The Toilets


The clean patch at the end of the bathroom

The Toilets are cramped restrooms that are nested among the Dance Rooms and can be accessed through doors with the toilets sign. These are not very common and can be tricky to locate in the dark. It is recommended to ask an All-Nighter for directions, as they've spent a lot of time here and appear to know exactly where they're going.

The white tiling on the walls and floor is cracked and stained. The sinks have barely any running water and the toilets may not work properly. Fluorescent lights illuminate the room, blindingly bright, especially to eyes that had been adjusted to much darker environments. The music from the external Dance Rooms is muffled but still reverberates throughout the toilets, alongside a barely audible ringing noise.


Though the layout differs slightly between Toilets, at the far end of every restroom is a rectangular patch of perfectly clean white tiles. Going through this will send wanderers back to the level they came from. However, if a wanderer is forcibly no-clipped out by a Wallman, they will end up in a random level.

Exiting the Level instantly removes all symptoms of intoxication, but not the consequences: a stubborn hangover is induced, proportional to the level of intoxication previously reached. It is highly advised to drink Almond Water (or at the very least clean water), eat filling foods, and rest adequately to alleviate the effects as quickly as possible. This will not be a speedy recovery: the fatigue, headaches and anxiety persist longer than normal. Failure to relieve the hangover may result in the afflicted turning into a Wretch.

Leaving Level 750 will not, however, repair memory loss or mental deterioration. In some cases, repercussions have been observed to be so severe as to cause victims to instantly fall into a coma, or even die from alcohol poisoning.

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