large seating area can be found, which is composed of a handful of lush, red chairs. Wanderers who have sat on these chairs report that they occasionally hear voices come from around them, but no sources of this chatter have been identified thus far. On the other side of the hall, an empty reception desk lies abandoned, a single sign-in sheet lying on it. The sheet contains various illegible signatures scribbled on it, as well as a sign atop the counter which reads "Sorry we missed you! We'll be back soon :)". Behind the staircase are two restrooms, both of which are locked, and cannot be opened.

Multiple paintings are hung on the walls, all of which seemingly advertise upcoming operas and sets. Observes depictions include a woman at the edge of a crimson lake, a dark figure within the trees of a grand jungle, and a girl in what looks to be a large city1. Other pieces of decor include elaborate paintings, potted plants, and Wall Masks. Although multiple wanderers have entered the theatre, a generous coating of dust always covers the surfaces inside of it.

The Theatre:

Going up the stairs will reveal two more seating areas and a large balcony that looks out into a part of the glass dome ceiling. Wanderers have all mentioned feeling a profound sense of loneliness, even after leaving the level. Walking through the doors in between the seating areas will lead to the Theatre.

If the Main Hall had made wanderers feel small beforehand, the Theatre accentuates that feeling by making them feel as if they were ants. Nearly doubled in size, it houses an estimated 7,200 seats, which are all divided into stalls. All of these chairs are accessible, save for the balcony seats on the side of the room, which have no doorways leading to them whatsoever. The seats inside of the room, as velvety as they are, possess questionable qualities. Parts of their fabric are frayed, several seats rest lopsidedly on their platforms and feel unstable, and most curiously of all, they emit a faint, yet noxious smell of gasoline.

Two walkways inside of this area lead up to the stage, with one being blocked due to a considerably large amount of debris that has obstructed it. The stage itself is roughly the same size as the auditorium (if not larger). When one gets onto the auditorium, one will begin to hear whispers from the seats in the auditorium in a similar fashion to the seats in the seating rooms. Uneasiness and nervousness have been reported as well, which is postulated to be caused by the voices. On the stage, a dozen or so props are present, which change with every re-entrance to the Theatre. Said props range from large, golden thrones, drama masks, fake weapons, and cutouts of Backrooms-native entities such as Clumps and Facelings. The House Curtains that dress the sides of the stage are, while made of high-quality mohair velvet, are of poor condition—many rips and tears cover the curtains paired with dark stains. Behind the stage, a backstage can be found with a set of double doors on the right which lead to the Dressing Rooms.

The Dressing Rooms:

The Dressing Rooms are the final accessible section of the Liminary Theatre and is also the most unstable part of it. The area is comprised of a presumably infinite hallway, wide, low, and carpeted with a similar carpet to that of the staircase in The Main Hall. Ivory doors are evenly spaced out at intervals of 3 metres (around 10 feet), and each one of them leads to a unique room that makes up The Dressing Rooms. The hallway is consistent and unchanging, so the locations of the rooms never change.

The hallway itself is dirty and riddled with structural debris and rubble, which renders some of its rooms inaccessible. Those that are accessible are all identical, with each containing a large vanity, chair, clothes rack, and a few wardrobes, all of which are made of fine mahogany but are of notably poor quality.2 Other than the furniture, not much else can be found in The Dressing Rooms. Objects such as Almond Water and Level Keys can be occasionally found strewn about haphazardly, and some of the vanities have empty pamphlets and pens inside of them, but other than those, nothing else can be found in the rooms.

Emotional Displacement:

Whilst most levels physically and emotionally impact wanderers in their unique ways, The Liminary Theatre works oppositely to that, in that whatever the general wanderer populace inside of the level feels when they are inside of it affects the level itself. Dubbed as "Emotional Displacement" by the M.E.G., this peculiar phenomenon alters the Liminary Theatre's physical properties according to how strong the emotions of people in the level collectively are. Such changes include small tremors, noticeable temperature and weather changes, as well as shifts in the level's color. Several experiments have been conducted on this phenomenon, although none have concluded much about it. A handful of these tests have been attached to this article below:

Please note that all of the following teams except for Team "Joy" received proper treatment and therapy for all possible mental or physical damage caused by the experiment. No one has been left unattended.

Procedure: Each experiment group is to go through a specific routine and perform certain activities for a period of 1 month to elicit a specific emotion to their optimum. Upon doing so, each group is to enter Level 294 and remain outside of the theatre for a total of two hours. Once that time has passed, the team is to enter the rooms of Level 294 for another two hours and leave through one of its exits once the experiment is concluded.


Entities are seldom seen roaming around Level 294. Nonetheless, Deathmoths, Curabiturs, and Evocationaries have all been sighted in various areas inside of the level, although their appearances are infrequent and apocryphal most of the time.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

As supplies are an extremely rare sight and entrances, in general, are difficult to come across, there are no known bases, communities, nor outposts.

Entrances And Exits:


Only one working entrance to Level 294 has ever been reported, which is by entering a painting of an opera theatre in Level 57.


  • On the reception desk, there are a few flyers, some of which contain advertisements of a movie adaptation of an opera that may be recognized from the paintings in the Main Hall. Take one and leave through the front entrance to enter Level 68.
  • Entering the painting of a large city will lead to Level 11.
  • Performing a controlled no-clip on the bottom floor of the auditorium will lead to Level 74.
  • Performing a controlled no-clip into the walls of the Main Hall will lead one to either Level 1 or Level 4.
  • Some of the members of Team "Rage" have reported that one of the Dressing Rooms lead into a hallway of mirrors, but considering that reattempting to enter said room led to it being locked, this may not be true.4

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4Trstn25 :
Sir, I've something urgent to report. Something has happened to Level 294.

Is this really that important? I've got a lot of things to do right now, Petrovic.

4Trstn25 :
The level went through a shift, Overseer. Far more drastic than other levels have ever shifted before.

And? This isn't something I need to know. You could pass it on to other people to deal with.

4Trstn25 :
It isn't just that, sir. There's more. A certain person caused it. Someone you… may have tried to get rid of before.

…Fine. I'm listening.

4Trstn25 :
I have reasons to believe that someone purposely edited the article, within Level 294, right now. Specifically… Landon. Landon Chester. There's a chance that he turned on us, and thus, he and the Masked Maidens have stationed themselves there. We could find them, sir. Take them down before anyone needs to know. Here, take a look.

Well then… alright. I'll look into it. You rewrite the article then, for now. Keep others from wanting to mess around this place. If what you say is true, then we'll have a strong hold on them. I told you, Petrovic, they never stay hidden for long.

4Trstn25 :
I suppose you're right, sir. But… even if we do confirm that it's true, how are we going to infiltrate them?

Perhaps… we don't need to put so much effort into infiltrating their base, at least… not right away. We need information first. Find out the faces of our enemies beneath those masks, and the secrets they hold. We need… a snake.

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