Entity 126

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Entity Number: The Scarecrows

Habitat(s): Level 10


Entity 126, also known as "The Scarecrows", are a group of mysterious entities that reside in various random locations around Level 10. Not much is known about them thus far, but experiments are currently underway to uncover more information. Appearance-wise, they seem to be nearly identical in constitution to common scarecrows in baseline reality, with the exception of the presence of variations of Object 24 attached to their faces. Based on testing, instances of Entity 126 seem to be able to contain any known variation of Object 24. No instances have been seen outside of Level 10, and only one instance can be seen at any time in any given area. Due to this, the amount of instances of Entity 126 that inhabit Level 10 is uncountable, since its anomalous properties make it undeterminable if any newly-sighted scarecrows are simply already known ones appearing in different places.

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At first glance, Entity 126 appears stationary. There are no signs of sentience or organic qualities when looking at them. However, taking eyes off of the entities for an undeterminable amount of time will cause them to seemingly teleport to a random location. Any period of time in which they are not in your sight will come with the possibility of movement — even blinking. There are no tracks or prints in the ground after they move, and Entity 126 has been reported to be able to disappear and reappear in places far enough away in a small enough amount of time that it can be said they have the ability to move faster than the speed of light. Keeping Entity 126 in your vision appears to prevent it from moving, as it will always remain stationary until you take your eyes off of it.

After moving, Entity 126 instances will always be facing the nearest wanderer directly, regardless of their previous orientation or if the wanderer changes their position. This ensures that when a wanderer looks at an instance of Entity 126, they will always be looking directly into their eyes. There is no visible face behind the masks of the scarecrows, and as such wanderers have described their eyes as ""dark pits that suck you in like a black hole". Looking into their eyes for any period of time will cause wanderers to have an irresistible urge to immediately travel to the scarecrow, remove the instance of Object 24 from its visage, and don it themselves.


Entity 126 exhibits the ability to also change locations in digital depictions of itself, such as photography, video, 3D recreations, and even sonar technology. Mediums in which a representation of their face is visible will also cause wanderers to become obsessed with finding them donning their masks if such a representation is viewed. This persists across all levels, regardless of distance or circumstance. If wanderers do not know how to get to Level 10 from whatever level they are currently in, they will devote all their resources into finding the quickest way possible. Wanderers under the effect are prone to irrational and illogical decisions, such as quitting their job at the M.E.G. without warning in order to reach Level 10 and wear the mask. Wanderers under this effect will also not eat, sleep, or drink, and are prone to dying of bodily deprivation if they cannot reach the scarecrow in time.

This effect is unavoidable no matter what method wanderers use to view the scarecrows. Cameras, glasses, sunglasses, water glasses, telescopes, binoculars, and any semi-transparent materials do not prevent wanderers from being affected. Wanderers who are blind do not fall victim to Entity's anomalous properties through vision, but will still feel the irresistible urge to wear the masks if they happen to touch a scarecrow. The same is true for Facelings.

There is no known way to destroy an instance of Entity 126.

Wanderers who have been affected by Object 24 have shown no signs of being affected by Entity 126. It can assumed that Entity 126 only affects those who have never been previously exposed to Object 24. Once an instance of Object 24 taken from Entity 126 is worn, wanderers will experience all the standard symptoms of Object 24 instances found elsewhere, such as expressing an intense and irrational desire to kill or maim any nearby humans.


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