Followers of Jerry
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The original creator of the Followers of Jerry is unknown.
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May the wingspan of a thousand feathers protect us in his embrace.

Forevermore shall his followers live in harmony and euphoria.

Jerry is everything.

All hail Jerry.


"Jerry is everything."

The Followers of Jerry are a religious cult in the Backrooms of both humans and entities that worship "Jerry", a blue macaw parrot who they consider to be a God-like figure. Those who have been indoctrinated into the group by coming into physical contact with the bird claim that touching Jerry has allowed them to understand that Jerry is "everything" and that Jerry is what they must live for. Those on the outside call them brainwashed.

Whatever the case is, The Followers worship Jerry tirelessly and confidently believe that it is of the utmost importance to indoctrinate new members into the group. Led by Father Bluebird, The Followers have established outposts in a variety of levels throughout the Backrooms with the goal of spreading the word of Jerry and indoctrinating those they can into their cult.

Out of universe, the Followers of Jerry have existed for nearly as long as the Wiki, so parts of their lore vary slightly from story to story. They're always a cult of wanderers who are indoctrinated by touching Jerry and work with the primary goal of expanding his reach by indoctrinating others, but as for the actual lore behind Jerry himself, that changes depending on the author, with several interpretations existing on the Wiki. Some write him as a powerful being, fully cognisant and taking advantage of those he has indoctrinated, while others write him as simply a normal bird with an unfortunate anomaly. If you're planning on writing for the Followers of Jerry, feel free to read the articles that other authors have written and pick your favorite interpretation of the lore to use.

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