Integration Point Symphony 3


You make the final adjustments on your microphone, tapping it a couple times as a test. The studio's quiet, for now, at least, as everyone's setting up their instruments and microphones and cables and whatnot. From the studio window, the Funky Dealer gives you a thumbs up. Kaiser nods, smiling. You look back. Axel's already playing with his guitar, spinning it around his back. Dawn is chewing bubblegum, idly playing with her drumsticks. Kayn is quiet as usual, staring at his phone, with his bass guitar by his side. Faith's checking some cables on the back of her keyboard, making sure everything is connected properly.

You wait for everyone to get in position, fidgeting with the microphone cord. Once everyone's ready, and the recording starts, Axel begin playing a familiar guitar riff. Kaiser requested you to play that song, as he usually does, as a sort of sound check.

Everything's working perfectly. It's to be expected, Level 714 has a few weird quirks to it. For example, you could play any instrument there, even if you've never seen it before.

You take the microphone out of its stand as Kaiser tells you you're ready to record. The Funky Dealer counts down from 3, and you're on air now.

Axel wastes no time playing the opening riff, clearly having the time of his life. Dawn joins him on the drums shortly after, and you can feel Kayn's incredible bassline in your heart. Faith finally hops in on the fun, her nimble fingers running up and down the keyboard.

It's your turn. You grab the microphone, and your voice, broadcast to thousands through Future Funk Radio, takes center stage among the instrumental sounds. You're having a blast, and looking back, your friends seem to be enjoying this too. New Horizons's debut on radio seems to be a smashing success, judging by the Funky Dealer's reaction. Kaiser has a wide grin on his face. The band is having the time of their life. Time seems to fly…

Recording stops, but Axel begins to play a riff you've heard countless times. Kaiser laughs, picking up a guitar of his own and joining in on the fun. Dawn, recognizing the song, gives her all on the drums. Kayn and Faith soon hop in on the fun. Your mind is clear, as the lyrics flow effortlessly from your brain to your lips, as if you had sung them a million times, which, truth be told, you probably did. You take a moment to breathe before singing the chorus, that first verse echoing through your thoughts.

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