Level 18.1 — "The Lucid Abyss"

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I once had a dream unlike any other. A dream that transported me to another realm, leaving me spellbound and gasping for breath. As I traversed this surreal landscape, I stumbled upon a familiar sight—my childhood home, still standing tall and proud. As I approached the door, a figure materialized before me—my little sister, Daisy! Clad in that pale blue shirt, her golden locks shone with an ethereal glow, and a radiant smile adorned her face—a true masterpiece of beauty and grace that time cannot erase. A surge of emotion washed over me as we embraced, elated to reunite after an eternity apart. We spent the next hours reliving cherished moments, lost in a sea of memories from our childhood. It was an otherworldly experience I will never forget…


Class φ - Phi

  • Unsafe and Unstable
  • Psychological Torture
  • Imaginary Entities…?

Level 18.1 is the antithesis to all that is beloved and treasured, a jarring perversion of one's fondest memories, a tragic rupture of the heart's cherished sentiments.



"As I stand here, gazing upon the magnificent structure looming before me, memories of a bygone era flood me, causing an indescribable desire to embrace it, just like my parents used to, as if it were the last thing I'd get to hold on to…"

Level 18.1, feared and revered by a moniker most infamous—the "Lucid Abyss," is a forlorn and malignant eternity. The sub-layer itself corrupts one's most beloved memories from childhood into a malevolent abomination, a progeny of their nightmares, birthed and made real. The encounter is more than a mere descent into madness; it is rather an inexorable plunge into the darkest depths of depravity, where one's perception of reality is forever tainted by the abominable horrors witnessed within.

The Reverie

As one crosses the threshold into Level 18.1, they are suddenly and entirely engulfed by a fantastical realm unlike anything they have ever encountered prior. A beautiful, surreal amalgamation of the individual's most cherished memories will take shape before their very eyes, painted ornately against a lavish backdrop of magnificent outdoor scenes. The environment itself takes the form of an exaggeratedly vivid dreamscape, drenched in a kaleidoscope of colors that produce a stupefying, almost hallucinogenic experience, reminiscent of Level 18. Once one's eyes lay hold of this ethereal realm, they are impelled to cavort amidst the vivacious hues of memories that stir their souls. For some, an overwhelming emotional surge takes hold, as long-lost recollections that have hitherto eluded them now flood their consciousness with an almost ecstatic vividity. This overwhelming intensity propels their hearts to ascend to an unearthly realm of bliss, soaring on wings of rapture, transcending into an otherworldly paradise beyond mortal comprehension.

Above the vast expanse of Level 18.1 lies a vibrant sky of cerulean hue, adorned with fluffy clouds that exude an effervescent glow. These pearly white clusters beckon unto the beholder, inviting them to soar high and lay claim to their lofty abode, while gazing upon the cherished memories and lucid dreams embedded within. Indeed, the clouds beckon with an irresistible allure, offering themselves as a serene sanctuary in which to repose, and to bask in the mesmerizing splendor of the heavens above. Those who dare to venture into their midst clothe themselves within these ethereal formations, embracing these celestial bodies as their own, discovering the power to tame and ride these clouds at their leisure.

As one traverses the reverie of their own memories, ethereal gusts of wind begin to swirl and dance around them, conjuring a feeling of tranquil bliss. This serene sensation, akin to soaring through the heavens, makes even the most intrepid traveler feel weightless and free. By surrendering to the peacefulness that surrounds them, one shuts their eyes and casts aside the troubles of the world, allowing their innermost thoughts to take shape. Within the vast expanse of one's mind, anything they reminisce will materialize in a kaleidoscopic cascade, attempting to evoke a sense of nostalgia and unbridled joy. In these moments, with eyes still closed, the mind's creations burst forth into the world, as if summoned by some ancient, mystical force.

As I closed my eyes in fervent prayer, thanking God for yet another day of life, a strange sensation took over me. Suddenly, I felt weightless, as if I were being lifted off the ground. My sister was there with me, and we both ascended to the sky, landing on a soft, fluffy cloud. We looked down at the ground, enjoying the reminiscence of our childhood years, a tapestry draped across the landscape below. But something felt off—like I was missing a vital part of myself. My heart raced, and my breath became shallow. I turned to Daisy, and watched in horror as her expression twisted into a devilish smile, and struggled to inhale as the world grew darker. I saw her eyes—once full of warmth and kindness—now illuminated in a fiery red hue. Fear gripped me as I realized that something was terribly wrong…


"It was the moment of reckoning—the point of no return, when everything changed irrevocably, and the course of destiny was permanently altered."

As the hapless wanderer frolics through the winding paths of subconscious memory, blissfully ignorant of the malignant force lurking in the shadows, a foreboding transformation seizes the once peaceful cerulean heavens, casting an ominous glow upon the desolate terrain. All at once, the tranquil skies relinquish themselves to the sinister pull of a menacing full moon, unleashing a maelstrom of trepidation and paranoia upon the cursed soul.

As if seized by the very forces of darkness itself, those once-treasured and joyful memories are transmogrified into wicked delusions, akin to the petrifying depths of childhood nightmares or the most harrowing of past traumas lived within this labyrinthine dimension. Not only are the physical manifestations distorted, but the memories themselves are utterly perverted, twisted and defiled into horrific scenes beyond recognition, burned irreparably into the victim’s rapidly fracturing mind. This cataclysm is utterly inescapable. Alas, for those even less fortunate, a depraved and haunting mark1 will eternally stain their hapless soul. Driven to the very brink of insanity by the encroaching darkness, the individual teeters on the edge of oblivion, hopelessly lost in the grip of an all-consuming despair.

The Nightmares:

It is imperative that the individual does not dwell on their deepest fears. Beyond the perversion of cherished dreams, if one's mind wanders into their pre-existent phobias, this sub-layer will pounce upon such thoughts, and seize them for their victim’s misery. Twisting the surrounding reality to conjure the horrors fathomed, it will bring them to life before their victim’s very eyes. Even for those of the strongest constitutions, who, at this juncture, yet succeed in calling forth a benevolent dream, this realm will spare no mercy in distorting the very essence of that dream into a nightmarish inversion of its former self. The transformations may be ceaseless, a perpetual cycle of dread and terror, with each iteration more harrowing than the last, manifesting as a conglomeration of the victim's deepest fears into a single, inextricable nightmare. The effect is paralyzing, inducing a sense of immeasurable doom that can leave even the strongest of wills frozen in terror.

Despite the greater likelihood of nightmares metamorphosing into different forms, there remain a haunting possibility that the first nightmare the wanderer confronts will linger indefinitely, ensnaring the victim permanently in the confinements of their singular initial torment. There is no escape; no hope of even gradual desensitization toward the horror of their recurring nightmare. The Lucid Abyss asphyxiates its victim with the incomprehensible notion that terror is the sole means of salvation, manipulating them into falsely believing that this purgatory is their ultimate paradise.

Psychological Torture:


"Could it really be her? After all these years of searching, could my beloved Daisy finally be within my reach? Daisy, my love, answer me! Is it truly you?"

The wanderer's path is paved with unspeakable horrors that not only haunt their every step, but seep into the very fabric of their being. As they traverse the darkened abyss, they are relentlessly tortured by a malevolent force—one that seeks to shatter their psyche, which drains them of vigor and reduces them to mere shells of their former selves.

Ensnared by its cruel machinations, one is trapped in a first-person view, forced to helplessly witness their past self or some forlorn stranger ruthlessly tormented by a cavalcade of horrors, weaved of not only their own fears, but of the phobias of all the damned who had perished before them. Even should a wanderer overcome their abject terror toward such sights, they are yet consumed by an overwhelming guilt, an abhorrent disgust at their powerlessness to intervene, an unrelenting despair that threatens to devour their very being. The searing pain that rages within leaves them questioning whether they too will be subjected to such a horrifying fate, harrowed by the lingering sense of foreboding, the sinking feeling that they are bound inevitably to face a similarly tragic end.


In the treacherous and foreboding realm of Level 18.1, the shroud of obscurity induced upon one’s fractured psyche veils all that may physically reside within. Despite the lack of recognizable cryptids dwelling within this sinister domain, the wandering souls who dare to tread here are plagued by their own inner demons and incessant phantasmagoria; crushing their spirits and shattering their souls. The cavernous depths of this vicious sub-layer serve as a breeding ground for countless illusions, delusions, and figments of one's imagination—all lurking in the shadows, waiting to ensnare their unsuspecting prey. If one were to evoke memories of a beloved individual who had had a profound impact on their former life—these too would be distorted beyond recognition.

As my vision slowly returned, I caught a glimpse of my sister, standing before me. Her horrific, fiery eyes and ominous grin were thankfully extinguished, and yet were replaced with a melancholic, hollow stare. Struggling to regain my senses, I found the two of us surrounded by a thick veil of darkness, with only the faint glow of distant streetlights illuminating my path. The horrors had, for the moment, subsided; Daisy and I were left now in a foreboding, eerie calm. The fear in her eyes was palpable as we set out into the darkness, but she took my hand, and entrusted me with her safety. Together, we navigated the gloom, my hand her lifeline in the abyss.

Without warning, she stopped in her tracks, her body drained of color. She collapsed on the ground, her eyes glazing over, her skin pallid and icy to the touch. It was as if her very soul had been sucked away, leaving behind a lifeless shell. And then it happened: a grotesque, wriggling limb, like that of a spider, sprouted from her chest. She lay there, helpless, as her form twisted and transformed before my very eyes. I watched in disbelief and horror as she became my worst nightmare come to life—a gargantuan arachnid, with legs that stretched on into perpetuity, multiplying like a centipede's.

Vivid, horrifying, and unyielding auditory and visual hallucinations, spawned from blissful reveries, dominate the senses with a distorted and fevered panorama and soundscape, echoing and emanating like a maddening surge of chaos. Those who find themselves exposed to these malevolent mixtures will feel their defenses crumble. As the victim's psyche plunges yet deeper into the chill of despair, the Lucid Abyss looms fatefully still, its deadly elixirs of dread constricting and engulfing their prey, until they are consumed forevermore by its gruesome energies.


The Promised "Mysterialand"


"My peaceful past seems like a lifetime away, a fading memory that I can never retrieve. It's as if my soul has been robbed of its serenity, leaving me with nothing but a haunting ache of what was once a joyful existence."

Wow! I'm in "Mysterialand!" It's the most amazing place ever! It's full of magic and wonder and anything I can imagine! I see so many colors and shapes all around me, like a giant playground that never ends. There are no monsters or bad things here, only happy thoughts and dreams that come true. I'm going to explore every nook and cranny of this place and have so much fun! I can do anything I want and be anything I want to be, just like in a fairy tale. It's a place where kindness and friendship thrive, and everyone is happy to help each other out. I feel so alive and full of energy here, and I know that I can do big things and make all my dreams come true. I'm going to embrace everything that comes my way, because I know that there are endless possibilities waiting for me.

Everyone here is so nice and friendly! They all welcomed me with big hugs and smiles! I don't need to be scared here, because it's a place where magic and love make everything okay. I get to play with so many new friends and explore this amazing place together! It's like a big party where we get to dance and sing and have fun all day long! There are so many different things to see and do, like chasing butterflies, playing hide-and-seek, and having picnics with delicious snacks. We're all different, but that doesn't matter, because we're all friends here. We get to be ourselves and have fun together. And guess what? I get to see all my family and pets too, and it makes me so happy to be with them again! We get to have fun and play like we used to. It's the best feeling ever! I feel so special and loved here. It's a place where I belong, and I never want to leave!

Entrances and Exits:


  • If any brave soul dare to conjure a memory of a childhood nightmare while traversing the deep, dark recesses of their subconscious within The Backrooms, they will be inevitably allured towards the Lucid Abyss. It is there that the most nefarious horrors lie in wait, ready to pounce on their unsuspecting victim. Wandering within Levels 14, 18, 612, 666, 854, or the cruel Barnaby Bun's Fun Emporium should impel the greatest caution, for entrance to such treacherous territories are far more likely to lead one straight into this diabolical sub-layer.
  • Rarely, the gentle embrace of slumber can suddenly seize the one at rest, dragging them, against their volition, into the wicked and agonizing depths of the Lucid Abyss.

The very fibers of my being transformed into ice as I gazed upon the looming monstrosity before me. My heart thundered in my chest as the spider-like creature's thousand unblinking eyes transfixed on my every move, each resembling spider eyes and human pupils. Then, as if ripped straight from my mother's voice, an urgent whisper echoed in my mind, imploring me to flee from certain doom. But before I could even react, the abomination's centipede-like legs sprang to life, each severed limb slamming into the ground with the force of a sledgehammer, causing the earth to shatter beneath me. Terror pulsated through every inch of me as I fled for my very life, acutely aware that someone I trusted had maliciously deceived me, inciting my inescapable fate. I had to get away—my life depended on it…


  • A familiar voice, like a siren call, echoes throughout the depths of your nightmares, beckoning you back to safety. Feel the darkness of the night surround you, and let the voice guide you back home.

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