Description Cont.

'Course, if you go deeper, your reflections will change. It'll be subtle at first. The shade of your shirt, the way your boots are laced. But it gets more drastic. Your face shape, the way your hair rests, how many limbs you're left with. But they're all you. You'll know if you look in their eyes. You'll see the same thoughts, the same hopes, the same pain.

It's still a mirror maze though, so there's a thousand of you. So much as a finger twitches, and it's echoed across every mirror you can see.

Now don't be startled if you see wretches or Wanderers looking back at you in the mirrors. Not going to lie, nearly shat my pants when it first happened to me, but they're nothing but reflections. Still. It's unsettling to see yourself changed like that.

There are places though where you'll have no reflection. Don't think on it too much. Looking into those mirrors won't do you much good.

So there's going to be a point where you've crossed into the deepest part of the maze, but not quite at the center. At this point, the mirrors start acting more like windows, looking into places that aren't the maze. You'll be looking out of mirrors, windows, puddles, televisions screens, anything that has a reflective surface. When you see yourself in these mirrors, it'll feel like you're the reflection.

It's a disorienting feeling. Either close your eyes or look at your feet, and keep turning left. You'll find an exit eventually.

Entrances and Exits

Alright, so the exits in this section become a bit more dangerous, but don't worry. I've marked where they go. Definitely don't go in the ones marked 203, 219, or 405. Those are dead ends and you can't get back. Although, if you're wanting to retire, Level 149 is a good spot.

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