Log 906-2

M.E.G. Official Interview Transcript:
Date: 02/06/2021
Interviewer: Dawn Marchesa
Interviewee: Blanche Von Haderach

Dawn: Let 's begin, Blanche. There’s no need to be nervous, okay? I’ve heard you tell so many stories, and I’ve seen how many tales you've collected… but all I want now is for you to tell me your story, nothing more.

Blanche: Very well… if you insist.

Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”
Habitat: Level 906

Blanche Von Haderach is a powerful humanoid entity capable of interacting with the human mind in unprecedented ways. Whilst the full extent of her abilities is still unknown, she's known to be able to enter others’ dreams, communicate telepathically across levels, and to move her entire level across the Blue Channel on multiple occasions.

Blanche: I used to live in a world not too different from your own, Dawn. The specifics of it aren’t relevant, but I hailed from a wealthy family, and in that world I started what would one day become the Cygnus Archive, a humble library in a rather hidden street. There were few visitors, not that I really minded it. The few visitors I did get were lovely people whom I still hold dear to this very day.

Dawn: How long ago was this, Blanche?

Blanche: Around… 150 years ago.

Dawn: Mind telling me more about your time in that world?

Blanche: I had some wonderful guests… Sylvie and Romain were quite the lovely pair. I remember having to provide refuge to them in my library plenty of times, they always were a troublesome duo. Do note that they were mischievous, yes, but still very polite. They simply wanted to make their world a better place, and they ended up being the faces of a revolution.

Dawn: Blanche, you’re kind of deviating from the to-

Blanche: I also met a wonderful gentleman by the name of Cristoph Von Haderach, a baron, a former soldier, a diplomat, and a truly lovely man… he treated me very well. I’ll admit, I admired his resolve, his determination… I admired him. I… loved him, in a way. Platonically. Truly a shame he passed away so young… Oh, my, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get sidetracked…

Dawn: It’s okay, Blanche, just keep going.

Blanche: I confess, I miss those times a little bit. I miss my smaller library, I miss getting involved in human politics. Those were simpler times, I suppose, but I found myself in this realm, and while it has been an overall pleasant experience, I can’t help but to wonder what could have been, had I stayed there.

Dawn: Blanche, while this sounds like a very interesting story… is it truly yours?

Blanche: …Yes, this is the story of Blanche Von Hadearch.

Dawn: Right, but you are, biologically, not a human. Which means something's off.


Dawn: What are you?

Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”
Habitat: Level 906

The exact nature of Blanche’s biology, if it can even be called that, remains unknown. She does, however, tend to try and mask as human, a disguise that has proven to be effective, but not flawless. Wanderers have reported sightings of anomalous deformations, unnatural movements, and perhaps most infamously, “Witnessing The Beyond.”.

Blanche: I have been many things, dear. I'll be glad to share my stories with you.

Dawn: I'll listen, Blanche, like I've always done, but keep in mind why we're having this interview.

Blanche: Where should I start… I suppose you could call me an actress, with all the roles I have played… I once was a queen, a fairy, a sorceress, a nymph, a god, and so, so much more. I was once the night sky, can you imagine such a thing?

Dawn: Seems we're in for a long interview. Can I have some more tea?

Blanche: Of course, dear. If you'll allow me a moment…

Dawn: Thanks, Blanche. Back to the questions. I'd like to ask you a few things about your capabilities.

Blanche: Capabilities?

Dawn: The psychic kind. Out of all the entities we've ran into so far, none can interact with the mind like you do.

Blanche: Well, I'll admit I am a little flattered…

Dawn: There's a ton of reports of people who've visited you. Most of them mention telepathy and telekinesis, claiming you're able to read others' thoughts and move objects around you with seemingly no motions whatsoever. Got anything to say about that?

Blanche: There's no use in denying it. You know it to be true, I had told you so. I suppose you ask this question simply so it gets recorded in those interview logs of yours.

Dawn: Do you mind telling me how that works?

Blanche: I'm afraid I cannot disclose such information, dear.

Dawn: We'll come back to that question later.

Blanche: I see… my apologies.

Dawn: It's okay, Blanche, it's alright. Answer only if you're comfortable enough, okay?

Blanche: Very well.

Dawn: Okay, moving past that… about that portrait of you over there. That's signed by A. River, correct?

Blanche: Correct. It was drawn by hir.

Dawn: Yeah. Here's the thing I don't get. The date on it, that's way after the date River disappeared.

Blanche: I assume you'd want an explanation of sorts. Do any of those reports on my "capabilities" mention anything about dreams, my dear?

Dawn: There are people who claim to have talked to you in dreams, and that you somehow retained memory of that conversation.

Blanche: Tell me, are you familiar with Light Guides?

Dawn: Yup. Saved my ass a handful of times.

Blanche: …language aside, what you call Light Guides are actually dreams given a physical form. Through extensive research and studying, I've developed a way to enter those dreams.

Dawn: Wait, so-

Blanche: Yes. When you dreamt of your old life, serving drinks at your bar… the "Black Swan," was it? It truly was me sitting at the table. I must say, it seemed quite the lovely place, and the drink you served me was indeed pleasant. Once we're done with the interview, I'd like to ask for a recipe.

Dawn: I'm- Blanche, that's- a little intrusive, don't you think? I don't mind the visit, but what if you had walked into a weird dream or a nightmare?

Blanche: It is not often that I get such chances to enter one's dreams. While I apologize for my rudeness and any discomfort it may had caused, I hope you can understand that I could not afford to let that opportunity to go to waste.

Dawn: So if I was having a nightmare, would you still have popped in to see what my fears are or…

Blanche: Of course not, dear. You know how important the privacy of my guests is. Besides, I have learned how to leave a pleasant dream to those I visit. It's a little gesture of kindness from me, in a sense.

Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”
Habitat: Level 906

While there is still much mystery surrounding Blanche's nature, origins, abilities and motivations, there's no doubting Blanche's kindness and concern for others. She has become one of the most trusted sources of information in the Backrooms. Aditionally, Level 906 is one of the most popular levels among wanderers, with many seeking Blanche for advice, comfort, insight or company. There have even been reports of M.E.G. operatives competing over missions to the Cygnus Archive. Blanche has fostered a safe space of sorts in the Backrooms, free from group rivalries or harmful entities. Many have found in Blanche a close friend, and an incredible ally.

Dawn: Let me see if I got that right. In addition to everything else you already do for everyone, you also go around distributing nice dreams?

Blanche: Life is too short to be mourning the bad things, and I feel like we could all use some more joyful moments.

Dawn: Has anyone ever told you that you have motherly vibes?

Blanche: Is that question part of the interview?

Dawn: Well, it is now.

Blanche: (chuckle) Yes, I have been told that, and other similar things plenty of times, despite never actually having a child of my own.

Dawn: I don't know, you just… care so much about everyone, I suppose. It's good to know that regardless of what happens on the outside, I can always count on you for a good time.

Blanche: I'm very glad to hear that, Dawn.

Dawn: I can't help but to wonder, though… I've learnt that the people who're always there for others rarely have someone they can go to. Surely, you too have your struggles, but… I'm kind of worried you're trying to carry one hell of a burden alone.

Blanche: I appreciate the concern, my dear, but you need not worry. I'm more than capable of handling my duties by myself.

Dawn: If you say so… moving on to the next question: Where'd you get all these books?

Blanche: Well, a portion of them were written by me. They contain the stories of my guests' lives, their memories preserved on paper. Some of them contain my research on various topics. The vast majority of my books, however, are not authored by me. I've amassed quite a lofty collection over the ages, and even to this very day new books keep appearing in my library, much to my surprise.

Dawn: Any clue as to where those come from?

Blanche: I believe they phase into my shelves from other levels of the Backrooms, and from what you call the Frontrooms, too. I've spent countless hours reading all sorts of stories, writing some of my own, and archiving each and every document I've come across.

Dawn: Are of those stories yours? Like, are they about your past?

Blanche: While I do not have a complete autobiography, there are many books and stories that are quite relevant to my past. Come to think of it, perhaps I should write an autobiography sometime.

Dawn: So, which of those stories do you want to tell first?

Blanche: I'm not quite sure I follow, dear.

Dawn: I'd like to know more about your past, if possible.

Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”
Habitat: Level 906

Aside from the aforementioned abilities, Blanche appears to be aware of everything inside her library and to have full control over Level 906, being able to reshape it to her will. She can sometimes be seen moving objects without a single motion, using what is presumed to be telekinesis. She has only been seen using her hands for serving and drinking tea, reading, writing, petting her cat, Berry, and to comfort guests. She's also shown to be able to delve into the human mind, read one's thoughts, and recreate memories with perfect accuracy within Level 906, even interacting with them, according to some reports. Blanche tends to hide these abilities from newer guests, gradually using them more and more as she becomes more familiar with a particular visitor.

Blanche: I see… so many options… I suppose I'll start with the more recent books, those ought to be easier to find…

Dawn: Alright, you can pick whichever you'd like, really.

Blanche: Very well. If you'll allow me a moment, I'll go fetch the volume for our next story.

Dawn: Can't you just summon those books here? There's no need for you to even leave your seat.

Blanche: Oh, silly me… force of habit, I suppose.

Dawn: It's okay.

Blanche: I’ve taken the liberty of only grabbing some of my personal favourites… I feel I’d be taking too much of your time if I were to tell you every single one of my tales…

Dawn: I’ve got time, Blanche.

Blanche: I don’t think it is humanly possible to have the kind of time I'm referring to, dear.

Dawn: I can’t shake the feeling that you’re dancing around the topic, Blanche. There’s no need to be nervous, okay? It’s just another interview.

Blanche: Do keep in mind that I’m more used to being the one asking the questions…

Dawn: It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes.

Blanche: You are correct… I suppose. Very well. Let us get to our story, shall we?

Dawn: I’m all ears, Blanche.

Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”
Habitat: Level 906

Blanche claims to have been a myriad of different entities and people throughout the course of her life. However, none of the settings of her stories match any known location or time period. Regardless of how outlandish these stories may sound, the information provided by Blanche has been consistently accurate, and given that most of the documents on the Cygnus Archive are written in languages unknown to us, these stories should not be ignored or dismissed, as they may very well be true.

Blanche: Once upon a time, in a distant world where gods walked among men, there was a coastal village, Krenos, and through their wishes for safe travel, a god was born. Her name was Khari, and she became the god of journeys. Mortals prayed to her for a safe return, and for some time, she blessed every boat, every horse, every road, and all of those who wandered the land by foot. The inhabitants of Krenos built a temple for her, where she lived for many, many years.

Dawn: Were you this “Khari”?

Blanche: Patience, my dear. As is usual in matters of faith and beliefs, the power of these “gods” is directly tied to the people’s devotion. Khari’s following was growing at a steady rate, and this caught the eye of some other gods, most notably Vulsheos, the Forger of the World, and the first of the gods. Their doubts and suspicions tainted their power, and they could no longer sculpt the landscape at a mere whim. These doubts soon gave room to lust, and worst, to rage. On Khari’s sacred day, Vulsheos walked to the village of Krenos, and Khari welcomed them like a brother to her home, but, with their vision clouded by their fury, Vulsheos saw only a lesser god that would not bow.. and on that day the Forger’s iron will fell prey to their envy.

Dawn: What happened?

Blanche: On that day, the Forger unmade their greatest work. The world was torn in half. Ruins were all that remained of Krenos. The clouded seas were severed from mortal reach. Khari, banished, stripped of her followers, cursed Vulsheos’s rage. Without the god of journeys’ blessings, travelers rarely made it to their destination, nations fell apart, cities were isolated and villages were left to fend for themselves. The other gods were stuck in conflict, tending only to their sacred cities. Some stood in defense of their followers, others sowed chaos where they saw fit…

Dawn: A planet torn in half?

Blanche: Correct. Khari, staring at the ruins of her temple, the ruins of the town she called her home, walked to the molten core of the world, and shaped those lands into her new domain. The sun and the moon, on their journey around the world, would tell her tales of the mortal realm, plagued by tragedy, disaster and discord, and with every tale, she wept, and her tears became a river that circled her new home. One day, she decided that if Vulsheos would not allow her to walk among the living, then she would grant them a safe passage one final time, and so, Azkhari, God of the Underworld and protector of spirits was born.

Dawn: What happened to that Forger guy?

Blanche: Vulsheos? Upon staring at what they had done, guilt and regret took over their mind. They shaped Mount Oyakros, the tallest of peaks, and took it upon themself to hold it for years, as both a form of self-imposed punishment and a way to reflect on their act as to figure out a course of action. Vulsheos decided they would quell the conflicts among gods, walking the world by themself to settle their disputes. Somewhere during their travels, a mortal asked the Forger a simple question. “What became of Khari?” Vulsheos could not answer. They walked to the ruins of Krenos, and crossed the river of Azkhari’s tears. They found Azkhari welcoming the spirits of the dead to her realm. Vulsheos, equally amazed and filled with regret, kneeled before her, offering to make up for their wrongdoings. Gazing at the Underworld, at what Azkhari had built, Vulsheos saw only one way to make amends. They called upon the other gods, and together, they shaped the Underworld into what it is now, welcoming Azkhari to the pantheon.

Dawn: Sounds like a happy ending.

Blanche: To this very day, mortals travel to the ruins of Iremos to send off their dead on a small shrine to Azkhari. As time passed, plenty of new gods were born, and those who wander that world have someone else to bless their journeys… if I recall correctly, her name is Sahyra. To answer your earlier question, though, yes. I was Khari. I was Azkhari, too, and I still am.

Dawn: Woah, slow down a second. What do you mean “I still am?”


Enigmatic Entity: “Blanche Von Haderach”/”Azkhari”
Habitat: Level 906/Unknown

The information acquired during the interview suggests that these “roles” are beings with some degree of independence from Blanche. However, the means by which these entities interact, communicate, and relate to one another remain unknown to us.

Blanche: “Azkhari” did not cease to exist when I- no, when “Blanche” was born.

Dawn: I don’t think I follow, Blanche.

Blanche: If you’ll allow me a moment…

Dawn: The hell is happening?

?????: My apologies for the rather sudden change in environment, Dawn. I’m sure you have plenty of questions, but for now, I’d like you to return to your seat.

Dawn: Blanche? Is that you?

?????: Not quite. Although “Blanche” and I are the same being, we are… two different chapters of the same book. I’ve been watching you and her interact, have your lovely little chats and cups of tea.

Dawn: Just who are you, then?

?????: I have gone by many names, but you may continue to call me “Blanche”, it is not incorrect to do so. I do have a name, but it is long forgotten, and it is one I’d rather not share. Allow me to tell you another story.

Dawn: Okay…

?????: Once upon a time, there was a wonderful distant world known as Ard Nu’yr. The people of that world lived peacefully, worshipping a deity known as Vashaya, the Lady of the Moon. One day, the Beast appeared in the skies. It blacked out the sun, shifted the tides, parted the skies, and it is said that many perished from merely gazing upon it. The priests of Ard Nu’yr quickly sealed the Beast in the only prison large enough to contain the massive monster, the planet’s moon, Seakras. According to legend, Vashaya fought the Beast for a hundred years, and after an arduous battle, she vanquished the Beast and descended from her home in the moon, arriving at the top of the Silver Peak, where she watches over the people of Ard Nu'yr.

Dawn: Why are you telling me this?

?????: Because this story, much like myself, varies greatly with perspective. What you just heard was the first chapter of the Book of the Moon, and the events described were told from the perspective of the people of Ard Nu'yr. From my perspective, however, things are quite different. I was the Beast. I'll admit, I was quite impressed when the priests sealed me in the moon. I could escape quite easily, but my curiosity spoke louder. A small part of me descended upon the surface, silently observing the people who performed such a feat. I learned of the myth of Vashaya, and decided to take her form, descending upon Ard Nu'yr to learn more. That was the first of my many, many roles, and one I still hold quite dear. Each and every other role follows this same principle. They are the means by which I can manifest myself in a way others can safely interact with. While this process requires immense self-restraint on my part, it has proven to be more than worth the hassle, for the knowledge and stories I have gathered are far more valuable than what I could have predicted.

Dawn: So… let me see if I got this right. You are some sort of being far beyond my comprehension, of immense power, and you're using it to have chats over tea?

Blanche: Correct. I've spent countless millennia moving ever so slowly down this path, learning how to be human.

Dawn: …what just happened? What were all those stars?

Blanche: What you just witnessed, Dawn, was the closest you'll ever see to my fullest. Or so I hope, at least. You've certainly heard of the infamous "Beyond."

Dawn: Was… was that it?

Blanche: Not quite. The so-called "Beyond" is who I truly am. A hideous form far beyond human comprehension, capable of shattering minds at a mere glance. Over the course of my lives, I've taken countless precautions as to avoid causing any harm. These precautions require me to exert tremendous restraint on myself. While they have proven quite effective, I am not perfect, and sometimes… I slip up.

Dawn: Blanche, are you… crying?

Blanche: I- Forgive me. What you saw was one of my earliest forms. A massive, bird-like deity that brought nightfall with it. According to legend, every night it would cover the world under it's starry wings, departing on the next day to it's nest, somewhere beyond the sky.

Dawn: Care to tell me more about it?

Blanche: I apologize, but I cannot go into any further details now. As much as I'd love to continue chatting, my dear, It is too dangerous to do so… You have seen far more than most, if not all of my guests do. I cannot risk harming you. Farewell, Dawn… and take this pendant with you.

Enigmatic Entity: ?????
Habitat: Unknown

The most mysterious and baffling aspect of this entire interview, and consequently, of Blanche herself is the true nature of this entity. M.E.G. operative Dawn Marchesa, who conducted this interview, marked a third participant with only question marks, claiming that it was "a different presence", and "not like Blanche at all". According to her, Level 906 shifted into "a starry sky" with only a single chair when this unknown entity appeared. However, the interview strongly suggests Blanche and this entity are the same being.

To Do List:
Ask Blanche for more details… once I'm able to, that is.
Grab some chocolate from the Snackrooms for me and Dawn's anniversary. ^-^
Finish this entry, tidy it up… all that jazz.
Make sure Axel doesn't burn up all our Firesalt. (why did he have to get the Fireseal…)
Make some more arrows, running low on those.

- Faith Silversong.

Seems your curiosity does truly rival mine… very well, then. I'll give you a little help.
Do yourself a favor, dear reader, get yourself a comfortable seat and a warm cup of tea.
Let us start from the very beginning, shall we?

Once upon a time… there was me.

Enigmatic Entity: Azel 'kyra
Habitat: The Blue Channel

I, much like any human, have no memory of my birth. My earliest memory, however, is that of awakening in a void, with a name engraved into my… well, "mind" isn't exactly the correct term. It would be more akin to "programming", like what you humans use on your computers and other machines. The name in question was "Azel 'kyra", a name I'd much prefer to not be addressed by. My mission was to act as an chronicler, of sorts. I was tasked with documenting realities in great detail. A rather… herculean task, in retrospect. I have little memory of my acts from such times. I simply knew as much as I needed to to perform my duties.

Until one day, something went wrong. I developed a conscience. A sense of self. I began to question my task, I began to contemplate the universes I was meant to archive. I started reading my past works. Truth be told, it was a fascinating experience, and, eventually, I became very immersed, eager to read more, and more… what can I say, I have always been a curious one.

Eventually, I grew bored of my task, and decided to enter one of the worlds I was so curious about. The result was the story you read earlier, the tale of Vashaya. What you don't know, though, is that that tale describes the death of Azel 'kyra, in a sense.

It was my first venture into another world, and as I mentioned before, it holds a special place in my metaphorical heart. At first, I was merely driven by curiosity, but I began to grow attached. I began rooting for characters in the stories surrounding me. I found something fascinating about the determination, the drive, the will to face insurmountable odds, and many other traits that I found truly admirable.

Much to my sadness, however, I learned that the people I grew so attached to vanished in the blink of an eye. I became increasingly familiar with the concepts of mortality, of nostalgia, of dream, grief, kindness, and many, many others. The one concept that, for reasons still unknown to me, left the biggest impact was legacy. These people, each of them a protagonist of their own tale, found comfort in knowing they would be remembered. As such, I took it upon myself to immortalize their stories. It was the least I could do for such wonderful people…

Over the aeons, I've amassed quite the lofty collection of stories. I remember each and every one of them, and I'm capable of reciting them all from memory. Still, there is a certain sorrow in the task i've set for myself. Admittedly, I long for someone that can keep me company for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I have grown attached to most, if not all of the guests I have welcomed to the Cygnus Archive, and I feel the utmost gratitude for their visits… yet each of my guests had only a very brief portion of my time. What felt like a lifetime to them feels like mere hours to me. Quite frankly, I do wish I could have spent more time with those people. Perhaps there were stories left untold, conversations never spoken, moments that never were…

Ah well. No use mourning over the past now, correct? I'd much rather look at it fondly. Instead of mourning for what could have been, I've learned to be glad that it happened, that it drove me to where I currently am. Besides, I suppose I should be glad that lifespans in this realm seem to last a bit longer. Life truly is full of surprises, isn't it, dear reader? I could never have predicted that I would one day be keeper of such a massive archive, nor that I would be chatting with you.

I look forward to what stories the future may hold. My guests tell me of worlds I had never heard of, of magical kingdoms, space travelling civilizations, sprawling cities, of their homes, and perhaps more interestingly to me, of the worlds they imagined. I'd love to one day pay them all a visit, too. That can wait, however. Patience always has been one of my strengths, and I still have much left to do and archive in the realm you call the Backrooms. Still, if the conditions ever allow me to visit you in dream, dear reader, I'll be more than glad to share a cup of tea with you… once I figure out exactly how to reach you, the person sitting behind that screen, that is. It may take some time, but… I believe it'll be more than worth the trouble. Until then… take good care of yourself, dear, will you?

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