The Dance Rooms


A crowded reggaeton Dance Room.

The Dance Rooms consist of a currently unknown amount1 of interconnected areas and rooms, each one being unique in size, atmosphere, and music style. They usually feature flashing spotlights, laser lights, and fog machines. In certain rooms, the fog combined with rapidly flickering lights creates a surreal floating or stop-motion effect.2


Music plays at an exceedingly high volume yet seems to cause no pain, even after constant exposure. The bass is particularly powerful, even booming through the walls and floor. Each room plays music from a specific genre, and possibly hundreds of different rooms have been encountered. It is theorized that any music style, from any time and place, manifests into a distinct room.

The following are some of the most popular rooms:

Genre Rooms Ambience
EDM Techno, house Rapidly flashing lights, stop-motion fog effect.
Pop Mainstream pop High ceiling room, big lights, lasers and fog.
Latin Reggeaton, trap Wall covered in mirrors, spinning spotlights, lasers.
Disco 80's disco and dance Disco ball, disco floor, bright colorful lights.
Rave Trance, glitchhop Dark with lasers piercing through thick fog.

In the Dance Rooms, the psychological effects increase in severity3, hindering coordination and mental lucidity and inducing loss of judgement. It is dangerously easy to lose track of time and purpose in this environment, and to want to keep dancing in a drunken bliss.

The risk of becoming one of the All-Nighters is especially high among wanderers who are emotionally afflicted, desperate, or hopeless. It is recommended to enter the level accompanied by trusted friends rather than alone, so that they can check on one another and prevent the situation from spiraling into a night that never ends.

The Wallmen

Tall, dark, hulking figures sporadically stationed along the walls, whose sole purpose is to subdue and throw out entities as well as certain wanderers. They wear a security guard uniform and sunglasses, and evidently can see in the dark. Wallmen stand guard in the darkest shadows, motionless and unnoticeable, until they are provoked by:

  • entities4
  • wanderers assaulting other wanderers
  • wanderers under the age of 195
  • wanderers attacking a Wallman

When provoked, the nearest Wallman will rush towards the offender, seize them, and drag them to the nearest Toilet. There Wallmen will usually throw the offendor into the wall to forcibly no-clip them out, but in mild cases they'll merely intimidate them and leave.6 Otherwise, Wallmen are completely harmless and the average wanderer wouldn't even notice them in the dark.

The All-Nighters


All-Nighter giving directions between two rooms.

Due to the persistent psychological damage inflicted by merely existing within the Infinite Nightclub, there are no bases or outposts of any sort. Wanderers come and go, enjoying their time, until good reason convinces them to exit the level before it's too late.

The only group that resides here calls themselves "the All-Nighters."

  • At least 100 members.7
  • Very friendly and enthusiastic.
  • Recognizable by their glow-in-the-dark face paint.
  • Expertly know their way around the level.

The All-Nighters are a crowd of partyers who roam the Dance Rooms, usually split up in various subgroups in different rooms, but they often merge together and round up as many wanderers as they can. This makes for large impromptu events such as conga lines, dance battles, sing-offs, drinking challenges. Some All-Nighters stay at the Bar to welcome new wanderers and encourage them to enjoy themselves.

These wanderers have succumbed to the intoxication of the level and consumed severe amounts of alcoholic content, causing irreversible damage to their memory and cognitive ability. Their speech is slurred and hoarse from screaming along to songs, rendering communication difficult but not impossible. They are unimaginably drunk out of their minds, way beyond the normal levels of intoxication known to humans, but they will remain awake and functioning while in the Nightclub8.

They know nothing other than tirelessly dancing in a euphoric haze, forever living in the moment with the thrum of music in their veins as if it were their own heartbeat.

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