Class Ψ

  • Safe
  • Unsecure
  • Psychological Hazard

The Infinite Nightclub is a massive, modern nightclub complex. Although classified into three areas, every no-clip into level 750 leads directly to the Bar.

The Bar


Cases where the rarest drinks are stored on the North side.

The Bar is a large and square bar located at the theorized center of level 750. Shelves and cabinets line the inner four walls of the bar. Counters with barstools run along the perimeter, allowing wanderers to be served from every angle. Vibrant neon lights paint the otherwise dimly lit ambience in saturated colors. Bottles of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be found on every surface and in cabinets.

The vast majority of drinks present in the Bar are chemically identical to those from all over the Frontrooms, and thus the bar offers an exceptional variety of beverages. These range from common beers to high quality whiskeys, from straight vodka to complex cocktails. Aside from non-alcoholic mixers such as water, juices and syrups, the alcohol content of the spirits present goes from simple ciders all the way up to concentrated abisinthe.1

The most rare and expensive liquors are kept in glass cases or high shelves. Beverages are reported to have enhanced smell and taste when compared to their Frontrooms counterparts. And finally, some light snacks such as chips, nuts and fries are also available.


Photo of the South bar shelves and wall mirror.


While it is possible to climb over the counters and grab what one wants, there are four wanderers permanently working as bartenders who are experts at serving drinks. Each is stationed on one of the four sides of the bar, and introduces themselves with a cardinal point as a nickname.

  • "North" predominantly serves shooters and hard liquors.
  • "South" has generally light, fruity cocktails and mixes.
  • "West" offers staple national beverages that originated from the Americas and Europe.
  • "East," in a similar vein, features drinks found in eastern Europe and Asia.


Upon entering the Infinite Nightclub, wanderers will begin to feel more mellow and suggestible, with increased confidence and lowered inhibitions. Many describe this feeling as a "fun, pleasant buzz." Although it indeed starts out mildly, the intensity of the intoxication increases steadily, albeit slowly, over time.2

It is very difficult to analyze this increase, because the level effect leaves no measurable trace of ethanol content in the blood and appears to be purely mental. Studies have had to rely on subjects' own perceived drunkenness3, and overall agree on a gradual intensification of effects.

This phenomenon influences all wanderers with no exceptions and permeates the entire level, with varying degrees of intensity. While no known ways to block this effect have been found, there are still safe practices that one should abide by when visiting level 750:

  • Stay hydrated with Almond Water or clean water.
  • Eat substantial foods when possible.
  • Remain mindful and cognizant of the situation.


  • If a wanderer passes out from consuming too many alcoholic beverages, there is a chance they'll wake up in the Infinite Nightclub.4
  • Several casinos in Level 777 have doors that lead here. It isn't uncommon for losing gamblers to end up drowning their sorrows at the Nightclub.
  • The Metro can bring wanderers to level 750 at will, and upon exit also provides a good method of transportation to a safe Level for recovery.
  • In Level 11 one can find dark alleyways that get narrower and narrower; by walking through them for 30-50 minutes, a door that leads to the nightclub will be reached.

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