Archived Journals Of Lucy Fox 6

Entry Five

I killed someone. Oh boy. I saw a man walking across the street, and was overcome with bloodlust. Oh gosh, it's spilling all over the paper now. Hold on, let me clean this up.

Now that I've cleaned this mess up, I will continue. I saw the man just walking down the sidewalk, and was overcome by the sudden bloodlust. I asked Evangeline for help, and she told me to fight it. I wanted to kill him so bad, but my previous self was telling me not to. That's not who I am anymore, so I caved out of stubbornness. I grabbed a rock and smashed his skull until he stopped moving. It felt somewhat satisfying, but Evangeline wasn't very proud of me.

She said in order to love the mask, I must learn to control the negative bloodlust. I'm just gonna leave this guy here, someone else can deal with it.

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