Level 206 - "Bones of Bones"
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Date: 17/11/2025
Interviewer: Holly Clove
Interviewee: Michael Corvette

<Interview snippet start: 3:59s>
Michael Corvette: No, I'm telling you Ms, I don't know what happened.

Holly Clove: Don't give me that! You were found at the Marie Graveyard, alone, at the time when we turn the lights off, standing around open graves! Are you just trying to tell me that the bodies vanished?! Level 9 is a protected, hostility-free area! What, did something just steal the bodies?

Michael Corvette: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying! Th-They just vanished! I was just going up there to remember my family and th-th-the ground was all dug and they were gone! Caskets opened, bodies snatched, all of it!

Holly Clove: Yeah, well… there's not exactly much evidence of that now, is there? There was a shovel, desecrated graves, and some disheveled man stood amongst the entire scene. Sure, being in a smaller settlement you could pass it off as just some unknown entity, but not here. You have a lot more to answer for.

Michael Corvette: I-I'm… I'm telling you, the bodies were just… they were gone when I got there…

<Interview snippet end: 4:52s>

. . .



Arrival on Level 9. Protocol is to document and photograph the first contact.

Initially, I'll admit, I had no idea what she was even on about.



We followed the townsfolk on their way back home to reach the graveyard.

When I heard some of the graves in the Portishead village were vandalised, I honestly didn't believe it at first, given how uptight that place is. I assumed its inhabitants were too busy playing polo on the backs of Unapproachable Horses to even take the time to visit the Marie Graveyard.



Got there after about 30 minutes of walking, took a wrong turn due to bad directions.

Got to the graveyard, eventually. It was pretty hard to reach, and actually finding the gate to get into the site was even harder. For some reason, the gate was down an alley between two homes. No wonder no one goes here, we can't even access the stupid thing.



Place isn't so bad. I think reading Prenatal stuff really made me not scared of graveyards anymore.


Once we'd gotten into the graveyard, things were better. It's pretty clear in places that this whole site is just built on the foundations of demolished houses, but that didn't make navigation difficult at all. We moved our way around the graves, and most seemed pretty fine and intact. We both expected something much worse.



It was about here where things got much worse.



This one was cracked.

After passing this broken one, we started to find more graves that were tampered with. Initially, it didn't seem like much? Just a few odd, spike-shaped holes in the ground where the headstones were, and a few other cracked sites. But eventually we started to find actual holes in the ground. They were huge, and looked like they were dug out by hand too.



I'm not including every image, they got samey after long enough.

More broken ones began to pop up, and of course more holes too. It got to the point where every gravestone was either dug up, had a broken headstone, or both. I'm not sure if the Marie Graveyard used caskets, but if they did, they're completely gone too. Same's true for the remains too. I'd say they were ransacked, but there's not even any trace of them here to begin with.



Full on dug-out holes. Included this picture to show the extent of the damage.



Even after seeing some of the 4.4 corpses, skeletons still give me the creeps.

She ended up finding a dug grave that still had something inside it, surprisingly. There were two skeletons inside, it seemed to be a sort of double burial if the headstone was anything to go off of. The skeletons looked decayed, and were partially phased through the floor.

I guess one's immediate thought would just be they're old skeletons, but the Marie Graveyard isn't a natural Level 9 location. Every headstone's either for recent deaths, or for people to remember other deaths. There's no way people decomposed this quick in at the minimum 4 years it's existed.

We bounced around a few ideas, and ended up guessing that these bodies had partially noclipped and practically skinned and gutted of everything but their bones. Freaky stuff, if you ask me. There's more to know about it, if you'd like me to go into detail?

Can you just skip to the part about your colleagues disappearance?

Oh, right of course.

Well, she was the one that was ahead of me. I couldn't tell you if she just wanted to get the investigation over and done with, or if she just had some spur to explore. But the point is that after I got this pic, she kept on looking down and wanting to investigate the bodies. I told her it was a bad idea to climb down (since I think she mentioned that), but I don't think she listened.

I'm not sure about specifics, I really don't even know what happened myself. But she ended up falling in, or she jumped in? Hell, maybe she was dragged in, I have no idea. But I just saw her descend into the open grave, screaming and all. When I looked over to see if she was hurt, both her and the skeletons were gone. I didn't know what to do afterwards.

You made the right call messaging me about it.

Do you have a picture of that open grave after she'd fallen in, and after the skeletons had noclipped with her?

Getting a photo was the last thing I did before leaving. Need me to send it to you?

No need, just upload it to the shared folder so I can bring it up to the PA division. I'm not sure if we have a new object, level, entity, or phenomena at hand, but whatever may be is certainly more than we were bargaining for.

And do you think a search party for her will be opened?

Mrs Hanks? Are you still there?

. . .

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 6:41 PM (2 hours ago)
to me ▼
Somalia, please message me back when you can with the reports on the investigation.
The person interrogated is begging to be let out of the cell, and I would like to know what to do with them now rather than later.

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:17 PM (10 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
Sorry Holly, just saw this email from you. I spoke to one of our investigators upon their return, since the other ended up going missing during their search through the Marie Graveyard. The graves were dug up, but I don't think it's that person's fault.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:18 PM (9 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Is that what's taken you so long to reply?

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:18 PM (9 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
Nope, that actually wrapped up about 15 minutes after you emailed me. I've just been having a nightmare trying to upload the findings to the PA division. It's been a real painful thing to do since march.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:20 PM (7 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Right. I don't tackle PA stuff, I wouldn't know.

Can you at least fill me in on the details about what happened? Given you mentioned redirecting the findings to the PA office, I'm going to assume it's more than just a one-off graverobbing.

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:20 PM (7 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
Well, one of my investigators went missing as I said. According to Skye Wilkins, she was looking down one of the graves when she fell in and presumably noclipped through the floor. Could've just been a one-off coincidence, but the fact that there were two half-noclipped skeletons inside that grave that were gone after she fell makes me think otherwise. I think there's a far bigger picture on our hands.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:23 PM (4 minutes ago)
to me ▼
And just for the sake of clarity, no other dugout grave had a body in it?

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:23 PM (4 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
I was sent around fifteen different images of open graves, I really doubt they just missed another filled grave. So to answer that… yes, no other grave had a body in it. But now obviously none of them do.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:23 PM (4 minutes ago)
to me ▼
You don't need to explain it to me like I'm a child. Just tell me what we're supposed to do with the initial person we interrogated? They're making noise again.

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:24 PM (3 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
Move them to house arrest of whatever level or 9 settlement it is they live at, just in case he's somehow connected. Even if it's a slim chance, and one I doubt, you can't be too safe.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:25 PM (2 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Right, gotcha. I'll do that then, and you do whatever else it is you need to do.

CoralWaitress <S.Hanks@backroom.com> 8:26 PM (2 minutes ago)
to H.Clove@backroom.com
I probably need to get back to sorting out all my findings to present to the PA division, them losing a member has really crippled their systems.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 8:29 PM (Just now)
to me ▼

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. . .

Welcome to the M.E.O.D. media transcription archives.

You have accessed the audio transcribes for the CCTV surveillance footage of Level 4's PA Archival Office, as per the search guidelines of:

during: 30/11/2025


The Main Extended Organisation Database holds the privacy and data of all of its inhabitants in the upmost regard and does all it can to protect said data from any sort of threat, whether they be in-house or otherwise. These recordings, and later hand-translated write-ups, are not intended to act as a breach of privacy. Whilst every submitted video, audio recording, and even other written material is re-written into the M.E.G. Standard Format, this is only for the ease of potential investigation into illegal matters, documentation, and a general standard of clarity and uniformity with how media is documented.

At no point will the M.E.O.D. leak, or threaten to leak, any confidential information about its inhabitants, and nor will its audio and visual transcribes be accessible to those without express authorisation.

Acting as one on the behalf of many

<Begin Log at: 10:23PM>

Date: 30/11/25
Location: Level 4's PA Archival Office.
Participants: Derek Jett(Active PA researcher), Sandy Clementine(Part-time server technician), Suzanne Willaby(Janitor)

Derek Jett: Oh for fuck's sake-

[Derek Jett looks at his screen, having just seen another email pop through onto his sleek and modern monitor. His eyes squinted, looking down to the monitor to read the newest popup. However, the second he did, he threw himself backwards on his chair in anger, causing it to roll away from the desk to a certain degree and even swivel somewhat towards the likes of Sandy Clementine, who looked over in a brief moment of confused surprise. The two sharing an awkward moment of eye contact.]

Sandy Clementine: Can you… not do that? Please?

[Sandy looked down somewhat at Derek, having been stood besides one of the servers that were racked along one side of the room. She was tampering with it, currently, replacing a few copper prongs that were responsible for reading the data on their hard drives.]

Derek Jett: Sandy, I've just had the eighth email about this… this same stupid thing!

Sandy Clementine: Maybe that means it's important…? Unless it's just spam?

Derek Jett: I know it's something important, I have since last week, just more and more reports of practically the same thing keep popping up.

[Sandy gives Derek an odd, almost confusedly disgusted look. Though her negative gaze begins to turn into one more of a thoughtful nature, moving her mouth into a contemplating frown as she puts her tools on the top of the server, and promptly moves to look at Derek's monitor.]

Sandy Clementine: A… A grave? Oh, a grave robbing. This robbing is uh… plural, I imagine?

Derek Jett: Assuming you mean there's more than one report of it, yeah. All across many levels, all in the past week.

Sandy Clementine: Any connections between them happening?

Derek Jett: Nope. Some levels that this happens to are barely connected to one another, and just… can you just leave me to it, please? I've already assigned it as a miscellaneous PA-M, I'm just waiting for one of these emails to actually be something new. Not just the same similar images for the umpteenth time.

[Sandy turns her head to look at Derek, sighing before getting up and moving back to the server she was working at prior. Taking back her tools, opening up one of the glass doors for the servers, and beginning anomalous work on another component.]

Derek Jett: God dammit…

[Feeling almost defeated, Derek turns around his chair and sits up, beginning to read the email he recently received in greater depth. Only taking him about a minute or so to do. Afterwards, he opens up the folder for all PA's, beginning to catalogue the new images and general description of the PA-M he assigned the previous grave images to.]

Derek Jett: Why are they even giving this to me?? We don't even know of this is something new we're dealing with, this should go to Anomalous Activities, not us…

Sandy Clementine: Well… who's sent you the emails about these graves?

[Sandy looked over from her work, her face having turned thoughtful a few moments prior.]

Derek Jett: I don't know-? Important people, I guess. Somalia was the first one to give me an email, and she's been one of the main faces of foreign investigations since the early Meggie times

Sandy Clementine: And the other people?

Derek Jett: I don't know? I recognise the names as people high-up, but they're not exactly in divisions I would chat with. It's all obscure ones like the… I think the second vice-deputy for finance and trade, as well as one of the agricultural figureheads in 302. If I knew their faces, I'd recognise them.

Suzanne Willaby: If the face of foreign investigations is messaging the PA department about something new, and others follow. Chances are the person who's been exploring new things since the 2010's knows should be given to PA, and what should be given to AA.

[Whilst Derek and Sandy were talking to one another about the subject at hand, Suzanne Willaby begins to walk through into the room, coming through the door on the far end of the long room. Carrying with her a small Pocket, from which she summons out a cordless vacuum cleaner. Suzanne's sudden appearance into the room made both Sandy and Derek jump and look over immediately to Suzanne.]

Derek Jett: Christ, Suzanne! It's… it's not 10:30 already, is it?

Suzanne Willaby: 'Fraid it is, Jett. Overworking another day, huh? Same thing as yesterday?

Derek Jett: …Yeah, the same as yesterday.

[In bewilderment, Derek looks over to Sandy. Having his mouth somewhat agape as he presumably attempts to silently convey his confusion at Suzanne knowing about what he was overworking about. Shrugging it off, however, Sandy disregards his confusion; instead choosing to try to speak to Suzanne as she began to set her hoover into motion on the carpeted floors]

Sandy Clementine: Uh, Suzanne! You said something when you came in, what was it??

[Despite the hoover making the sound of voices a rather difficult task to hear, Suzanne still looks up regardless at Sandy. Presumably having heard her, she decided to move a notch down on her hoover, seemingly making it quieter.]

Suzanne Willaby: Yeah, I did. No need to shout about it. I'm just assuming that if every person sending you two a message is of important stature, and if they're following an example of someone who's dealt with new shit their whole life… they'll have the intuition to know who to give it to.

Derek Jett: Even if Somalia's… getting on a little bit in age?

[Suzanne looks across to Jett, giving them a puzzled, almost insulted look, something seemingly shared by Sandy as well, which Derek learned when he looked over to her, sighing afterwards in a bit of guilt.]

Derek Jett: Okay, yeah, that was a stupid thing to say.

Suzanne Willaby: Move your chair for me-

[As Suzanne spoke, she moves her vacuum over to in front of her, nudging it towards Derek's chair. With a quick movement, Derek kicks his feet back to get the office chair, and by extension himself, away from where Suzanne was wanting to hoover. Once Derek had moved, Suzanne was quick to re-activate the previous power output she was using on the vacuum before and begin to tackle under Derek's desk.]

Suzanne Willaby: I don't know how much worth my opinion on the matter is, but if you want my guess on this? I think it's a new level AND a new entity, or multiple entities more likely.

[After a second or two more of hoovering, and after both Derek and Sandy both shared a brief, surprised gaze, Suzanne decided to put a hold on her hoovering and retracted back her hoovering to put back within her Pocket]

Suzanne Willaby: You two are probably still busy, so I'll give you another hour to wrap up this stuff before I come back. I'd rather not get in your way.

[Once putting her hoover away, and once she began to turn around and eventually leave the archival office altogether, Sandy immediately stood up straight and moved to Derek's desk. There, she places her hands onto Derek's desk, somewhat leaning over at his side to look at the monitor, then to Derek]

Sandy Clementine: What levels have been affected by these grave robbing's?

[Derek looked up to Sandy, seemingly starting to catch the same train of thought she was having. He sat up on his chair again, bringing his keyboard and mouse closer towards himself as he begins to navigate the files on his monitor. Only taking a short amount of time to find the compiled folder of every single PA request directed to him.]

Derek Jett: PA's… PA-M's… sort by descending order…. ah, there we go. So on PA-M54's topic… There have been these body-snatching incidents on EL3A, 29, 121, 94, 309, 138, and I just got one today for 125.

Sandy Clementine: Those are all pretty lived-in levels, right?

Derek Jett: Oh yeah, I want to say the towns and outposts on those levels are all pre-grouping era, so they've been there for years, at least. Far longer than the graveyard Somalia's people looked at.

Sandy Clementine: Oh, well then! In that case, let's get a look at the plans for their various bases! We can figure out even more that way!

[Though initially Derek seems quick to act, he stops himself after a moment of flicking around his mouse to reach another folder. Sighing slowly and looking over to Sandy]

Derek Jett: Shit… I won't be able to, actually. If I wanna know the maps of their settlements, I'll have to speak to the mayors of each one. I can't access it without their approval.

Sandy Clementine: Ack-, really? I mean… unless you just email the main director of settlement planning?

Derek Jett: Jesus Christ, you want me to just message one of the largest members in the organisation!? What the hell are the chances they'll even see it!

Sandy Clementine: Holy hell, calm down! The chances are probably quite high! You're a researcher, it's not out of the question for you to message people that are important, even if they're a big cheese?

Derek Jett: Right, no… you're correct… Sorry, this situation's got me in a… right state. You should go home, Sandy. I'll message who I need to, and we can finish this up in the morning… It's late for both of us.

Sandy Clementine: Yeah, I'll start heading off… I do appreciate you wanting to keep working on this with me, though? I'm not even in the PA Team.

Derek Jett: You've been a help to me, without you and Suzanne I'd probably still be trying to rack my head over things. Plus… It's just me in the office now, ever since Melody… uh…

Sandy Clementine: I-I know what happened, you just finish up and get some sleep yourself. I'll come down an hour early to match the time you start so we can get cracking on this!

Derek Jett: Yeah, yeah I like that. You should join PA team, honestly. You really seem good at it…

Sandy Clementine: Maybe I'll consider it then! Would be more interesting than my technical work, that's for sure. Cya, though, I'm gonna get to sleep.

Derek Jett: As you should! Heh… see you tomorrow.

[After Derek spoke, Sandy gave a bit of a grin to him, getting her hands off of his desk and turning around to begin leaving. Picking up her tools and as she waves at him before stepping out of the PA office entirely. Derek watched on somewhat, having a half-smile enveloped on his own face. He chose to turn around afterwards, looking back to his laptop as he began to draft up an Email.]

<End Log at: 10:49PM>

. . .

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 10:55 PM (Yesterday)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com

I'm currently writing to you on behalf of Level 4's branch of the PA investigation team. We've been dealing with a new miscellaneous PA, and we believe we have found a new lead to do with general size of towns, their populations, and how many buried members of the deceased they contain. Would you be willing to hand over the documentation for town planning, as well as the obituary documents, for the following civilisations on these levels?

- Level 2(Specifically for Office Space EL3A.)
- Level 9.
- Level 29.
- Level 94.
- Level 121.
- Level 125.
- Level 138.
- Level 309.

Thank you in advance for your time, sir.

- David Jett, PA Team.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 5:00 AM (Two hours ago)
to me ▼
Ah, yes of course. Greetings from 436, as well. I haven't revisited Level 4 in a long time, I do hope things are going well in your part of The Backrooms. Let me compile what you have asked, and they will be sent to you by me the second I've gathered everything you need.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 5:19 AM (Two hours ago)
to me ▼
Here is what you requested.


DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:00 AM (One hour ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Ah, thank you sir. You'll be glad to know that Level 4 is doing just fine. I greatly appreciate your response.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:04 AM (One hour ago)
to me ▼
No problem, always happy to give information to those needing it.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:08 AM (One hour ago)
to me ▼
I must ask though, Mr Jett, is this to do with the grave robbing's?

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:10 AM (One hour ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Oh. You know of those?

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:10 AM (One hour ago)
to me ▼
Unfortunately, I do. We had a bit of a tragedy at the pier a few years back, and we buried those affected. We woke up today to the graves opened, and empty. I thought it was just us, but if the PA department is looking into similar cases on other levels then I assume this is not just us experiencing it.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:11 AM (One hour ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
My apologies, sir. Well in that case, we do have a large issue of graves being dug up. Were all of them desecrated?

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:12 AM (One hour ago)
to me ▼
Not all of them, no. We lost twenty people from the shrinking incident, and buried them across fourteen graves. From those, I think around nine of those fourteen were dug up.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:14 AM (One hour ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Wait, can you explain that to me a little bit more? Why did you only dig 14 graves if there were more people than that who died?

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:14 AM (One hour ago)
to me ▼
Ah, right. A fair few of the deceased were couples, and we sought it to be fitting to bury them together. We passed it through Captain, and he said it was a good enough idea.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:14 AM (One hour ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
I'm sorry for your losses, Sir.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:20 AM (59 minutes ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Oh, actually. I have an idea. Could you check the graves to see how many of the double graves were desecrated?

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:21 AM (58 minutes ago)
to me ▼
If it'll help you figure out what's going on, of course. I will not pretend like the ask isn't a strange one, but I'll let you know what I find.

You will have to be patient, of course, the graves are at the coastline, so I need to walk there and back to be able to tell you. I will be around 20 minutes.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:21 AM (58 minutes ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Don't worry about it, sir. I'll wait patiently for your return.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:50 AM (29 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Apologies for the fact I took longer than expected, however from my looking it appears that every double grave was ransacked. There wasn't any extra damage to them in comparison to the singular burial sites, but it remains true that every double burial is now empty of its bodies.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:51 AM (27 minutes ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
I had a hunch that would be the case. Just to make sure, there were graves that were left untouched, right?

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:51 AM (27 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Indeed, Mr Jett. Only a few were left alone, mind you, but you are correct.

DJ <D.Jett@backroom.com> 6:52 AM (26 minutes ago)
to H.Donaldsby@backroom.com
Just as I figured. Well, thank you for your time, Sir. You have a good day.

MrHarveyDo <H.Donaldsby@backroom.com> 6:53 AM (25 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Likewise, god bless you.

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. . .

<Begin Log at: 7:00AM>

Date: 01/12/25
Location: Level 4's PA Archival Office.
Participants: Derek Jett(Active PA researcher), Sandy Clementine(Part-time server technician)

Derek Jett: It's an artificial Level!

[Derek suddenly makes a rather loud announcement into the small PA room as he entered for the day, approaching a somewhat tired-looking Sandy, who was sitting on a desk different to Derek's working on some software updates for their PA storage. Derek's announcement causing her to jump in surprise, almost shrieking as she looked over at Derek, quickly settling as her tension wavered.]

Sandy Clementine: Huh?? What's a what level??

Derek Jett: The digging up of bodies-? I spoke to the director of settlement planning before I left, he gave me the files I wanted, and he told me something which made everything click.

[Intrigued, Sandy raised her eyebrow at Derek. Leaning back somewhat and pushing her chair outwards from her desk. Looking upwards at Derek afterwards with a hand on her chin]

Sandy Clementine: Heh, really? Well, go on, you've sparked my intrigue.

[Derek nodded, deciding to move over to his chair and pull it away from his desk and promptly sit down opposite to Sandy. Taking out his phone and displaying to her the messages with Harvey Donaldsby that he had prior to his work.]

Derek Jett: He lives on Level 436 right now, and experienced the grave desecration thing last night. I remember in Somalia's original Email to me, she mentioned a double grave with two partially noclipped bodies, and then one of her investigators caused them to fully noclip, causing her to fall in too.

Sandy Clementine: Okay… yeah, I'm following so far.

Derek Jett: Right, well when I spoke to Harvey he said that there were a few double burials in 436, and that they were all robbed. However, not all of the singular ones were.

Sandy Clementine: Were all the ones in 9 and those other places also robbed of all their… double burials, as you called it?

Derek Jett: That I'm not sure of, I don't really have the information to really… know. However, if that double grave in the Marie Graveyard had a partially noclipped double burial, then that means it was probably meant to be abducted like all the other doubles. Maybe the noclip screwed up?

Sandy Clementine: That'd mean that the people doing this would be able to control noclip, then… how likely is that?

Derek Jett: We used to deal with Spec back in the day, and the Speed Noclippers, controlled noclipping isn't the most out-there concept?

Sandy Clementine: Good point… how do you know that means they're building something? Why would anyone use dead bodies to build with?

Derek Jett: They want a greater quantity of bodies, so that's why I'm positive a level is being built here. No idea why they'd use bodies, though… But I think levels like 212, 826 204.1 show that it's not out of the question for bodies to be used as a main building material for a level. Point is, though, I think we have enough enough to ask for an investigation.

Sandy Clementine: I assume a more hands-on one? You've already been doing a fair bit of research on this yourself.

Derek Jett: By investigation, I mean trying to reach whatever they're building. Can't think how to, though…

Sandy Clementine: Noclip, maybe? It's what's being done to steal these bodies in the first place, and it's how someone went missing too, right?

Derek Jett: One of the original responders, yeah. Think we should speak to Somalia and attempt to get a direct exploration of the PA-M?

Sandy Clementine: How'd we even get there, though? Only whoever's stealing the bodies can get in and out of wherever they're building.

Derek Jett: Apart from those two skeletons that were stuck in the ground- Which means it's not always a reliable clipping process. If we…

[Derek stops himself briefly, sighing contemplatively as he leans back in his chair. Staring forwards into space for a moment as he let his mind wander on what to do next.]

Derek Jett: We caught that 9 failed clip because we had people on the scene just a few hours after discovering what'd happened. If we can get people on-site to where the next robbery will be, we could possibly get someone to noclip into the level the same time a body does.

Sandy Clementine: Do we know where the next strike will be?

Derek Jett: Hah, not the slightest fucking clue! I'll speak to Harvey again, as well as Somalia. The places being vandalised are all very lived-in levels, so I'll get more residency information from Harvey, and speak to Somalia after that in order to organise teams on wherever seems most likely for another robbery.

Sandy Clementine: Need me to leave you be so you can do that?

Derek Jett: Not really? Unless you've got super important stuff to get doing, we can work together on the messaging?

Sandy Clementine: Eh, work can wait. May as well get a bit of practice for being on PA team, it's clear you want me on it.

[Derek chuckles, giving an almost playful shrug as he decides to move his chair back over to his desk. Tilting his head over for Sandy to come and sit at the desk as well. She seems apprehensive, at least for a moment, but she moves over to the desk and sat nearby to Derek to look at the monitor.]

<End Log at: 7:22AM>

. . .

S.H. Diary. 30th November, 2025. 🗁
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🖶 A 🖌 | 100% ▼ | normal text | Arial | - | 11 | + | B U

Look at that, huh. Last day of November. This year's hit me like a truck. Before I know it I'll be having to buy gifts for Jason, Molly, and Esther for Christmas. I do have to somewhat blame Jason for introducing the kids to Christmas, lord knows we're going to have to hide the existence of The Gift Plane so they don't beg us to go there. Still though, their faces when I got them what they wanted last year was pretty priceless for both of us.

I realise I'm getting distracted.

This past week has been tough to say the least, I'm clearly not as agile as I used to be! Which… I've known for a long time. Hell, I'll never remember Andrew's words to me when he said I was no longer permitted to do field investigation after I twisted my ankle. I'm getting old. God I miss him.

More and more reports have been coming through about the same thing Skye and… lord, I've forgotten her name. Sky and the other researcher I sent out after the Marie Graveyard was vandalised. No one's gone missing like the girl has, thankfully, but I feel so bad for all the heartbreak what's happening must've caused for the family of the dead. I know that the people who messaged me on 309 were completely devastated, especially since Mycellennium graves were also desecrated. I kept a neutral writing tone, and told them to redirect to the PA team as I did with everyone else who sent in things similar. But it still hits hard.

At the very least, I hope that this will be coming to an end soon. Apparently the PA Investigation Team on Level 4 found few leads on where this could happen next, and that we could get passage into wherever the bodies are being taken to. With the help of some assistance, and Jason to actually keep me focused, I've been able to set up multiple teams of three that will be set up at 11.1, 186, 194, 230, and 260. Not all of the teams have actually arrived at where they need to be, apparently it was mistimed what time is considered "winter" inside of 557, which means group 5 are having to go the 118 approach to reach 260 instead. After that, however, all teams should be ready with ears open.

I really wish I could say I was confident in saying "this plan will work", but I don't have that same trust in me that I used to. I'm getting old, and whilst The Backrooms has kept me looking mostly like a spring chicken, I won't deny that my cognitive abilities are starting to falter. Either that, or I'm just growing bad at my job. I lead the initial search into PA98, somehow missed a horrific entity and misclassed it as somewhere completely safe, I wasn't present when everything with The Prenatal went down, and now here I am being tasked with sending out explorers across 5 different levels. At this point, I hope old age just takes me.

. . .

This is Somalia hanks, attempting text-based communications with group 4 on Level 230. Please respond.

Fritz Opel, group leader and Comms head. Standing 50 yards of the former F.T.B's Millennium Gravesite.

This is Alex Patr, texting in from besides Fritz Opel. I'm the field investigator for today, assuming we actually get into this unknown place.

I'm sure we will.

Oh, and Lake Kesler, M.E.O.D. archivist. I'm in charge of receiving and relaying information to both you, and to the external servers.

Okay, excellent. Please post picture or video proof of your location, just for standard procedure.



All images are going to be taken by Alex from here on out, they'll be the one needing the camera most.

Picture has come through. Can you all activate your radios briefly so I can know those are operational, too?

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Alex Patr: Is the radio on?

Fritz Opelr: Works well at a close range, I can hear you, Alex.

Somalia Hanks: Operates long range, too! I can hear you relatively well from 11.

Lake Kesler: If you miss any information due to any long-range crackling, I'll send you the transcribe so far so you're not in the dark.

Somalia Hanks: Thanks, Lake. Right, well it seems everything for investigation is all properly operational? Do you have your Worn Sack and rope inside?

Lake Kesler: We do, I'm carrying them.

Somalia Hanks: Excellent. Switch the radios from always active to push-to-talk, and you have my authorisation to move inwards.

<Audio end>

Right, we've moved to the entrance of the site. Seems quiet, just a few individuals at the entrance, didn't seem too phased by us.

Right, good. Any anomalies so far, you three?

None as of yet, it's all just quiet and cold.

Maybe it's because we're near the Shanty Lands? People rarely come back from there.

People don't, sure, though I think we'll be fine here. We're on the border to that area, and close to Homely Hotel.

Just be sure to keep me in the loop, and also make sure to keep getting images of your investigation.

Oh, we have been, and Kate's been keeping up to date on the transcribing too.

Will send one over, just a second.



This one was taken right as we entered..

Still nothing, even after around 15 or so minutes. Are the other groups having much luck?

Unfortunately not, Alex. EL3A's grave area has even fully explored, that team's doing a second round trip to see if anything's happened since their last scout around.

Well crap. Should we keep getting images for you?

Absolutely, please. It's to be thorough in case we miss anything. Just be sure to leave enough memory and battery life for if you're able to arrive at we're trying to get to.

I'll keep the photo-taking somewhat sparse, then. We'll let you know when something happens.

Messaging in to confirm that we are still active, but just not finding anything new. Even at the 1 hour mark.

Two hours, now. We've briefly sat down to eat some food we brought, but made sure to keep our ears open for any sounds of digging or any activity. We haven't actually seen another person since those people loitering at the entrance, so any sound we hear is either an entity from the level's outskirts, or the much needed activity we want.

Any news from other groups?

Their activity is just as quiet as yours, I'm afraid. 186's group has even had a falling out from what I've heard from Kelly Patters. At least you're not in their position, Lake.

Definitely sounds like I don't want to be in their group. Either myself or the others will probably fill you in hourly on what happens.

Thank you, Lake. Keep yourself safe.

Another hour's passed, still no activity.

Yet another quiet hour.



Kind of realised that you may want photo evidence to prove we're still around, it's not uncommon for an entity to hijack a tablet and pretend to be someone they killed. - Kate.

Checking in again, still nothing on our end.

Six hours in, no activity.

Kate? Are you there? Another hour's passed, but you haven't said anything.


Alex? Fritz? Are you there??

Apologies, yes. Right before we were going to message you, we actually found signs of one of the areas we explored previously being dug up. It all looks really freshly dug, too.



The grave toppling over is how we were alerted that something happened.

Are you noticing anything irregular about the dug hole? Perhaps a way to noclip at the bottom of it?

Just kicked a stone down into the pit, didn't noclip or anything. Unfortunately.

At the very least, I'm sure there'll be other diggings happening around you. Keep vigilant, and keep communication by text so you can better hear your surroundings.

Understood, let's head left.

Do you hear that?

I think I did. Sounded like scuttling, almost. We're moving in on the position as we type.

I think we're approaching something, Somalia. There's a collection of dug graves just ahead of us.

I think the ground in front of another one's moving, it's just sinking?

Or the surface soil is noclipping, this may be our chance.

I'm going to get a photo, attach the rope around my waist, then see what we'll do next.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Fritz Opel: Shit, shit! He fell in!

Somalia Hanks: What?! Do you mean Alex?? Is he okay?!

Fritz Opel: W-We don't know! He was getting the picture of the hole in the ground, and he just collapsed inside! He clipped and everything!

Somalia Hanks: Fuck, we can't have lost a second person! Please tell me he still has the camera! Was he at least tied?!

Lake Kesler: He was tied! I put the rope around him just in case, we're just yet to hear from him on the other end.

Fritz Opel: If there even is another end, h-he hasn't texted or come through on radio yet.

Somalia Hanks: Try not to panic, okay-? Wait an extra minute before anyone attempts to go down with them. Has the rope been cut? or is it noclipping too?

Lake Kesler: The rope's noclipped with him, we gave it a small tug and the rope just flowed through the dirt like water. He's not dead or anything, just… Unresponsive, possibly unconscious.

<Audio end>



Add a caption within the camera settings.

Wait, Alex?? Did you send that?

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Alex Patr: Did that image come through?

Somalia Hanks: It has! Are you hurt? Do you need someone else to come in with you?

Alex Patr: No no, I'm okay… Mostly. I'm not sure what happened, but I got dragged into the dugout grave. I actually landed on the pile of dirt that also noclipped, but… the tablet's broken, and I think I've injured my arm somewhat too.

Somalia Hanks: I'll…I'll trust your judgement, Alex. Since your tablet's broken, can you at least describe where you currently are to us?

Alex Patr: It's a tunnel, Mrs Hanks. Uh… air's a bit stuffy, and it's all chalky. I've been making my way down it, and whilst it's sort of taking a turn to the left… It's basically just a straight line at the moment, no other routes to take.

Fritz Opel: Please be okay for us, don't get yourself into danger.

Alex Patr: I only have so far I can go because of the rope regardless, I'll be fine, Fritzy.

Somalia Hanks: You should turn your radio from push-to-talk to always active, Alex. Just because you don't have the tablet anymore, and you're in quite a dangerous area. Can you provide us with another update when you get to the end of the hall?

Alex Patr: Unless this is just an endless hallway level, heh. I'll be sure, to Mrs Hanks.

<Audio end>



Finally reached the end of the corridor.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Alex Patr: Okay, I'm at the end of this hallway now. It turned two extra times, but stayed basically the same. only issue is now I'm in a room with a lot of empty doorways and halls, and I'm unsure which way to really go. Should I just chance it?

Somalia Hanks: Uh, well describe the area you're at right now, is there anything of note about any of the hallways?

Alex Patr: It's… well, it's sort of a square-shaped area? There's one larger corridor in front of me, and 3 other hallways behind me like the one I just came from.

Fritz Opel: Certainly an odd design… Is there anything else in there? Other halls, notable features?

Alex Patr: On the image- there's another entryway into a different hallway. It looks the same as the other hallway I just came from, but uh… shorter, I guess?

Somalia Hanks: Shorter how?

Alex Patr: Well, the hallway I was in is about 20 meters long, give or take. The one to my left, w-well, it was my right when I got out the original hallway, it's approximately the same length, but it seems to only turn once. I can see the end of the hallway from here.

Somalia Hanks: What about the other hallways? Can you see their endings?

Alex Patr: I'll have a check.

Alex Patr: Nope, however long the corridor goes on for is obstructed by the third bend. However, they do look awfully similar to one another? Mostly descending down in size, whilst still having three bends each.

Somalia Hanks: Is that the case for each of these corridors? Even the bigger one?

Alex Patr: Oh, uh, no actually, it's not. It's sort of similar to that left doorway in the sense that I think I only see one bend, but it's wider and… Oh.

Fritz Opel: Alex? What's wrong?

<Audio end>



I don't even know what to make of this.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Somalia Hanks: Those are… Gosh.

Lake Kesler: It looks like a catacomb.

Alex Patr: I think it is one, at least mostly. I guess we've learned what the grave snatching is for.

Fritz Opel: To build with…? That feels like an odd choice-

Alex Patr: You're right, but… there's a lot of bones here. Even for the amount of graves robbed. About 15 or so graves robbed across 8 levels, that's over 100 bodies… so…

Fritz Opel: That would still be over 20,000 or so bones, if anything, there's not enough bones for this place.

Alex Patr: Look at the size and type of these bones, though. There's hundreds of larger bones, and probably around 20 or 30 skulls. There's more remains here than the ones stolen from the graves.

Somalia Hanks: You're sure about that? We don't fully know how many were double graves there were, maybe those skulls add up to enough bones?

Alex Patr: Oh god. It… It absolutely does not, Ms.

<Audio end>



Add a caption within the camera settings.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Lake Kesler: Holy shit- how many more bodies is that?

Alex Patr: Counted the skulls, double the amount of total bodies we even knew were missing in the first place. Worst part is, it continues on, too.

Somalia Hanks: Continues on? How do you mean?

Alex Patr: Well, it's… I'm in a sort of circular room. Cylindrical, I think is the proper way to describe it. Bones all around most of the walls, but there's a doorway on either side. One's where I came from, and the other I haven't been up yet, but it looks exactly identical.

Somalia Hanks: How identical is it?

<Audio end>



Completely identical.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Somalia Hanks: That's dozens more, how many do you think there are in total?

Alex Patr: I… I've got no idea, frankly. I don't think I've explored enough of this place yet to really know. I figure I've probably passed bones from hundreds of bodies, though, no idea where the rest of the skull's could've gone.

Fritz Opel: What about the smaller bones, too?

Lake Kesler: Shit, huh… Maybe there's a disposal point for the bones? They do all just look like limb bones, maybe ribs.

Fritz Opel: And skulls- Obviously-

Lake Kesler: Right, but- regardless… As you said, Fritz, the smaller bones on a body aren't anywhere to be seen.

Alex Patr: I'll keep a look out for anything of the sort, I'm just heading through the second hallway now. So… I'll send another photo whenever I see anything interesting.

Somalia Hanks: Thank you, Alex. You sound off, are you okay…?

Alex Patr: F-Fine, fine… at least fine enough to keep up this exploration.

<Audio end>



It's like the previous oval room, but sort of built different, I suppose.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Lake Kesler: Wait, different how?

Fritz Opel: Lake? What do you mean? what's different?

Lake Kesler: Alex's most recent image, it's caption says the room is "different."

Alex Patr: Y-Yeah, I… I did. It's not all that different, it's moreso just that the location of the next hallway is isn't where it was before. It's off to the right, now, sat basically at a 90 degree angle to the other doorway.

Somalia Hanks: Is there anything strange down that other hallway? There's no other ways to go too, I imagine?

Alex Patr: Not a thing, besides the eerie as fuck bones. Although… there may be a-a… an intersection? A four way one, too, I'm going to move in and take a look.

Somalia Hanks: Just be safe, we still haven't found what's stolen the bodies, just where they've ended up. There could very easily be entities down there, and we only have so much rope for you, too.

Alex Patr: I'll be… fine. I'm moving inwards, you lot. Be prepared to send through a lot more rope.

Lake Kesler: Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact it's keeping the ground non-clippable I don't think we'd even need it.
<Audio end>



I went down that intersection, and found this.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Lake Kesler: No more bones, it looks? Is that… good?

Alex Patr: It's different, and certainly less creepy too. Now it's just eerily liminal, which I suppose is a step-up.

Somalia Hanks: Do you need someone else to go down with you?

Alex Patr: No no, Mrs Hanks. I'll be fine. Though I will try to hurry the pace of my exploration along, if that's okay? I'll try not to miss anything.

Somalia Hanks: Don't worry about it. If you can, though, try to find a natural exit to the level you're in? Hopefully that way we can hope to find an entrance as well.

Alex Patr: I've been attempting to look for one as I've been walking, it's standard procedure. Oh, and… you forgot to ask, but I'm assuming you're wanting to know the description of the room? Each one here seems pretty important.

Somalia Hanks: Ack, good point. Sorry, should've asked…

Alex Patr: No worries, it's a pretty simple room to describe at least? It's just a… very long corridor, the middle area with the doorway back to the intersection is made a lot narrower by these walls going along the middle, and they section off the areas that go other hallways. And uh, there's a lot of other hallways to go do.

Somalia Hanks: Hm… How many do you count?

Alex Patr: 7 on each side, so I suppose 14 in total. However, the doors to other areas end before the main hallway does, but it goes completely pitch black down there.

Somalia Hanks: That… sounds too dangerous to risk going down alone. Get a picture of it for documentation, and instead go down one of the other routes instead. I assume they actually have lights?

Alex Patr: They do, yeah. I'll head down each one, get my findings and post them one by one. I'll be on the radio if anything unique pops up.

<Audio end>



First one's nothing special, the hallway didn't even bend like some of the others do. It just went forwards and ended eventually.



Went to the one below the hallway I initially entered, went on for a little longer but ended just like the last one.



Moved to the opposite side of the hallway, given the last two hallways were duds and went nowhere. Unfortunately, this one was exactly the same.



Just another dead end.



I haven't posted every image, since they've all been the same. I've now explored 10 of the 14.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Fritz Opel: Do we really need to look through any more now? If 10 out of 14 are looked through, then I think it's safe to say they're all the same.

Somalia Hanks: Which order did you look at them? If you did it left to right, maybe the bottom two rows of hallways have something of importance?

Alex Patr: They don't, Mrs Hanks. I chose the halls randomly after the first three were dead ends. Each one since then has been just the same. Different lengths, mind you, but dead ends all the same.

Somalia Hanks: In that case… Fritz is right, I don't think we need to check any more routes. What other areas can you explore for us then?

Alex Patr: There's the way downwards that goes pitch black, which you said could be dangerous, and the other two avenues back at that intersection.

Fritz Opel: In that case, maybe head up to that intersection? It's lit, there are more ways to go, and I hope it'll be safer for you.

Alex Patr: I think I prefer that option over going into the unlit portion. Heading back to the crossroads! Which way should I go?

Fritz Opel: Well… From the perspective of the room you first came from, which hallway did you come from at that intersection?

Alex Patr: The left side, Fritzy. Leaves my other potential routes as going up, or going right.

Fritz Opel: Try going right? When you reach the end, uh, give us another picture to show off what's there.

Alex Patr: Don't worry, will do.

<Audio end>



It's the same as the room on the other side. Circular, door 90 degrees away from the one I came from. It goes right down in the same sort of pattern as the one I came from, too.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Fritz Opel: Wait, it's the same design? Did you go down the right corridor?

Alex Patr: Uh… no? The bones are differently organised, and the room's not exactly the same as the one I came from. It's more like a mirror of it, I suppose.

Lake Kesler: Is there even much of a point in going down it, in that case? If it really is exactly the same, that is. Do you think it is?

Alex Patr: Without a doubt, yeah… Different bones, same layout. I think I can just skip straight to the final hall of this level.

Lake Kesler: You know, actually. You bring up a good point. What kind of level is this?

Fritz Opel: Assuming it is actually a level?

Lake Kesler: It is a level, and definitely a new one too. I could understand some unsureness on it beforehand, but what Alex has shown us is undoubtedly new.

Alex Patr: Let's hope. Just to ask, it's definitely not 204.1, is it? That level's also catacombs.

Lake Kesler: Definitely not, at least I don't think?

Fritz Opel: Can't be, it's only accessible from 204, that much has been true for years. Plus, you need one of those masks to get inside, which I don't imagine you have?

Alex Patr: I certainly hope I don't? We're all in agreement it's a new level, though?

Fritz Opel: After Lake's comment, absolutely. I guess it'd just be hard to decide… what to class it as.

Alex Patr: I assume you mean if it's a normal, sub, or enigmatic?

Fritz Opel: Yeah, heh. Which do you think?

Alex Patr: Personally… I don't know. I'm torn between the three. It could just be some random place where skeletons are being put, a… I dunno, an 826 sublevel, or we could even go enigmatic if we're feeling pretentious enough to go for a unique name.

Lake Kesler: You'd probably get to name it if it does turn out to be enigmatic?

Alex Patr: Well I hope I'll get to name it anyways! Heh… Oh, I'm at the intersection now. I'll tell you what I find.

<Audio end>



Posting this picture because I think the exit sign is funny.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Lake Kesler: Wait- what are those things on the floor?

Alex Patr: Lake? What do you mean? Sorry, I wasn't expecting the radio to flare up for a second, can you repeat that?

Lake Kesler: The little pebbles on the floor, have they been in other pictures?

Alex Patr: Uh… Probably…? I mean, they just look like rocks, and we're already in a cave sort of place. Seems like fitting set-dressing.

Fritz Opel: Their… can you check them out, at least? Lake's got a hunch about them.

Alex Patr: Oh, yeah of course then. Give me a second.

Fritz Opel: Thank you…

Alex Patr: M'kay, well I'm looking at them… they seem to be kinda standard-looking stones? A little bit rough looking, mind. Kind of reminds me of those rocks on- uh-

Somalia Hanks: A-Alex?? You've cut out, what's wrong? Can you still hear us?

Alex Patr: I-I haven't cut out- just… Sorry, I freaked out. These little rocks are also bones, just smaller ones. I guess we know where those went… O-Oh shit- n-no, no no no-

Somalia Hanks & Fritz Opel: Alex??

Alex Patr: The, uh… The little bones are, well, I thought they were buried into the floor.

Lake Kesler: Are they not? Are they noclipped?

Alex Patr: Lake- they are the floor, the bones and floor blend in after long enough. It's… It's all bones, p-pulverised ones I guess, but it is all bones! It explains why this is all so chalky and brittle, fucking hell!

Fritz Opel: Woah, hey, calm down! Just… take a breather for me. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Y-You've got this, Alex.

Alex Patr: I… okay, o-okay, gotcha. I'm gonna press on best I can, and send an image of what's down here first and foremost.

<Audio end>



Here we are.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Lake Kesler: Is that all that's actually down that hallway?

Alex Patr: No, it's not. Sorry, it is just a bit cramped it all. The all's come to a bit of an awkward point. There's a lot of stray bones along the floor here, and it's making walking difficult. The hallway itself has split off in two directions, as well, going left and right. The wall in front of me also seems to have a cutout area on either side of this fork, too. I'll check left, first.

Somalia Hanks: Thanks, good thorough explanation! I hope Lake's getting all of this down for the transcript, you're moving fast with your info.

Alex Patr: I can slow down if need be, just… trying to get this over and done with right now, still somewhat on edge.

Somalia Hanks: I understand, and I really hope the rest of us here do too. We're ready to pull you out when your exploration's done.

<Audio end>



The way the patterns around the eyes looks is screwing with my sense of what's up and down.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Alex Patr: Before anyone asks, if anyone was even going to, I took a look down the other side as well. This weird pattern and hole in the wall is present on the other side, it's just flipped over to be symmetrical.

Fritz Opel: … Odd.

Somalia Hanks: Forgive my older eyes, what is it I'm looking at, exactly?

Alex Patr: It's basically a hole in the wall of the fork corridor, that looks into another wall just behind it. And those walls are the ones with these odd holes that look into… I'm not actually sure what this looks into. A sky, I guess? It's an odd colour for a sky, but I think the colour of a level's atmosphere is the least of my-

Lake Kesler: Hey that's the Blue Channel-

Alex Patr: Huh?

Fritz Opel: Wait- really?

Lake Kesler: Absolutely positive. It's got the colour, the lack of shading or whatever, it's definitely the Channel.

Alex Patr: Something tells me that makes this definitely its own level, then? Not a sub?

Fritz Opel: I'd bet money on that, yeah. I guess this level just floats in the blue channel like all the others. Uh… neat, I guess?

Alex Patr: Hm… Well, I'm just gonna move on from it. I don't feel like trying to climb into that other space, as doable as it seems. I'm just gonna check around the rest of here.

Somalia Hanks: You're almost out of the woods, stay safe!

<Audio end>



Finally, something different to bones. A well. It's better than nothing.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Fritz Opel: Where was that well found?

Alex Patr: It was just tucked behind the rear wall, the one opposite to that Blue Channel hole-in-the-wall. Oh, and on the left side too.

Fritz Opel: Can you see what's down there?

Alex Patr: I actually peered down whilst sending, it looked like just blue sky. It wasn't the Channel, mind you. There was actual clouds, and it was a lighter blue.

Somalia Hanks: Ah! That could be the level exit we were hoping for! Don't use it yet, in case it's only one way, but it seems we have your way out practically secured. If pulling you back through doesn't work, that is.

Alex Patr: Let's hope I won't have to use it? I'd rather meet back up with you two when I'm done with this, I don't wanna end up stranded on some backwater level.

Somalia Hanks: Hopefully you won't have to be! I do wonder, though, are there any other holes like this? Maybe you could even put your camera down any others to see where they end up at?

Alex Patr: I'll have a look.

<Audio end>



I don't think I'll be able to use this one.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Somalia Hanks: My god! What's happened with that one? Is that the one on the opposite side?

Alex Patr: Nope, it's still on the left side. Just this time on the end of the corridor instead of tucked behind the wall. This… well, even though it's not got the surrounding walls of a well, it's flooring is somewhat on a lower elevation to the rest of the ground, which is keeping all this shallow water from flooding the rest of this place.

Somalia Hanks: Maybe it's a stupid question, but can you see what's down there?

Alex Patr: Heh, nope… Not really? It looks sort of a light blue down in this hole, but at the same time this water is a little too deep for me to really know what's down there. And… I don't know how to swim.

Lake Kesler: Wait, you don't-?

Alex Patr: Eh, poor upbringing, noclipped at a younger age. Needing to swim never really came up.

Fritz Opel: It's a good thing it was just you interviewing who discovered Level 100 then, huh? Imagine if it was you, you'd be lost on what to do!

Alex Patr: Hah- most likely, yeah. It's why I refuse to visit 37. It seems pretty and serene, but also I wouldn't want to chance drowning.

Lake Kesler: Maybe 82 has some pool floaties and swimming bands for you?

Alex Patr: Hah! Oh come on, you're just teasing me now…

Lake Kesler: Need us to stop?

Alex Patr: Eh, nah. Keep up the energy, it's helping me push through. There's just the right side of this hallway to do, and then that dark bit. Almost done, thankfully…

Somalia Hanks: You are! You're doing pretty good, Alex. Just one last push and we'll have finished without a scrape.

Alex Patr: Would be rare for the PA team, we're treated like redshirts sometimes. At least we're doing well? Moving towards the right hallway now.

Somalia Hanks: Good, last stretch now, Alex…

Alex Patr: Uh-

Fritz Opel: Yeah? What's up-?

Alex Patr: S-Shhh- Whispers, all of you. I hear scuttling…

Fritz Opel: Scuttling?

Lake Kesler: You don't think it's a common creature like a Deathmoth, do you?

Alex Patr: Doesn't sound Deathmoth to me… do you guys remember the scuttling sounds when we saw the open graves? It's that exact scuttling

Fritz Opel: Shit- well… What do you think is the best course of action, Alex?

Alex Patr: You're handing the reigns to me?

Fritz Opel: You're in the field? Figured you'd understand the nuances of the situation. Maybe… try creep up on them, and keep your own safety over getting photos.

Alex Patr: Believe me, keeping myself alive was already my plan… The scuttling's just down this other hall. It's not really moving, mind you. It's just coming from one spot down the end of this hallway.

Fritz Opel: So it's not moving?

Alex Patr: I'd more describe it as it's… doing something. Whatever it looks like, it's moving, but just not travelling.

Fritz Opel: Are you getting closer to it?

Alex Patr: Yeah, I'm moving slowly as not to scare or alert it, but I'm still advancing in… Oh. It's stopped.

Fritz Opel: Wait, what?

Alex Patr: I-I know, I'm… it got a bit faint, and then it… stopped.

Lake Kesler: Are you safe? It'll still be there.

Alex Patr: I know, but nothing's attacked me yet? And… this level is quite small. It wouldn't be hard to kill me if these entities really- O-Oh fuck!

Lake Kesler: Alex-? Alex?? You're hyperventilating, what's wrong??

Alex Patr: There's a… I-I-I went to the origin of the scuttling… There's a… a…

Somalia Hanks: Alex, Alex… Take your time, wh-what's there? Speak slowly, describe it at your own leisure…

Fritz Opel:You're gonna be fine… okay? That entity's gone, you've got nothing to worry about.

Alex Patr: There… there is a… I think I found the missing explorer from 9.

Somalia Hanks: O-Oh- don't… she's not dead, is she?

Alex Patr: A-Assuming this person is a she. Their hair's tied back, and it's quite long too. But… a lot of their skin's ripped and melted off, the face is more skull than anything else. Eyes are… gone, a lot of the chest and torso's been ripped open as well, it l-looks sorta hollow, and… bloody. It's making identifying anything really hard, it's just human shaped viscera.

Fritz Opel: And there's no entities or anything around, right? It's… It's just a body there.

Alex Patr: There's definitely an entity around, it's just moved on from the uh… The girl. How long was this person down here?

Somalia Hanks: She would've went missing on the… 17th November, so about 13 days ago?

Lake Kesler: So… 13 days she was down here, then? Would she have been given supplies?

Somalia Hanks: We always give our explorers rations to survive for a few days in case they end up anywhere dangerous or far away. B-But given she was only exploring somewhere we thought was entitiless, I only gave them enough for a week.

Alex Patr: So she starved.

Fritz Opel: Or she was killed by an entity, either way she… she's probably been dead for a while.

Alex Patr: Yeah, the body is old. I-I can't believe I'm saying this, but should I get a picture of uh… Of her? Just so we know what happened to her.

Somalia Hanks: It'll help our labbies understand what happened to her, take a picture for us, but don't upload it to chat. I don't think we want to see it.

Alex Patr: I definitely didn't want to, I'll spare you you the visual imagery… I-I guess I move onto the dark hallway now?

Somalia Hanks: Do you think you'll be okay enough to do that?

Alex Patr: It's the last mile to explore, assuming there's not a whole manner of other hallways and rooms.

Fritz Opel: The level seems pretty finite so far, I doubt it?

Alex Patr: Suppose there's only one way to find out? Moving in now-

Somalia Hanks: Heard! I know I've said it before, but-

Alex Patr: Oh fuck, oh fuck-

Lake Kesler: Shit, not again. What's happened now?

Alex Patr: I found the source of the scuttling- ughf-

Fritz Opel: Alex?

Alex Patr: They're fucking crawling on me! It's- ah! The fuck!?

Somalia Hanks: Alex! What's going on?!

Alex Patr: There's- it's some fleshy shit! It's crawling to me, so many legs on them, weird eyes, god it looks like a rotting clump of red- GET OFF!

Lake Kesler: Alex! Move back! Move back! If you even can move back?? What's happening to you?!

Alex Patr: I'm trying to move back, these things are only small, kicking them away is easy. But there's 10 of them at least, and they're not leaving me alone!

Somalia Hanks: Where can you go?? Where have they pushed you back to? Can you follow back the rope??

Alex Patr: These things swamped me as I was going through the door, so that's a no!

Fritz Opel: The wells, then! Go down the wells!

Lake Kesler: Were there wells down both of those halls?

Alex Patr: No idea, I didn't check! One second, I'm pushing back, but they're faster than me by a scary degree. Shit, stay back! I'm telling you stay back! H-Help!

Fritz Opel: Alex?

Lake Kesler: He's gone silent-

Fritz Opel: I can tell, Lake! I can tell! He was close to one of those well, wait- which well was he close to-?

Lake Kesler: I hope it wasn't the flooded one-

Fritz Opel: That one was at the end of the hallway though, right? I doubt he got pushed that far…?

Lake Kesler: And if he did?

Fritz Opel: Oh shit- he could've drowned- f-fuck, we should jump in and save him! He gave us the exact layout of the place, we know where to go!

Somalia Hanks: NO! Do not go down there, you two aren't even trained in rescue operation, you have no idea what it's like!

Fritz Opel: We'll make it up as we go! We can even follow his rope!

Lake Kesler: Shit! The rope!

Fritz Opel: Lake! Lake what the fuck?!

Lake Kesler: It pulled! I wasn't expecting it to just PULL like that!

Fritz Opel: So you let go?! What the fuck??

Somalia Hanks: You let go?!

Lake Kesler: Yes! I did! It just pulled incredibly hard and I was going to fall!

Fritz Opel: You should've pulled back against it!

Lake Kesler: I DID! It was losing slack, so I pulled back out of instinct but it kept on trying to pull me back!

Fritz Opel: Was he dragged away then?? Oh god, I hope not-

Lake Kesler: B-But he can't have! It was just a constant, slip, No matter how hard I pulled it- it just kept slipping!

<Audio end>



Add a caption within the camera settings.

Date: 02/12/2025

<Audio start>

Fritz Opel: Alex?? Did you send that??

Lake Kesler: Of course he sent it! It's from his camera!

Somalia Hanks: He hasn't said anything to us yet-

Fritz Opel: Oh fuck, what if it's the entities that sent that??

Lake Kesler: It's not going to be the entities! H-He's fine!

Fritz Opel: You let go of the rope! There'd be a higher chance of him being okay if you just did your part!

Lake Kesler: Fritz! I told you! It just kept slipping!

Alex Patr: G-Guys, guys… I-I'm okay…

Fritz Opel: Alex! H-Holy shit!

Somalia Hanks: You sound hurt, Alex. What's happened to you?

Alex Patr: I got to that well with the sky inside of it, and I got a bit scraped on my way down it… Landed here after about a minute, b-bit scraped! And… a bit bitten and scratched, too… But nothing's followed me through.

Fritz Opel: You're sure nothing's followed you?

Somalia Hanks: And what level are you on, Alex? We need to come get you-

Alex Patr: I'm sure nothing followed me- And… I'm not sure, It's just a field?

Lake Kesler: Hm… Is it 10?

Somalia Hanks: Doesn't seem foggy enough, and the grass seems too short. Maybe it's 205?

Fritz Opel: Where do you think you are, Alex?

Alex Patr: I've… No clue. 10 or 205 sound about right, though?

Somalia Hanks: I'll gather the teams from El3A and 29 to head to 10 and look for you. If they can't find you on 10, then they'll use the exit there to go to 205 if they can't find you on 10.

Alex Patr: Heh… Heard. I'll be sat, though, standing up's extremely difficult right now.

Somalia Hanks: You're not banged up too hard, are you?

Alex Patr: Scratched, bitten, and possibly a little bit.. burned? Some of my skin looks bubbly, but it's settling in the cold air.

Somalia Hanks: That… doesn't sound good. I'll get some paramedics to come with those groups and get you. Don't move, try treat the bleeding if you can.

Alex Patr: I'll try… Waiting patiently for the crew to pick me up, heh…

Fritz Opel: And what do we do here back in 230?

Somalia Hanks: Well, I think initial exploration's over… You two can go back to 13.1, give your reports and hand over all the images and logs Alex and Lake got respectively.

Lake Kesler: Well, I'll be glad to get back… What do we do about the open grave here, though? And the others that are dug up as well.

Somalia Hanks: Is the ground still non-clippable?

Lake Kesler: Uhhh…. Nope, no it's not. Just kicked a small stone down, and it hit the dirt with a little bounce. The entrance has closed up.

Somalia Hanks: Feel free to just head home, then. Worst comes to the worst we'll have to send our speakers out to 230 to explain what's happened, but that shouldn't be too hard. Good work, you three. I'm just glad it all worked out.

Lake Kesler: Me uh… yeah, me too. Sorry I dropped the rope, Alex.

Alex Patr: Hey, it's fine… I assume you dropped it as I went down the well? You would've been going against the full force of gravity.

Lake Kesler: Still, sorry… I'll come see you in the hospital when you're back at 13.1.

Alex Patr: Well, I'll definitely be there! Heh… Switching my radio off, by the way… My head's ringing.

Somalia Hanks: Well, we may need it in future to know where you are, but… Don't worry about it. Just switch it on in about 10 minutes after your head settles, okay?

Alex Patr: Will do, Mrs Hanks…

<Audio end>

I'll admit, I thought Alex was dead. I really thought I fucked up by dropping the rope.

Hey, Lake, he's fine, we did it… No one in our team died.

I still screwed up, you said yourself.

I overreacted, I'm sorry. In hindsight, it's kinda obvious the rope started to slip because he began to fall down the well. My mind was just racing too much to see it.

I still screwed up, I'm better than this.

Why don't I stick with you, just for a little while. We can just order some food from that pizzeria and… I dunno, watch some films donated from 906. Sound fun?

Certainly not a bad idea. We should probably move off these messages, though, aren't these monitored?

Crap. They totally are as well. Hang on, I'll come grab you in person, can't believe you already started to leave lol.

I hate dark levels, didn't wanna stick around! I'll stop at the entrance for you, and we can keep talking there.

Heh, deal. See you in a second.

. . .

S.H. Diary. 2nd December, 2025. 🗁
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🖶 A 🖌 | 100% ▼ | normal text | Arial | - | 11 | + | B U

Well, after reviewing all of the data today from yesterday's exploration, I've ben commissioned by 4's PA Branch to get a level draft written. It's even been moved designation from PA-M54 to just a default PA117, good to see it's being recognised as a proper level, I'm not sure what else it could be seen as, frankly.

I am… still a bit shaken from that exploration, even if it was a day ago now. No one died, and Alex is being treated with only a few light scars on his arms and chest, but the pictures and what he went through seems… Horrifying. Especially with that picture of the explorer I sent to 9. I guess I'm a little softer, now. I remember those horrific bodies in 151 and not even flinching, and now… Here I am, feeling sympathy for an operative I don't even remember the name of.

I'm not going to tell anyone, since they did want me to write the page for PA117, but I'm going to give the writing task over to Holly. She'll hate me for it, since when isn't she grumpy nowadays, but I know she'll do it, worst comes to the worst I'll pretend she owes me one, hah.

Hopefully some future investigation on PA117 can be made in future, There's still that whole lower half that could host a whole manner of secrets and discoveries. But we're just waiting for approval on them. That well he came through seems to work both ways, so we don't need to worry about staking out different graves again.

However, I definitely don't want to be apart of this investigation going forwards, I'll help in terms of advice, but I'm not going to direct any further missions involving this PA. Perhaps I'll try to move back to a less hands-on job like some office-work. Though I refuse to move to 4 for that, the kids would hate it.

. . .

Well, I guess Somalia gave me this task. It's just a first draft. I'll cheese it a bit to get it out before the deadline. I'm sure the higherups will add the correct tone and format I can't be bothered to add.

Why am I even writing this down? Let's just get started with a template.


Class pending

  • {$one}
  • {$two}
  • {$three}

The lowest explored portion of PA117.


Pending Approval 117 is a finite and specifically organised array of catacombs and stone-like, claustrophobic hallways that are all completely made of bones and enamel. Besides those lights and wires, I actually have to wonder what they're made of.

Its structure, whilst quite proprietary, is one comprised solely of hallways either made of pulverised bone indistinguishable from stone found in caves, or of larger and overtly obvious bones that coat select walls within the level. The lattermost walls are predominantly comprised of limb bones like the Humerus,1 the Radius,2 and the Ulna.3 Other bones are also present that act as extra padding to these walls, the most notable of which being skulls, which are mostly witnessed to be stacked across in lines, as well as being sunken into the bone walls themselves. For the walls that are not overt displays of remains, the general structure of the different hallways is similar to porous and volcanic stone that ancient European Catacombs would usually be constructed out of. However, as referenced prior, the material of these rooms is the exact same as the bones from the other, more overt hallways.

Through unknown means, certain smaller bones from bodies are pulverised, or otherwise generally chiselled down and fused together, to create the more stone-looking hallways. These walls, despite their base material being of otherwise dried and brittle bones, are unusually tough, and subsequently allow for wanderers to easily walk along their mass without caving through the floor. We don't actually know this for definite, I'm just adding this in due to the fact that increased bone density feels like the best guess for why the first explorer guy didn't just fall through the floor at any point.

The air within PA117 is unusually musty and dank, most likely caused by the chalky nature of the level's structural makeup. The air itself is not inherently a risk to health, however prolonged exposure to the dingy and claustrophobic air has caused prior fear and panic into previous investigators.I know I used plural besides singular, even though only one person has been to this level so far, but I'm sure more explorations are going to follow.

Perhaps the general description is a little on the short side, but this level isn't exactly a grand trove of uniqueness. I don't think anything more needs to be added.

Specific areas

As previously documented, PA117's layout is that of an extremely specific nature, different to a majority of other Backrooms levels currently documented within the database. As such, subheadings, and subsequent descriptions, for each main area of PA117 have been created, and maps of said locations have been drawn for general aid when exploring this level. I wrote that last part without thinking. Don't make me draw a map.

The Top.


Obviously, map's not drawn yet. It'll be added in whenever someone draws it.


A view of the Blue Channel, as seen from behind a wall within this sector of the level.

This part will be broken for a while, since the lack of an image is messing with the format. Just ignore the visual glitches.

The Top of PA117 is comprised of a long, singular corridor comprised of the pulverised and fused bone material described above. This singular hallway is where wanderers entering the level will end up,4 as the two(Or four, if there are other wells on the other side of this hallway) wells from Level 205 and Level XXX are located on this hall. Whilst offering little in visual decoration besides old and dry bones scattering the floor, on either the left or right side of the hallway( depending on which entrances to the level one has used)[I'm just adding this here as a safety net for when two more wells will most likely be discovered.], there are two large openings within the wall that overlook a spiral shape in a wall behind, accumulating into a circular hole that looks outward and into The Blue Channel.

As with most rooms within PA117, there lacks a complete lack of general furniture or other items besides overhead, industrial lighting that is sparsely placed along the ceiling of the level, connected via exposed, yet insulated wiring.At least I'm assuming so, I'm just interpreting off of other images with that claim. The sparse amount of pictures of this area don't show off the ceiling.

At the centre of this singular hallway, between the two holes in the walls that look into the Blue Channel's windows, exists another hallway of similar width to the initial corridor, albeit with walls of either bricks made of the same pulverised bone as the aforementioned corridor, or of the larger array of bones and skulls. This hallway is what subsequently leads to the next area of PA117, known as "The Centre".

There's also a possibility that the entities in this level mainly kill or congregate in this area, given the exploration log. Though that's too much of a hypothetical at the moment to give a proper write-up to.

The Centre.


Still no map.


The intersection after following the other hallway down from the top area.


The main area of what is known as "The Centre", pictured here are the various entrances to the subsequent hallways within the main master hall.

The Centre, being one of the most cluttered and connected areas of the level, actas somewhat of a hub for the other areas of PA117.

Connected to the previously described hallway by a four-way pulverised bone intersection,5 The Centre is the closest draw to a "room" within this level, however its otherwise larger space is divided by walls of a similar height to the ones within The Top that looked into the Blue Channel. Creating a main pathway that's almost slimmer than the hallways that have come before it.

Like the starting hall, this area of the level is constructed out of pulverised bone material that mimics the design of porous rocks, with the walls, floor, ceiling, and the pillars unanimously made of this same material. The dividing walls that block either side of the entrance doorway into The Centre open at a semi-consistent distance of approximately every 3.5 meters. In total, there are fourteen of these hallways, or seven on each side.


The end of one of the many side hallways that connect to The Centre.

Down each of this hallways, which are equally as obstructed by walls as the master hallway,6 are yet more thin hallways. These hallways, much like the one that connect The Top with The Centre, are littered with large human remains that are, more or less, constructed of the same aforementioned bones listed above in the general description.

These hallways, varying in length going from tallest at the top to smallest at the bottom, are all uniformly straight, and are lit up by various industrial lights along the walls and ceiling, connected by exposed, yet protected wiring in a similar way to the previous areas.

No matter the hall that individuals choose to venture down, each hallway culminates into a flat dead-end, the end wall possessing the exact same composition as the other two walls on either side of the corridor. I'm putting a note to say that I expect further investigation will reveal more about these hallways, there's no way they just end.

The Sides.




A general representative image of how four of the twenty total rooms within PA117 look like.


An image depicting the sections of The Sides that have bones as their walls.

The sides are, by in large, one of the most complex areas of PA117, possessing a comparatively complex room layout, though one that still follows a linear pattern.

Access to The Sides is done by following either the left or right routes when coming in from The Top. Each corridor leads to two identically laid out sets or rooms, with the only difference being the general placement of bones within the rooms that openly display them.

The first and third rooms of each side of The Sides"The sides" will definitely need a new name, as will the rest of the other titles. They're extremely plain names. each resemble cylindrical, bone-filled rooms. The middles of these rooms, besides the third of each room containing a plinth within the middle of its circular flooring, are entirely hollow. Thus allowing a greater stretch of movement of around 10 meters from rough end-to-end.I'm just assuming based off the photos given, this may change in future expeditions.

Despite their almost identical appearances, the first and third rooms share one notable difference between their different architecture. For the first rooms, the doorway into the lower portion of the level is placed at a 90 degree angle to either the left or the right depending on which side one has chosen to go down.7 For the third rooms, the doorway will be placed on the opposite side of the room, directed at a 180 degree angle.

The second and fourth rooms of The Sides are similar in design to the hallway intersection that connects all areas of PA117 together, however they follow a far looser corridor structure, something especially true for the lower walls. The fourth rooms of The Sides follow an almost S-Bend as they move down to the remaining sixteen rooms of each side of The Sides.(Adding this here as purely a hypothetical, the provided images lack enough visual information to know if this is true)


The small array of doorways present towards one end of The Sides, found within the corridor room.


The lowermost area currently explored of PA117, specifically the small corridors found at the end of the doorway room,

Below the above four rooms is a separate room, though its of almost equal width to the previous and long fourth room that came before it, this fifth room is separated from the others by the fact that its construction is not that of the overt, large bones, but instead of the previously well established ground up and unrecognisable carcass parts.

This room, no matter which side one may be on, connects to a total of five other rooms. However, depending on which side of The Sides one may have chosen to explore, the direction of the hallway that is at a 90 degree angle to the previous hallway, as appose to the 180 degree angle difference the other four share, will instead be flipped.8

With the exception of the set of rooms that point inwards and to The Centre, each of these doorway openings each lead to almost identically designed, pulverised bone rooms. Having lights tucked back within indents in the walls.None of the images nor radio dialogue give any indicators as to what these are, so this note here so that hopefully it can be discovered and added in future. At each end of these hallways, there is a turn in the doorways between one identical hall and the next which tilts inwards towards The Centre. This, however, only continues on for a total of three hallways before the passageways come to an abrupt end.

From most currently understood documentation, The Sides do not outstretch any further than these three hallways. It must be noted, also, that these three-part hallways shrink in general size from the one closest towards The Centre.There aren't any accurate measurements I can take, I can't even guess since there's just no images of the other hallways. Best I can do is trust the word of the radio archives.

The Below.


A photo of the enshrouded Below, pictured from within The Centre.

The Below is an almost enigmatic portion of PA117, as it hasn't been explor

I'm not going to finish that, as I realised that this'll eventually get more written for it when future expeditions are done. Right now, the image is just here

PA117's Entities

Though no photographic evidence exists of the creatures, PA117 is home to at least 10 individual examples of fleshy, grotesque and drill-like organisms.The explorer who saw these entities first-hand isn't out from the hospital, so speaking to them is difficult when I'm on 138 right now. I'll just make up what I can interpret from the radio logs and how these entities presumably retrieved the bodies.

These creatures are fleshy, partially rotting collections of flesh and viscera, potentially originating from wanderers who are able to end up within PA117. Their structure is that of a varied and malleable multi-legged structure, being no more than about 2ft high.9 Presumably, the feet of these creatures possess a harder, more solid structure in order to be able to pierce and puncture the bodies of wanderers, as well as commit acts of grave robbing, which will be detailed later.

As well as this, these creatures also possess a series of sharp teeth on an unknown area of their body that, despite the malleability of the rest of their form, are able to leave considerable bite marks on wanderers they attack. As previously described, the actual locations of these teeth,(nor the shape of the teeth used themselves) are currently known to the M.E.O.D, though the current belief is these teeth are embedded inside their amorphous bodies, and can be moved to the needed areas of their body in order to attack.10

Whilst possessing the ability to attack, the main purpose of these entities is to steal dead bodies from various levels via noclipping them into various areas of this level, and assimilate the bones from the stolen deceased the level's walls, floors, and ceilings. As well as this, it is believed the remaining flesh and organs is then used to create these entities, given their visceral design and lack of a bone structure.


I'm not adding this part in, I'm not an archivist who knows what information to pull up. This was a pretty recent event, and I think someone else would be better suited to add it all in.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

"There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level"

I hope I get permission to remove this part.

Entrances And Exits

Going to do this bit first, it's usually the easiest.

PA117, prior to initial first contact where more permanent access and egress was discovered, was initially only accessible via the grave robbing described within the history section. However, after the first documented exploration of PA117 was completed, two "wells" were discovered that each lead to another level. There were most likely two more wells, but first investigation was cut short before they could be seen. Those two levels are as follows:

Level 205

  • Level 205 acts as both a mutual entrance and exit to PA117 through a singular well that exits within both levels. Within PA117, the well exit exists within the leftmost corridor at the end of the top hallway within the 4-way intersection. (I haven't actually written the main description yet, so this will be changed when I do a second revision.) This aforementioned well, should one decide to enter it, will deposit ones self into Level 205.11
    • On Level 205's side, the well exists approximately 400 meters from chain-link fence on the southern side, with the second nearest neighbouring fence being the eastern one at 850 meters. When using this method of exit, the same precautionary methods must be taken.12

Level XXX

First exploration never found out where this one goes, so I'm just going to put "XXX", can't be bothered removing the link parameters around it.

  • Within the same left corridor at the top of PA117, though this well specifically is at the end of the hallway, is a singular room at a somewhat lower elevation. Here, another well to Level XXX is placed. Its area is entirely flooded, and so the only way to use this exit is via swimming. Should one do so, one will arrive at Level XXX.

PA template reminder

  • When this Pending Approval is designated a name, ensure to swap out all highlighted mentions of the PA title with the aforementioned new title before official posting.
    • As an extension to this rule, ensure that one rereads the PA draft to ensure that any mentions of previous information obscurities, contradictions, and other such errors found by later documentation. Or, as an alternative, openly save previous drafts of PA documentation.
  • While this beta writeup is not a finalised or public draft, ensure to follow usual Main Extended Organisation Database writing rules and conventions.
  • Assumptions are to be used only when necessary. If a fact about the location being written is not factchecked, unproven, or a portion of the location's information is entirely unknown, state such in the article's contents.
Acting as one on the behalf of many

. . .

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:06 AM (10 minutes ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com


The first draft for PA117 has been completed, boss.

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:06 AM (10 minutes ago)
to me ▼
Wait, what? I thought that was assigned to Somalia. Why have you done it?

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:07 AM (9 minutes ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
Somalia wasn't feeling good today, boss. I think the exploration of PA117 is still on her mind. She asked me to write the first draft for her, and apparently I owed her one. So I did it.

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:08 AM (8 minutes ago)
to me ▼
And what about your own jobs? Looking at your profile, you're supposed to be doing questioning from the survivors of PA-E101. Not calling in favours for people.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:08 AM (8 minutes ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
I did the draft in my own free time, boss. My paid work hasn't been inhibited at all.

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:09 AM (7 minutes ago)
to me ▼
I'll trust you on that, fine. I'll read the draft you've sent, and let you know what I think.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:09 AM (7 minutes ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
Heard loud and clear, I'll wait patiently.

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:14 AM (2 minutes ago)
to me ▼
I've skimmed the draft, there are tonal and sentence issues as there always will be in first drafts. You also lean on assumptions, and have left too many notes still on the page, those can be left on external pages nowadays.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:14 AM (2 minutes ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
It's just easier to write with those notes, boss.

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:15 AM (1 minute ago)
to me ▼
I understand that. At the very least it will aid those in charge of working on revising this article easier. But those revisions will only come when a second exploration date is decided. Also, you'll have to draw the map.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:15 AM (1 minute ago)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
Wait, what? Why? I don't draw. Aren't there artists who can do it?

Leyland. <L.Locke@backroom.com> 12:16 AM (Just now)
to me ▼
Our readily available artists are busy creating graphics to advertise the new town on 994, or are doing restoration projects on 57. We need a map sooner rather than later for future explorations. You'll be paid for it.

Holly0679 <H.Clove@backroom.com> 12:16 AM (Just now)
to L.Locke@backroom.com
Fine, then. I'll draw the map when I can.

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Welcome to the M.E.O.D. media transcription archives.

You have accessed the audio transcribes for the CCTV surveillance footage of Level 13.1's Canteen 03, as per the search guidelines of:

during: 06/12/2025


The Main Extended Organisation Database holds the privacy and data of all of its inhabitants in the upmost regard, and does all it can to protect said data from any sort of threat, whether they be in-house or otherwise. These recordings, and later hand-translated write-ups, are not intended to act as a breach of privacy. Whilst every submitted video, audio recording, and even other written material is re-written into the M.E.G. Standard Format, this is only for the ease of potential investigation into illegal matters, documentation, and a general standard of clarity and uniformity with how media is documented.

At no point will the M.E.O.D. leak, or threaten to leak, any confidential information about its inhabitants, and nor will its audio and visual transcribes be accessible to those without express authorisation.

Acting as one on the behalf of many

<Begin Log at: 12:33PM>

Date: 06/12/25
Location: Level 13.1's Canteen 03.
Participants: Holly Clove(PA and AA interrogator)

Holly Clove: This is stupid…

[Sat on one of the quieter benches within the large mess hall, Holly Clove was hunched over the aforementioned bench. She had a tablet laid flat along the bench, and was hanging her head directly over it in a contemplative manner. The food she was eating at the same time taking up secondary importance to her, given that it was pushed away from her immediate view. Having a stylus in hand, she hovered it over the tablet screen, which was displaying a completely blank canvass in a drawing software. Holly constantly pondered, lowering the stylus down periodically in an attempt to start her drawing before pulling back on her hand. Usually giving a grumbling sigh afterwards]

Holly Clove: Why am I being given the task for this? I have other things I can be doing. If… If I do it poorly enough, they'll just get it replaced. I doubt they'll even use it for the final draft anyways, I'm sure the art department will be done with their current stuff by the time it's taken out of PA status.

[Reaching into a bag by her side, Holly fishes out and equips a set of old, slim headphones. Taking out a rather old phone after the fact as well. Cycling through some emails via the physical buttons below the small phone screen, Holly accessed an MP3 file and subsequently began to let it play. Keeping her stylus near to the screen of her far more modern tablet.]

Holly Clove: C'mon, just… skip to the part where he noclips in.

[Although staying rather motionless as she listens to the recording on her phone, Holly eventually begins to move her stylus downwards, pressing the tip against the screen. With a slow and singular motion, she began to draw a straight line on her canvas. Stopping after a few seconds before tilting the angle of her wrist and drawing another line of similar length. Overtime, Holly continued to do so for around a minute or so. Drawing an abstract, spider-like stick figure that she was presumably getting from what she was listening to.]

Holly Clove: Easy enough… Drawing the next part should be easy, and I can just flip it too.

[After briefly murmuring to herself, Holly waited until a few more seconds had passed before she began to draw again. Dragging a single line up from the odd drawing she'd done prior in a north direction, and stopping after long enough to draw a circle shape at the top of it. After drawing the circle, Holly then slowly began to drag her stylus up again to draw a line in similar length to the last one; drawing another on circle after it. After doing this, Holly briefly looked at what she'd drawn with somewhat of a furrowed brow. Deciding to use a select tool to select her drawing, copy it, flip it, and paste it opposite to what she'd already drawn. Connecting the two with a straight line between the two top circles, and briefly stopping afterwards. Looking at her drawing again with curious confusion]

Holly Clove: Wait- it's not… is it?

[After briefly pondering, Holly resumed her work on her tablet. Taking the stylus and drawing a vertical line through the middle of the most recent one she'd drawn. Dragging it downwards until the line met with the southern tip of the lowermost lines she'd drawn. Seeming rather hasty, Holly subsequently began to draw various more lines that were horizontal, rather than vertical. She drew seven of these lines in total, each one getting smaller in length until hitting the bottom of the line she drew, at which point she opted to stretch the original vertical line out further.]

Holly Clove: Oh- it's… that makes sense, holy shit. I can draw the rest of this from memory. Somalia needs to see this.

[After briefly murmuring to herself a another time, Somalia decided to switch off the recording from her phone, continuing to draw. She decided to draw a box shape on top of the most recent vertical line, leaving space between the long horizontal she drew before the vertical one, and the box itself. Afterwards, she used an eraser tool to carve out the areas from the box she wanted doing, creating a T shape within the rectangle, and then drawing too other lines right at the top of the box that were parallel to the topmost line of the T shape, having a gap between each other before reaching the middle. Afterwards, the only thing Holly did was add on four circles within the box with the eraser tool still being used. putting two on either left and right side of the box, and two just behind the vertical line of the T shape.]

Holly Clove: Yep, that's… well, I'll see what Somalia makes of it.

<End Log at: 12:57PM>

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Somalia. PA117 is a body.

Wait, what? What do you mean?

I apologise Holly, you've caught me at a bad time. Why are you messaging me through this, too?

PA117, the one you asked me to write about.

To answer the second question, last time I emailed you, you took 2 hours to reply to me. I know you're quicker to respond on here.

I know what you meant, Holly, and I'm sorry for not responding to you that one time. I'm just confused on the image you've sent me and the claim you've said, could you elaborate it for me?

What I just posted is a map of PA117. I wrote the draft as you asked me to, and left empty spots for the art department to draw a better map. Apparently art dep was busy, so Leyland asked me to.

And this is definitely the map of the place, right?

Do you think I'm lying about it? I had the original audio playing as I drew it. You were on radio as the whole event transpired, trace it back in your head and I'm sure you'll see it.

Oh gosh, you're right.

See? I told you.

So those entities that attacked Alex are building a body? Or the bones of one, at least. Can't imagine to what end.

God, it explains so much. There was always going to be a why this place was being built, these creatures are working on creating a creature. Do you think it's just the bones right now? Maybe there's flesh and organs outside of PA117?

No idea, I guess we won't know until we get a second exploration done. At least we have all the questions we need answering for the next expedition.

I suppose so, yeah.

How did I not notice that before? It seems obvious, no wonder the layout of the level is so specific, this was staring us in the face.

Missing this isn't something to blame yourself over, no one else realised either. I only did after very explicitly drawing a map.

I'm supposed to be intuitive enough to notice this, though! I'm one of the main investigators of anything anomalous, even now when I've got a cane and stupid meds! I missed something crucial with PA98 last year, and at least 20 died from that. Now I've done it again with 117!

Somalia, calm down… Please. PA98 is one of your only mistakes, and just like now, not a single other person realised it either. I understand you feel hurt by what happened there, but you missing the fact 117's a skeleton isn't a bad thing, nor is it emblematic of a trend.

It's emblematic of the fact I'm getting old, Holly. Even with slowclock, I'm still faltering. It's like if I somehow missed the orange glow if I were exploring Level 19 for the first time, or if I forgot to write that death is inevitable on 790.

You're not faltering, you're doing just fine. In fact, how about I do you a favour.

I'll… Humour it, go on.

Leyland wants an update to the Middlesorts page, apparently to add in some new interviews with its staff. It was supposed to me doing it after I finish some PA-E interviews, but I'll ask for you to do it instead.

Why, though? What better would I do that you can't.

Because I want to show you that you're not faltering at your job. PA98 was a hard hitter for you, and I'm sure that losing Andrew in The Prenatal was also tough on you as well. I'm giving you my job, and the pay you'd get from it too. Just to show you that you're still good at what you do.

Sure, then, I'll take the offer. I really don't know what to say other than thank you.

That's all you need to say, you're welcome.

Actually, that's a lie. I need you to organise and greenlight other explorations for PA117. I know you probably don't want to think about it still, but if you can do it I'd appreciate it. I'll even write up the final draft for it.

In that case, sure. Thank you for the help, I almost didn't expect it from you.

I don't mean that in a bad way, I apologise-

No it's okay. Losing the original Overseers and the conglomeration of BR has really affected me, things feel… Different.

They sure do, seems I'm not the only person who feels that way. You could always move to a more remote village? Ones like the people on 190 don't even have currency, which'd be a breath of fresh air for you.

I think it would be for everyone, I didn't expect to have to manage my economics ever again after first-noclip. But I think I'll stay in 13.1 for a while, just in case things improve.

I don't blame you one bit, it's why I stay on 11! That, and it's a good place to raise the kids. I'm going to get the next investigations organised, speak another time.

Likewise, and give Jason and the kids my love, too.

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Welcome to the M.E.O.D. media transcription archives.

You have accessed the audio transcribes for the CCTV surveillance footage of Level 13.1 Streetlamp Camera 6, as per the search guidelines of:

during: 19/03/2026


The Main Extended Organisation Database holds the privacy and data of all of its inhabitants in the upmost regard, and does all it can to protect said data from any sort of threat, whether they be in-house or otherwise. These recordings, and later hand-translated write-ups, are not intended to act as a breach of privacy. Whilst every submitted video, audio recording, and even other written material is re-written into the M.E.G. Standard Format, this is only for the ease of potential investigation into illegal matters, documentation, and a general standard of clarity and uniformity with how media is documented.

At no point will the M.E.O.D. leak, or threaten to leak, any confidential information about its inhabitants, and nor will its audio and visual transcribes be accessible to those without express authorisation.

Acting as one on the behalf of many

<Begin Log at: 04:59PM>

Date: 19/03/26
Location: Level 13.1's Streetlamp Camera 6.
Participants: Somalia Hanks(Home PA and AA investigator), Alex Patr(PA and AA interrogator, general field investigator)

Somalia Hanks:Ah, Alex! I knew I'd find you if I looked around long enough.

[In the street, Somalia Hanks had spotted and moved over to Alex Patr, having been looking for him for a while. She gave an overarm wave with her free arm, walking with a slight hobble on her cane as she approached him. Alex looked rather surprised at hearing his name called, turning his head to look over at Somalia and giving her a smile.]

Alex Patr: Somalia! I didn't expect to see you here, it's a pleasant surprise.

Somalia Hanks: Well, thought I'd check in with you… I could've done it over email or direct line, but I figured I'd see you in person! Check if your uh… wounds have healed, and the like.

Alex Patr: There's still scars, but other than that I'm doing okay! I'm even back on field work again, this time working on exploring the new PA118… It never ends, heh.

Somalia Hanks: Nice to see you're leaping back into action, I almost miss being spry enough to take an entity like that on the chin like you did.

Alex Patr: Eh, it's not the worst? PA118 is its own whirlwind of issues, though, I'll spare you the details.

Somalia Hanks: Message me them if you'd like? I'd be intrigued to read what stuff the PA team's getting up to nowadays…

Alex Patr: I mean, you can just check yourself, can't you?

Somalia Hanks: Nope, not anymore! I uh… I retired, handed in my letter to the big boss himself two weeks ago, and it got officialised the day before yesterday.

Alex Patr: Wait, really? How come?

[Looking down for a second, Somalia sighed for a brief moment before smiling somewhat and giving an almost playful shrug]

Somalia Hanks: Had a successful set of interviews in The Middlesorts, and figured I'd throw in the towel on a high note.

Alex Patr: You didn't get fired, did you?

[Somalia snorts, shaking her head whilst some faint laughter set in. Causing Alex to chuckle along with her. Afterwards, she repositioned her cane and glanced back up to Alex. Clearing her throat momentarily]

Somalia Hanks: No, no… Nothing like that. I'm old, Alex! I've got a husband, two kids, and a home to take care of. Juggling work amongst all of that just isn't practical at my age, at the very least I get a good pension and some good free gifts for the rest of my life.

Alex Patr: Well… It's a bold choice, but I admire it. Hopefully 11 doesn't become too much of a drag for you?

Somalia Hanks: Oh, it never has! Even with all the times I've accidentally ended up in 55, I'd prefer living there than anywhere else.

Alex Patr: I figure 13.1's too rustic for you?

Somalia Hanks: Too rural, too! I've always preferred the city, frankly it was either here, 147, or that black and white one I'm forgetting the number of.

Alex Patr: I'm just… glad to see my former boss is doing okay. I was just heading to the park for a jog, do you want to come with me so we can chat more?

Somalia Hanks: Nah, I want to give something to Holly, and I know I'd stop you from jogging if I went with you to the park. Just… Oh! Exploration on PA117 got finished yesterday, I think they're about to make the final writeup? It just needs a proper designation as either normal or enigmatic now.

Alex Patr: … Do you think I'd get to number it?

Somalia Hanks: You'd want it to be a normal, ey?

Alex Patr: Enigmatics are usually all pretentious and… stuff, I think I'd rather go for a number.

Somalia Hanks: Well, contact PA about it! I doubt I exactly have much clearance to do it on your behalf. Just make sure you message in before they pick one for you!

Alex Patr: It'd be weird having someone do it on my behalf anyways, I'll make sure to ask them before the day ends. I assume you'll be wanting go and meet Holly, now?

[After Alex spoke, Somalia sighed briefly and nodded, looking up at Alex and shooting him another smile before starting to turn her feet right and moving away from Alex to join with the light commute along the dirt road. Giving him a slight wave as she left.]

Alex Patr: Oh! Uh, do you think 206 is free?? It's a skeleton, it's kinda a funny pun.

Somalia Hanks: Pf, I like your thinking with it! It… should be? I want to think that consecutive numbers actually ends with 205, so you'll quite lucky if your request if it goes through!

Alex Patr: I'll send it in the second I'm home then, wouldn't want to miss a chance to keep up consecutive numbers.

[Somalia laughed a little bit, speeding up her walking, though only because her conversation with Alex Patr had concluded. With that, Alex also chuckled a little, watching Somalia go off and down the road before opting to leave the area himself.]

<End Log at: 05:20PM>

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