Integration Point Symphony 6


You shake off the dust from your white robes before tightening the bandages around your fists. You wipe the blood off your lips, grab your tome from the floor, and continue walking through the rubble. You made an oath to never take a life, and you'll uphold it no matter how many scars they give you. There's at least a hundred more outposts like the one you just razed- and you've wrecked another hundred on your way here. Every fiber of your body aches, but you can't stop just yet.

The sun's about to set in the horizon. The hot wind drags sand and smoke through the air. You search through the rubble, helping any unfortunate enough to be stuck under it. The confusion on their faces is nothing new to you. You just destroyed the entire compound they worked in for years, why would you be helping the people within? Some of them try to fight you, nothing a little spell can't fix. You give each of them some water and something to eat, and after making sure you've left no casualties and everyone's okay, you open your tome and vanish from the scene, returning to the forest path you've walked thousands of times. You don't have time to appreciate the scenery as you enter the next cave just a few meters ahead, your tome open in your left hand and a blade of light on your right.

The wind drags your robes behind you as you delve deeper into the cave. You know where this will take you- to the heart of a stronghold, where you'll be an expected and unwelcome guest. You take a deep breath, as the solid polygons of light surrounding your arms dissipate into pure lines of energy that flow through you, taking the shape of wings behind your back.

It's a suicide mission, and you know it. The odds are stacked against you, and even if you bring this one base down, there's plenty more out there. You grab the sapphire pendant on your neck, and remember what brought you here.

Cygnus has fallen, but you have not. A glimmer in the dark, a final shred of hope, past, present and future, all lay on your aching, scarred shoulders. You take one last step towards the exit, and your world begins to fade to white. In your mind, lies a name given to you by those you strive to bring down, a moniker the so called "Future Imperfect" have come to learn to fear.

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