Integration Point Symphony 5


You reach for your face, slightly adjusting the Mask you're wearing. You're here for a simple mission. Extraction. Tristan got his hands on a newly masked girl named Millia Volkov, and you're here to get her out of his claws. You can see a lot of things from the rooftops of Level 11 if you know where to look, so you move quickly through the skyline, getting a good view of the main entrance to the M.E.G. Tower.

You stand still, focusing on the main door just a few meters below. At any point, Millia, as well as Tristan and the rest of his team, could arrive on the scene, and from there, you had only a few minutes to make your move. You crouch without a sound, your eyes still set on the door. You can hear your own heartbeat.

And then… you spot Millia's long, blond hair. She's still wearing her mask, and you know damn well how risky it is for her to keep it much longer. You stand up, take a deep breath, and run towards the edge of the building, leaping forward. You close your eyes for a second, and let your mask handle the rest. You've heard stories of former mask wielders who were granted various "gifts" when they were first masked. You even met some of those people. Pyrokinesis, control over plants, etc.

You weren't jealous of them. After all, you had one hell of a gift yourself.

The gift of lightning.

You smile as electricity flows through you, and you through it, propelling you towards Tristan as you ride the lightning down to the ground. You land right in the middle of his team in a flash of light, staring at Millia. You had to act quick, so you reach into your pocket to pull an old, dusty book, grabbing Millia's wrist and pulling her to you. One of Tristan's henchmen tries to knock the book out of your hand… but your fingers already touched the signature on the cover.

Your world fades to white, and you turn to Millia, who seems to still be processing what had just happened.

You smile as your surroundings shift into a vast library, a place you're quite familiar with. The Cygnus Archive. You let out a sigh of relief, after all, this lightning-fast rescue could have gone wrong in at least thirteen different ways.

You step into the office, expecting to be welcomed by Madame Blanche, but instead you're welcome by her protégé, Evangeline, one of your closest friends, who has been there for you since the first time you put the mask on. You warmly greet each other, and you take the chance to introduce Millia to her. Soon after, Madame Blanche shows up, and the four of you have a long chat over a nice cup of tea and some biscuits.

You take off your mask, laying it on the table. Millia had done the same a while back. Staring at it, you're reminded of all that brought you here, your duties, the importance of your role as a leader. You feel rather proud of yourself. Nibbling on a biscuit, you stare at Evangeline, chuckling when she refers to you not by name, but by title.

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