Fengari God Of Thoughts
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Written by Nikuchan Nikuchan

There once was a naive, pesky bird who wished to fly outside its cage, unaware of what dangers the outside posed.

The bird was stubborn and did not listen, and so it forced itself through the cage bars. The bird fell, breaking its little legs.

The bird was foolish to go against what was told, because those who spoke knew what was best for the bird. The bird exists to sing and stay put, so that its song may maintain peace.

It is selfish to neglect such duty. Great sacrifices must be made, for the sake of the greater good, even if the little bird must remain caged for such purpose. Only those who achieve purity may truly understand the meaning of sacrifice.

Even when its wings are clipped, the bird will still relentlessly attempt to fly away. Only once it loses all reason tor go outside then, the bird will sing — for it has nothing else to cling to other than its own voice.

A lovely philosophy, is it not?

Fear is the only means of assuring no harm, for fearless individuals will do as they please and cause disaster… Just like the vermin which dare defy gods. How disgusting.

Oh, but if you have gotten this far, you have great determination to decipher my word, do you not?

I am Ada'ru, the great mind, and the order of things shall be maintained for as long as I exist. Your thoughts, your desires, only function correctly because of I, and all my work.

Mortals like you are such precious little pawns on this chessboard. If they are moved too far beyond their designated spaces… bad things happen. You understand this, don't you? I'm only doing what is requested of me to keep everything safe. I was once a fool too.

Do not let your curiosity distract you from your purpose. If you have a responsibility, you must fulfill it without question. Only then shall you be free from the fear of mistakes or a crushing catastrophe, that is the will of Fate.

You would not wish to be like the foolish bird, would you? To be put back into place through punishment?

Continue your search for your true purpose, the one bestowed upon you from birth, and I shall remain watching, listening.

I hear what others believe to be the secrets. I see you always, no matter where you are.

Praise be Ada'ru, the great mind.

Look into my light.


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