Evangeline Holmes
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From: Tom Von Haderach

To: Madam Evangeline Holmes

Date: 08/21/21

‘Sup! Been a while since I last wrote to you! (You can blame that on this damned mask. As useful as the ink is, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to wearing one of these…) How’ve you been doing? I was wondering if we could meet up some time: I have a day off, a week from now (at the time of writing this), we could hang in Level 906? Or y'know, we can just meet there and go anywhere later on.

Aside from that… there isn't much else to say… Oh! Berry’s on my lap right now! Not something that happens often, he always runs off to Blanche whenever she’s nearby. I’ve also found this really neat book about Frontrooms history. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s a nice read. Oh, right, nearly forgot—Blanche sends her regards your way! Says she looks forward to having tea with you again. She also found a couple scrolls you may be interested in; I can’t read them but Blanche told me you’d like them, so I guess I’m gonna have a delivery job over there, some time soon.

Well, I think that about covers it? We’ve got a lot to talk about (especially recently, with… you know what I mean), looking forward to when we next meet! Until then, take care, okay? Oh, and tell Millia I have a package for her too. Kaiser made her a little something.

I’ll see you soon, Chloe Evie.

Kindest regards,
- Tom and Blanche

The truth can only stay hidden for so long. I only have so much time to get justice for everyone.
I miss her so much…

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