Level 737 - "The Must Yard"

M.E.G. Report L-737 E:

Following the conclusion of our expedition into the furthest edges of Level 737, we have come to make some discoveries involving the true size and nature of the level.

Firstly, we'd like to report that we came across an ocean. It wasn't a particularly standard ocean, however, as it was incredibly polluted, filled with several different toxic substances — it expressed signs of being polluted by typical human-generated substances that one would find in the modern era Frontrooms. Nonetheless, this ocean seems to be the source of presumedly all of the rivers and other smaller bodies of water in the level. What sources the ocean itself, we find quite strange; it's a constant stream of sludge flowing from a series of concrete tunnels embedded into an incline on the coastline. The tunnel itself doesn't seem to stretch for more than 20 metres, yet the flow of the liquid would suggest otherwise. As of this point in time, we are working under the assumption that this pollution is being sourced from another level, as is with the trash; I'll get into that now.

Shortly — about 20 kilometres — before encountering the sea, we encountered a gigantic mountain of scrap that stretched as far as the eye could perceive — it breached even the clouds. We were ill-equipped for all of us to climb the mountain, so we only had 2 of our members examine its peak. As it turns out, numerous tunnels similar in nature to those found on the oceanside can be seen almost constantly funneling trash and undesirable items. Notably, most of said undesirable items are in more pristine condition than those found in most other areas of the level, as well as being less aged. This was all quite the discovery in itself, but we were shocked to find that there were more than just the singular mountain. There were dozens of them that we could see in the distance, and all of them looked to stack just as high as the one we'd climbed.

To add some final details, after travelling along it for several kilometres, we found no end to the coastline in sight — at least, there was no end reachable before we'd ran out of food and water. The mountains appeared approximately 2,000 kilometres east of the level's centre, about 1,300 kilometres off of M.E.G. Outpost "Rustbucket".

That concludes our report. We won't be able to launch many more expeditions within the near future due to our shortage in resources, so don't expect to hear back from us too soon.

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