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A portrait of the Von Haderach family, featuring Lady Blanche and her protégés, Tom and Dolly.

Entity Number: 140
Habitat(s): Level 906's library.


Entity 140, or Blanche1, as she prefers to be referred to as, is a humanoid figure that presents herself as a pale woman with long blond hair and light blue eyes. Despite presenting as female, Blanche has no gender, and has additionally stated to be aromantic and asexual. She has been seen wearing multiple white dresses, various pieces of jewelry (most notably a sapphire pendant she seems to keep on her at all times) and, occasionally, glasses. Her body has been reported to bend, stretch, or deform in ways not humanly possible, though such reports are very rare. It remains unknown if these odd movements occur due to anomalies in Level 906’s nature or Blanche herself.

Blanche has shown a vast suite of anomalous abilities. While the full extent of them is still unknown, she is known to be able to read minds, communicate telepathically, move, create, destroy, or summon objects with a mere thought, change her appearance, alter the flow of time in her library, teleport, and to be aware of everything inside the Cygnus Archive, though this is yet to be confirmed. In short, we have reason to believe that Blanche's abilities, while confined to Level 906, are as close to omnipotence as it gets, giving her complete control over the Cygnus Archive and everything within it.


Blanche is the keeper of Level 906’s library, and spends most of her time sorting books, cleaning, writing and waiting for new visitors. She is kind and peaceful, wishing no harm to any guest of hers, traits that have earned her a well deserved reputation for being friendly and helpful. Many people throughout the Backrooms seek her for her wisdom, a little comfort, or a simple chat over a cup of tea.

Upon arriving at Blanche's office, visitors are greeted by her, and invited for tea after introductions. She will gladly guide you through her library, if you ask politely, and she will tell you all sorts of stories about herself, her library, and other visitors, on the condition you share with her your story, too. Blanche values curiosity and politeness, so do mind your manners, and your language, or you'll be lectured in proper etiquette, or even taken out of her home. If you prove yourself to be an exceptional visitor, Blanche will gift you with one of her books, as a means to visit her whenever.

Over the course of time, she has become one of the M.E.G.'s most trusted and reliable sources of information. As such, she has been given limited access to the M.E.G.'s internal database and network. She often publishes her stories, and, occasionally, entries of her own. Pages written by, or relating to Blanche can be found here.

Aside from the M.E.G., Blanche is known to have ties to various other groups (most notably, the Eyes of Argos, the Kalag Institute, the Eternal Repository and the Lost), as well as friendly relationships with many people and entities of the Backrooms. It is also worth noting that Blanche is quite popular among children in the Backrooms, with some parents dropping off their kids at the Cygnus Archive during extraordinary circumstances, such as illness or injury.


Some things are best left unknown, dear. It is for your own safety.

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Additional info:

I am quite fond of tea, books, and pets. Especially so when it comes to cats. Such adorable little creatures…

Do's and Dont's:


  • Be polite.
  • Drink the tea, if you accept her invitation.
  • Show her pictures of pets.
  • Tell her your story.
  • Show some curiosity.


  • Use improper language:
    • No insults
    • No swear words
      • Seriously, do not swear.
  • Be too noisy
  • Lose track of Blanche
    • If you do lose her, do not wander off alone.
  • Pick up books without permission.
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