Level 18.1 — "The Lucid Abyss"

Level 18

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Class 1

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Level 18 is the 19th Level of the Backrooms. It resembles a childhood memory from your past.


Level 18 appears different to every viewer, however, every viewer has noted it to be similar to a childhood memory. The age range of this childhood memory ranges from 2 to 5 years old. The most common appearance it can undertake is a preschool or a daycare. However, in cases where neither are present, it will resemble things such as a childhood bedroom, classroom, or playground. In very rare cases where the wanderer in question had no such memories, the room will resemble an empty void and will not affect the wanderer.

Level 18 has numerous "voices" whispering to you whilst wandering. These voices can whisper a variety of things, however, the most common things it'll whisper are your biggest regrets or biggest mistakes. It is unknown how the room gains knowledge of these events, and as such, it is nearly impossible to suppress these voices. Level 18 is also capable of resurfacing deep-seated memories, which are forgotten. For example, dead childhood animals can be found, and will often cause the wanderer to enter a deep emotional state, even if they have no memory of the animal. Allergies are suppressed, through unknown means.

. . .

As you lie there, it's the laughter of children that haunts you, dredging up memories
of those traumatic nights that you buried deep down, never daring to relive them again.

But those voices, oh those taunting, mocking voices, won't let you ever forget.

They remind you of the monsters that lived under your bed, the shadows that crept
in the corners of your room, and the pain that you once thought you had buried for good.

It's as if they know your deepest fears, and they take pleasure
in tormenting you, making you relive those horrors that you thought were long gone.

You try to resist, to push those voices away, but they persist, slowly consuming
you bit by bit, as if they want you to relive the nightmares all over again.

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