The Keymaster awoke from the illusion, to a world devoid of logic or structure. Confusion and disorientation overcame him as he struggled to stand, or even recall details of the preceding moments. The details already felt fuzzy in his mind, as if it were nothing more than a dream. When the environment finally came into focus, he was met with the sight of a being that lay at his feet. Its form was that of a marble lady cast in pastel colors, but distorted and unstable. An amalgamation of both Isle and Gaius, yet an entirely new being unto itself. It was curled in a fetal position, weeping. “I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. Just go, leave me alone.” The Keymaster knew logically that leaving was the best option, yet he could not bring himself to do so. He looked upon the being not with resentment or disgust, but sympathy and empathy. “I…I finally understand now,” he said as he approached it.

The Keymaster spoke softly, his voice barely above a whisper. “I…know what it is like; to lack true identity, to be at war with oneself.” He stepped closer. “But that does not mean we have to accept only one half of ourselves. I have come to learn that we can be our own beings, that we are not bound to definition by the past or our origins. We can write our own destiny, forge our own path. It is just as true for you as it is for me.” Almost as if in response to his words, the world around them seemed to shift and change, softening its edges and becoming a little less chaotic. The Keymaster held his hand out to the being. “You do not have to be alone this time…sister.”


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