Hypothetical Creator 0


<Begin Log>

Date: 20/10/20
Location: Level 1, Base Alpha, Kat Zimal's office.
Participants: Kat Zimals (Overseer-B), Tilly Waite ("Intern")

[Kat's desk was neat and organised, something only possible with their distinctly lessened workload in light of recent internal changes. Their trays of paper were sparse as a result of said changes, save for a little origami quadruped that she'd made from some unimportant file. She yawned loudly, leaning back whilst glancing up at the camera in the corner of the room, giving it a brief glare as she got comfortable. All was quiet for a while, but she suddenly snapped forwards when the door was knocked on. She leaned forwards and put her chair back on all its legs, accompanying that with dotting some stationery around her desk to look as though she was at least a little busy.]

Kat Zimals: Uh, come in.

[Following their comment, the door slowly opened, with the (at the time) newly noclipped individual Tilly Waite scooting inside Kat's office. She had a clipboard and tablet in both her hands, walking up to the Overseer's desk with a general and constant anxious demeanour. Upon reaching Kat's desk, she reached both her hands towards them, handing them the two things she had. Kat looked at them confusedly, opting to discreetly swipe the origami animal off her desk now that Tilly was closer.]

Tilly Waite: I… have a thing here for you? I was told to come over to you to pass this through an Overseer.

Kat Zimals: Well, let's see it.

[Kat took both the clipboard and tablet, setting the former aside to scroll the tablet's screen with somewhat of a bored face, one which quickly became confused.]

Kat Zimals: I don't deal with this Database stuff. You sure this isn't for Justin or Andrew?

Tilly Waite: Well, they're not available right now. They're kinda busy.

Kat Zimals: Doing what? Don't tell me Andrew's back to his whole 'the greater good' schtick. I don't want his milf giving him another beating for another incident.

Tilly Waite: His… What? And What did he do?

Kat Zimals: …Don't worry about it. Look, can't you pass this to an underseer?

Tilly Waite: I don't, uh, know any.

Kat Zimals: What, are you new?

Tilly Waite: Yeah, kinda?

Kat Zimals: Huh, well, fair enough. You can leave, by the way.

Tilly Waite: Do I not need those back…?

Kat Zimals: Oh. Uhh… No, it's fine. Just tell whoever you're working with that I'll hand it back. I assume you're actually living inside Alpha?

Tilly Waite: Obviously-? I don't dare travel.

Kat Zimals: Wow. You really are new.

[Kat rolled her eyes, waiting until Tilly turned around to lean back in her chair. She began to scroll the page handed to her on the tablet, her face immediately morphing and drooping into one of immense boredom. From what can be determined, Kat did not even reach beyond the first paragraph of what she was given, and simply dropped the tablet onto the desk. Tilly jolted a bit in surprise, suddenly turning around.]

Kat Zimals: Are you fucking with me, lady?

Tilly Waite: Am I what? I don't think so?

Kat Zimals: Then why did you give me this? What do you want me to even do with it, give it the tick to be uploaded?

Tilly Waite: Honestly, I don't even know. I think it's just because it's an unnumbered entity, they want it pushed through one of you guys?

Kat Zimals: Yeah, that's how it used to work… Our standards have plummeted since then, let me tell you.

Tilly Waite: Okay…? What do you want me to do then?

Kat Zimals: Psh… Well… Well… You can stay right there, actually. The other two will put anything with a pulse on our god list-

Tilly Waite: I think it's called the unnumbered entities category?

Kat Zimals: Whatever, they're synonyms. Andrew and Justin will just toss any old thing on that list, I Won't be doing that. Let's hold this little bastard up to some scrutiny, shall we?

Tilly Waite: Okay…

[Outstretching her arm and shoulder, Kat just about reached the tablet again whilst still leaning back in her chair. Tilly waited for Kat to speak whilst she silently read both the tablet and clipboard, glancing to the door anxiously a good handful of times. After reading a little bit of it, Kat rested the tablet down on her lap, glancing back up to an intimidated Tilly.]

Kat Zimals: So, this guy, the Puzzle Maker. Are they a god?

Tilly Waite: …I think so? Like, technically they are, they're an avatar.

Kat Zimals: Another one?

Tilly Waite: What, are there a lot of them?

Kat Zimals: You seem knowledgeable on what the so-called avatars are, do I have to answer that?

Tilly Waite: I read up on a few of them? Some people suggested a few prominent ones, but I don't know many there are?

Kat Zimals: Hah, too many, let me tell you. Now… What pillar1and concept do they represent?

Tilly Waite: Humour, I think?

[After Kat spoke, she picked up the paper clipboard to read through, choosing that over the Puzzle Maker's heavily edited page on the Public Database in order to get a more concise idea on their known origins and power. She didn't reply to Tilly immediately, seemingly distrusting of it until she set down the clipboard, and brought her chair forwards too.]

Kat Zimals: Well, shit, you were right. I thought Game Master was the thing of humour?

Tilly Waite: I… I guess Puzzle Maker also is?

Kat Zimals: Are they related? Was Puzzle Maker also human once and… is that King person involved somehow?

Tilly Waite: I don't think so? They're just both avatars of humour, madam. They probably come from the same source, but… other than they're unrelated.

Kat Zimals: God dammit… Pillar this, avatar that, not to mention other unrelated deities, all of these proprietary systems are a little weird and contrived, don't you think?

Tilly Waite: Well, I don't know? I've not even been in the Backrooms for more than a few weeks, I'm just taking things as they are.

Kat Zimals: Well, I kinda think it is? We used to call powerful entities by just numbers, weirdly enough. That king one I mentioned, that thing on Level 532, Berry, that new space lady, those heralds, I suppose, we just gave them normal numbers. We knew they were special, but we just gave them a number same as anyone else.

Tilly Waite: Okay…?

Kat Zimals: Then we found Blanche, she kinda tipped things over a bit. We numbered her normally, but a few revelations about her made us think she was different. A little bit above the others, I guess. We made a new category for her, just whilst we tried to figure out exactly what she was.

Tilly Waite: Why are you telling me this-

Kat Zimals: It only got worse from there… We funnelled a bunch of new powerful entities into that new category. We only knew a few, we figured the ones we found were all that were out there, so we thought we had it right! Keymaster, The Pillar Scribe, The Red Knight, Philia, even the Conductor System. The Conductors barely even qualify and we put them in.

Tilly Waite: Can I leave…?

Kat Zimals: I have to admit, it's at least partially my fault. Asher's passing and… with what ze became, I guess it felt wrong to give hir echo some random number. For some reason, no one else did either, not even Andrew.

Tilly Waite: Madam, respectfully, what are you even going on about right now?

[Kat glanced up to Tilly, looking confusedly at Tilly with a surprisingly anxious and upset expression. Silently, after a few moments, she took both the tablet and clipboard, holding both of them out to Tilly for them to take.]

Kat Zimals: Nothing important, newbie, just take these back and… give your managers a message, too.

[Tilly looked down to both items, reaching forwards to take them with a little bit of hesitancy. She glanced up to Kat upon taking them, holding both the items close to her chest]

Tilly Waite: What message do I pass on?

Kat Zimals: Tell them to just post the page first, preferably under a normal number but… Don't fight it if Puzzle Maker swaps it back. However, I want you to get your higherups to actually make some tighter guidelines for… powerful entities.

Tilly Waite: Okay…? Tighter guidelines how? They're still powerful, aren't they?

Kat Zimals: Frighteningly so in some cases, yeah… But clearly they're not as unnumbered as we thought, given there's so many of the fucking things. Just… try to get someone, anyone really, to establish what a god should be. We've seen dozens of things we've believed to be gods, at this point I'm no longer convinced they're anything more than just quite powerful entities.

Tilly Waite: Is… is that all?

Kat Zimals: Mhm… Just don't forget to do that, okay? Maybe draft up a page alongside those new guidelines, just so people can understand them a little bit better.

Tilly Waite: Right. I'll be going in that case. Uh, bye.

[Awkwardly beginning to walk back even when she was speaking, Tilly was quick to exit Kat's office, escaping out of sight back to her place of work. Kat sighed once they were gone, beginning to clean up her desk. As she did, she glanced at a framed photo of both herself and the late Asher River. She breathed in, reaching and picking it up whilst the fingers on her other hand tapped rhythmically. She pressed her thumb into the glass, momentarily feeling a brief static and buzz on the tip of it, but she put it down after another moment to resume tidying up.]

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