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llywrchllywrch 04 Dec 2022 22:18
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 420

It would help if there was an article about the BPC. Or maybe a footnote in the article that explains them.

Re: +1 by llywrchllywrch, 04 Dec 2022 22:18

I haven't looked over all of the levels, or read all of the posts, but has this idea been attempted? Lovecraft's works are in the public domain (despite August Derleth's attempting to claim copyright), & at least Cthulhu is probably firmly entrenched in popular culture. So the only question really is does Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep, & the rest fit in with the mythology of the Backrooms?

How they could fit in is thusly: you have a number of godlike alien beings who (with one exception) are trapped in one level of the Backrooms, who have been trying for eons to return to Earth. Wanderers who happen to stumble into this level are at great risk of a psychotic break (aka permanent insanity), physical harm, death — or worse. (You really want to spend eternity as a living being in Hell?) Even the most powerful Backroom entities would not only avoid this level, but detour far away from any entrances to it. The only saving grace is that they consider other beings much the same way as we consider nemotodes or cockroaches: if they deign to notice them, it is to toy with them or kill them.

According to pop culture, Cthulhu alone makes Satan a regular Mother Teresa. And that's when this octopoid alien is in a good mood.

However, there are a few beings who did intentionally enter this level, & have survived the encounter with these monstrous beings. They remain in this level, incurably insane, acting as priests to indifferent gods. Although some kidnapped from this level have provided what little is known about this level.

As for a description, I'll point to Lovecraft's story, "The Call of Cthulhu", where he described this "nightmare corpse-city":

"Without knowing what Futurism is like, Johansson achieved something very close to it when he spoke of the city; for instead of describing any definite structure or building, he dwells only on broad impressions of vast angles and stone surfaces — surfaces too great to belong to any thing right or proper for this earth, and impious with horrible images and hieroglyphs. […] He had said that the geometry of the dream-place he saw was abnormal, non-Euclidean, and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours. Now a seaman felt the same thing whilst gazing at this terrible reality."

As I said, there would be one exception to these godlike aliens being confined to this Backroom level: Nyarlathotep. According to the Lovecraftian canon, he is the messenger of these creatures, so it is possible that he could return to the Frontrooms if the keepers of this Wiki agree; it would mean he is the only personage or entity who can do this. Not that this would be of benefit to anyone — probably not even to his fellow Great Old Ones. Dealing with Nyarlathotep is unimaginably dangerous: you'd be safer having meeting with Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gracy, the Green River Killer, & Jack the Ripper in a deserted stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. For example, if you were to agree to his terms to take a message to the Frontrooms, he may take it, or not take it, or deliver a different message, or lie to you about any response.

Yes, this would be Level 5 Deadzone — although not for the same reason other levels are rated so. Which means if the consensus is that there are too many Deadzones, that would be a good reason not to have a R'lyeh level. At least not as Lovecraft had envisioned it.

R'lyeh, anyone? by llywrchllywrch, 04 Dec 2022 21:27

First, so far in my reading of levels here I have yet to find one comprising primarily a library setting — although there are at least 2 drafts (counting this one) that are primarily libraries. (And I have an idea for one. May the best concept in!) IMHO, Blanche's archive on level 906 doesn't appear to be designed to be this kind of resource. So you are definitely on the right track for a level.

I like the idea of having readers, & find your vision of them works. I find the image of an endless library filled with humanoids reading books out loud (or even silently) a creepy one.

However, I find there are a couple of points that need further work. One is that you don't fully exploit the idea of books in a library: do visitors systematically read these books in hope of learning something about the Backrooms? Or look for copies of books available in the Frontrooms? And once removed, can these books be reshelved? If reshelved, will that book remain in its location, or will it move to a new location? Can these books be taken from this level? Some answers to these questions are implied, but the primary attraction of a library level is obviously for research.

Another is that you don't fully explain what happens with the Readers. So far you have them reading a book out loud, then sleeping; you don't mention if they ever wake up, although I assume they do. What you need to state in this description is the full cycle: selecting a book, reading it out loud, "residing" in it (which needs to be explained), then waking up & selecting another book. You also need to tell us how a Reader selects a book to read: does a Reader select one at random or systematically? And if systematically, what happens if the Reader wants a book a human happens to have taken from the shelf?

Since a library in the Backrooms would be such an important resource, I would expect every organized group to have a base here — even if nothing useful has been found so far. I would also expect one or more independent bases here, all exploiting whatever they can find here — I would expect equipment manuals to be stumbled upon here, for example — & perhaps trading information. (This would be an example of the old thought experiment of an infinite number of monkeys banging away at an infinite number of typewriters & producing a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare, which leads to this question: just how common is a copy of one or more of Shakespeare's plays in this library?)

An idea: would this level require some form of a library card? I can see reasons to introduce this, & ideas why this might be an unwanted complication.

One last point: the MEG cannot prevent anyone from visiting any part of this library. It is not organized as a police force, & has no resources to enforce any rules. (And if you read the groups pages, you'll see that there are groups who would not only resist any effort by the MEG to be a police force, but might actually challenge any rule the MEG tried to enforce.) At best the MEG can recommend or warn wanderers not to go more than 10 kilometers from the entry point. You may also add a transcript explaining why they recommend this.

Good luck with this. The Backrooms need a research library, even if the information is not reliable.

Oort 2Oort 2 04 Dec 2022 13:05
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 17

It is too simple and I feel it can be expanded a little bit. It doesn´t need to be something full of lore or philosophycal concepts but it can be more and a rewrite would do greta things to this article.

-1 by Oort 2Oort 2, 04 Dec 2022 13:05

Ammo is definitely a problem: even if one recovers the brass, just how many people know how to pack a bullet? Or how to make gunpowder? Any firearm would be useful as long as there was ammo for it — & each firearm requires specific ammunition that is more often than not incompatible with other makes of firearm — so while it would be a game changer in one incident or a few, a firearm would soon become so much scrap metal.

What might be prove useful over the long term would be a wrist rocket, that is a super slingshot. (You can find examples online.) The critical part needed would be the elastic, & IIRC the kind of rubber tubing used in medicine would work. (I doubt it is very common to find in the Backrooms, but a Glock would be even more uncommon.) The handle can be manufactured, & ammunition would be easily found or carried. And it would be easier to learn how to use than a bow & arrow, & with some practice when needed the user could shoot several projectiles in a minute.

If you had a team consisting of one armed with a wrist rocket, & one or more with melee weapons (e.g. spears or machetes), that would provide some solid offensive power: the wrist rocket could inflict injury as the opponent charges, & the people with the spears or machetes would then finish the job if the opponent actually reached the team. Almost be as good as a small military.

(Hey, this is all fiction. So I can propose a goofy idea that would not work in Real Life, & maybe see it adopted in a story.)

I have a new draft for my now Phenomenon, and an object that would normally go in that slot, but can't. Here's the link

I have a new phenomenon called the "self-censoring file"


DESCRIPTION: Phenomenon 5 is an unusual occurrence involving the Object 905 file. If information about an object is written in the Object 905 slot, all such information will be illegible, being replaced with a black block. Information about this anomaly, however, will not censor itself. Additionally, the information may be placed elsewhere, and for this reason Object 905 will be detailed later in this document. The object described in the Object 905 slot will also appear to become imperceptible. It is still theoretically there, but any interaction will not be noticed, even if injured by the object. The object will also be totally forgotten. However, this effect is not permanent, as it can be removed by erasing the information in the Object 905 slot, which causes all effects to cease, and all memory of the object to return, even memories where the object was interacted with. As stated above, Object 905 is mentioned in this document due to the effects of Phenomenon 5.

Object 905 is a mysterious clockwork device, with a rectangular base measuring 10in×3in×8in with a sphere 3 feet in diameter floating about 3in above it. The clockwork in both parts is incomprehensibly complex, containing an estimated 300,000,000 gears alone. The object's interior is non-euclidian, but the amount of space is unknown. There is a switch at the base of the object, which when activated, an area of about 20 feet in diameter will be temporally accelerated, each minute in the area of effect is equal to roughly 9 milliseconds outside the area of effect. This effect will remain untill the object is turned off. When activated, any attempts to enter or exit the area of effect will cause the individual to make contact with an invisible and indestructible barrier. It was discovered in 6/23/2027, before being transported back in time to 12/1/2022, by an unknown anomaly1.

Dr James QuinDr James Quin 03 Dec 2022 22:49
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Phenomena

I've already got a phenomena in the works. Waiting of critique

by Dr James QuinDr James Quin, 03 Dec 2022 22:49

a cool dude

by DysfunctionalCabinetDysfunctionalCabinet, 03 Dec 2022 19:30
Dr BierreDr Bierre 03 Dec 2022 16:03
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » The Platform

fallout 2 reference

+1 by Dr BierreDr Bierre, 03 Dec 2022 16:03
vz_770izayoi_jpvz_770izayoi_jp 03 Dec 2022 15:34
in discussion Announcements / Introductions » Greeting

Hello. This is a new vz_770izayoi_jp to join the site. It's late to say hello, but thank you.

Greeting by vz_770izayoi_jpvz_770izayoi_jp, 03 Dec 2022 15:34
CamaradeAlbabarCamaradeAlbabar 03 Dec 2022 12:58
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 0

A middle-of-the-road article for an iconic place.

I'm not even sure anything more than the OG creepypasta is necessary for this Level and the inclusion of the previous (horrendous) form of Level 0 within the article is a massive no-no for me.

by CamaradeAlbabarCamaradeAlbabar, 03 Dec 2022 12:58

Thank you very much! I'll take that on board and start writing!

Man… even with the disclaimer, tag, and generally sarcastic tone of the essay, people still don't catch on do they?

by basement12345basement12345, 03 Dec 2022 11:30

So what kind of medical treatment is available in the Backrooms? The worst injury would be the one there is no treatment available. Say if there were no one with surgical training, appendicitis would be a nasty way to go.

This is a level I call "schrödinger's level"

Level 947

DESCRIPTION: Level 947 is a mysterious level capable of existing in several states at once, but once observed, will be forced into one seemingly random state. The properties, layout, entities, bases, and environment seem to be "mixed and matched" to create entirely new states. It is unknown if any of these states has ever occurred more than once. Due to its nature, the standard bases, history, topography, discovery, entities, entrances, and exit lists will not be included in this document. The most unusual effect, and the most frustrating one to deal with regarding documentation, is that when unobserved, thousands of different histories will exist at once, along with the people in it. Those inside once unobserved are not often recovered. The only known survivors were a pair of exploratory personnel, who stated that although they were in separate states of the level, their radios were able to function. Additionally, object recovered from the level will undergo a similar effect of the level itself, existing in several states at once untill observed. Footage1of this has been recovered and authenticated, but was ultimately lost when a fire broke out at the outpost the info was being studied and stored in. It is speculated that level can spread it influence to other objects that were once inside of it, and these objects can randomly no-clip into an number of other levels. The exploratory personnel, and their gear, no-clipped into level63, being affected by this phenomenon. Both had 3 states; the first had their normal state, a state in which they were heavily decomposed, and a state in which they affected by the wretch cycle. The second had a state in which they were dismembered, having their arms cut from the elbow, and their left foot apparently torn off, along with their mandible being missing, a state in which they had been in the early stages of infection from the disease, and a state in which they are covered in minor scratches and a several more serious stab wounds, but ultimately still able to perform normal actions for an unknown reason. Both eventually entered a state of non-existance, and thus were lost. This particular case remains the only unchanged part of level 947's history.

New level idea by Dr James QuinDr James Quin, 03 Dec 2022 04:47

*Me reading the comments for extra critique*

by Dr James QuinDr James Quin, 03 Dec 2022 03:42
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