Hypothetical Creator 1

Entity Number: N/A, internally referred to as PA-E01



The observable universe of most Frontrooms presented alongside the observable multiverse of the Backrooms.

The Hypothetical Creator is not a name for an entity that exists, but is instead the overarching term for one or multiple living or inanimate object(s) that exist above all others, even above entities or levels that claim to have a hand in the founding of reality such as Icarus Procidens or The World Factory. Due to the nature of what an entity like this would be, every aspect about it is exclusively hypothetical and speculatory. Its actual physical appearance and behaviours cannot be mapped, only how it would hypothetically act when viewed through the limited lens of a short life-spanned mortal such as us humans, or other similar sentient creatures that live (or lived) amongst us.

A creature such as this would be more powerful than everything below it, most likely made in a plane of existence above our 3rd dimension, or perhaps above any non-Euclidean dimension. As even inanimate objects that are built in higher dimensions would have complete, unadulterated access to our dimension,2 the Hypothetical Creator could theoretically be anything following this logic. It is even possible that the creator exists outside of any dimension entirely, in a state void of any height, width, or depth to speak of.



Quarks, the smallest known elementary particles in all of creation.

The look of this, or these, potential being(s) are not one that can be actually described in-depth, and even basic hypothesis proves incredibly difficult to do. Although the Hypothetical Creator would be similar to little understood beings such as Æga'ph and other pillars, wherein they have a body which is "forbidden"3 to witness, the Hypothetical Creator's body would most likely not follow the exact same rules. Assuming such a being is even corporeal to begin with, it can be assumed that their assortment of matter is not one familiar to any witnessed in either the Frontrooms or Backrooms. A creator above all other creations could be above all else for a number of different reasons, including its material makeup. It may be formed out of alien molecules, atoms, or perhaps even fundamentally different elementary particles. As such, the Hypothetical Creator may not be able to be witnessed purely because its form is not built for us, instead of any external factors and information blockages. Such a form may not emit heat, radiation, have any way of determining its age, and could have a completely different atomic mass to anything currently known, if their body were to have any atomic mass to begin with.

Whilst the Hypothetical Creator would most-likely exist in a higher dimension, something very few god-likes seem to be, some parts of its body could still be visible to the naked eye, assuming the point addressed prior is incorrect. It could, therefore, have internal and external organs built in shapes and patterns alien to the conventions of any species. Their atomic and subatomic construction could also be completely alien, perhaps not one made of even the basic elementary particles that are the building blocks of known creation, with even the possibility that they have no subatomic construction at all. As nothing not made of elementary particles exists in the M.E.G.'s inventories, or is even mentioned anywhere in the General Public Database, it is unknown what the reaction would be to such a substance. However, as human beings inherently use things like mass, weight, and heat to gauge and analyse the world around themselves, it is believed that a lack of those feelings would be what causes an instinctual and universal unnerve.

The Hypothetical Creator may also possess a size otherwise bewildering to the standard connotations of what a god would entail. It may be something infinitely small, or at such a scale where the entire Backrooms Multiverse is that of a simple atom to them. Despite being a potentially uncontested one above all else, that is not to say that known creation was built necessarily to facilitate their needs.



The Eyes of Argos, a group led by an entity which has ideals and morals only its most devout members understand.

As with other elements of this page, the fact that the Hypothetical Creator is a theoretical construct limits any exact judgements on how it would act. Its methods of acting would vastly change depending on why it made all of creation, and why it made it in the way that it did. Whilst an entity of this nature may at least recognise the basic parallels of good and bad or right and wrong, as is the case with beings of all levels of abilities, the nuances of those opinions would be incredibly complex, and most likely not ones that could be understood. Much like groups in the Backrooms that are entity led or are of an entity majority (such as the Eyes of Argos or the Backrooms Remodeling Co), their differently wired brain—should they even have such a thing—coupled with their generally higher level of existence means that justifying any of their actions under our knowledge of reason would be an infallible task due to their immense difference from us.

It is also possible that this hypothetical being does not even have a perspective on binary ideas we consider to be simple and universal, and may have completely different binary ideas (if any) that we cannot even fathom.

With our understanding of time and quantum physics, it can at least be assumed that this being experiences both of those differently to us in order to have made creation. Assuming this god, for lack of a better term, has made reality in their image (much like humans do in their own work) it can be assumed that all of the laws we abide by are mere simplified versions of what they experience regularly. In a similar sense that all computer simulations we create are simplified versions of our reality with excessive limitations, it can be assumed that what potentially created us has done something similar. As such, experiencing whatever it does (or even what it is made of) may simply be impossible, as what they do, look like, and are comprised of are simply not meant for our eyes.



A simplified diagram of the creation and subsequent expansion of the universe, a process no currently catalogued living thing has seen in its entirety.

The Hypothetical Creator, due to its nature, cannot be discovered. Whilst countless hypothesis on its existence have been made which, theoretically, would discount even being able to witness it, there is a greater factor which ultimately forbids any human-like mortal from finding it. Despite our perception of time misconstruing how long human history feels to span back, in reality it is known that humanity is (and most likely will be) a mere blip in the grander history of the universe. Even taking into account earlier species of humans, the entire human race has not even been present on earth for a billion years. When taking into consideration that the universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, and will continue to exist for another one hundred trillion, humans will not have even existed for a single percentage of that time. This contrasts differently to many god-likes currently catalogued both on the M.E.G. database and the GPD itself, as many of those usually unnumbered entities are extremely tied to humans and human ideologies, such as the idea of living concepts or gods which are weakened by our technological progression.

For anything, inanimate or otherwise, to be able to exist for hundreds of trillions of years intact, its speed in relative to us would most likely be incredibly slow. Much like how other immortals may perceive time differently, a being which predates creation would most likely experience time at a faster rate to actually make the details of the multiverse that—to us—would take millions of years. Assuming that this is how the Hypothetical Creator operates, then no mortal lifespan would be able to see even a single action it performs, nevertheless comprehend a single action in a vacuum, and no immortal to-date has existed for long enough to witness such a thing either.

Ignoring all other speculatory ideas about the Hypothetical Creator's composition and thoughts, its perception of time is the great equaliser in why it could never be witnessed. On top of this, because of their long lifespan in comparison to the short one of the human race, this hypothetical being may not be aware of our existence, or at the very least remember it once it is over. The same would be true for any species that has existed or currently does exist, even with immortal beings, and as such it is incredibly unlikely that anything it does would be for us exclusively.

Its existence:


An interpretation of what the oldest forms of light look like, light which originates from the very edge of the known universe.

The existence of the "Hypothetical Creator" has been cultivated for an extremely specific purpose, existing as a theoretical thought experiment about what comes above what are currently regarded as the gods of reality.4

In both the early days of the General Public Database, and especially the M.E.G. Database, finding powerful entities was regarded as a commodity. Thus, the trend of solely cataloguing them under a unique name rather than an organisational number was utilised to highlight the power of such individuals. However, overtime more of these individuals were discovered, especially when the long-dead Backborn mythologies of the Pantheon and the Gods of Griots were unearthed. Whilst some known entities are incredibly powerful, some even able to change reality around them with thought, the number of individuals able to do this has brought forth a level of re-evaluation within the M.E.G.

The power that some of the unnumbered entities catalogued contain is not to be understated, as to humans their will over reality appears godlike. However, even with their power, the question of raising the ceiling has persisted to return the unique listing back to what it was designed for. This questioning gradually led to the idea of the Hypothetical Creator, a being which cannot be catalogued because of what it connotes, an idea trapped in perpetual limbo. It cannot necessarily be confirmed nor denied, hence why it eternally exists in a Pending Approval state, but the possibility of its existence is too important not to catalogue.

Closing Notes:

As briefly touched upon with mentions of higher dimensions, it is distinctly possible that there are beings above the Hypothetical Creator itself. Assuming this to be true, the title "Hypothetical Creator" can instead be treated as a title passed on to the next higherup in the chain of life. It has always been fascinating to discuss what comes above humans, what would come above them, and what would come above even them. This incarnation of what would be dubbed the Hypothetical Creator is the next step-up in that line of thinking, and it is ever possible that something created the creator itself. Although such a concept could not even be described rationally when its creation is not even understood, perhaps future advancements will raise the ceiling one more generation above, allowing discussion on the next Hypothetical Creator.

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