Integration Point Symphony 4


The halls of Level 1 were rarely this calm. Not that it bothered you. Neither did the smell of death, or the feel of the corpses under your feet, or the sound of gunfire coming from the other end of the hall, or the sprinkles of blood landing on your face, or these people's puny, futile efforts to stop you.

You didn't even react to their ambushes or pathetic attempts at attacking, or their screams, or… anything, really. You kept walking forward, numb and aloof, as everyone around you gets eviscerated by an unseen force. On the floor, soaked in blood, lie a myriad of things. Severed limbs, broken masks, bullet casings, makeshift weapons, torn uniforms, and the emblems of the groups foolish enough to stand in your way.

In a matter of minutes, your footsteps are the only noise heard in Base Alpha. Your mission is complete. You look to your phone, waiting for any updates. After a few minutes, a message pops up.


You smile. How long have you waited for this? It's been so long since you last paid Blanche a visit. This will be the last one. Beneath the black helmet on your head, your expression reveals a certain morbid excitement. Sehnsucht knows you're not exactly in line with the other Knights, but you get shit done, so who cares?

You turn around, leaving the office you were in. The bodies of the "M.E.G.'s finest" lay on the floor around you, and you notice one of them is still breathing. Not for long, though, as the tip of your boot hits the side of his skull with a loud, satisfying crack.

You walk through the sea of blood, corpses and loose body parts effortlessly, occasionally staring to the ground to see the fruit of your work. All those nuisances, cleared out by yourself and yourself alone. You feel proud of yourself. You find a book on the hands of what remains of Overseer-C, leafing through it and dragging your finger across that same old signature.

As your world fades to white, you think about how you got here. You think about a past you're not meant to remember, you think about how you were kidnapped and taken to a lab, you think about how you were turned into the perfect corporate killer, and you revel in it. Your final target lies ahead of you, a horrified expression on her face. As you take your first step towards her, your mind circles back to the codename you were given.

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